7 comments on “RTK Online Has A Funky Headdress

  1. wah…….. why got lang-sai head one??? hahhahahahah shit the designs aRE so singapoREan…. i can just see the kindda elements typical in almost eveRYthing my countRY tends to design and come up with…

    1. obvious and supeR in-youR-face ‘symbolic’ items… given stRAight to you without much change, even though its supposed to be ‘DESIGNED’ bullshit… and well…..just…..in youR face!

    2. must have puRple coloR…. weiRd but i only noticed this when i went home afteR a long time aboaRd and asked myself why eveRything about being singapoREanly elegant is PURPLE

    3. ……puRple with a yellow compliment.
    ouR ppl aREnt exactly coloR wheel expeRimentals noR expeRts. theRe you have it. the most basic.

  2. What? I guess I should remake my used-to-be DWBB blog back again!

    But anyways, since the 2nd Anniversary event is almost over by this Thursday. So, KOEI is just come up with another event in RTKO.

    The event is nothing special… much. It contains 3 parts:

    A) Guild’s Battle Event: Fight for victory and obtain the 記念銭・金 (Commemoration Money) and exchange them for item, capes, whatever that listed in here (http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/sol/event/bukyoku/index.htm).

    B) There will be event battles called “Unlimited Reinforcement! (援軍の極み!), which will make players in the THIRD force (if you look at the matches, there will be something like “魏(呉).” This means that Wei is the main force, while Wu is the Reinforcement Force) can join into the war UP TO 500 PLAYERS combination of Main + Reinforcement players (Usually, there is a cap of 50 or 100 for Reinforcement Players, but these war removed this cap). The force that DOES NOT have Reinforcement will give the Dragon Cloth Set, that will add +1000 HP to all players (as it can equip at Level 1). This will make them a bit harder to be kill (But by how much? Just add one more blow?…)

    C. This part asks players to vote for the battle plan. Each player will go to their own commander (Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Sun Quan) and 3 generals on their side will show up with their plan. Then, players will decide and vote. After April 27th, the poll will be close and tally up. The plan with most vote will be use at the early-May 2010 battles.

    Nothing new (all these are already exist and 2nd part of event is yet another reuse of Spring 2009 event). All these screenshots are taken by GM in INVISIBLE MODE! (GM can take any screenshot from any angle they wish to take, even while players are playing!)

    -Pan2010 (April 19th, 2010)

      • Oh… Both games are INCOMPARABLE as both games are TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

        DWO = MMO Hack-n’-Slash Action Game
        RTKO = MMORPG + RTK Battles

        Yeah, I am still play both, juggling… lol

        Basically, playing based on event… Like last month event – http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/sol/event/100205.htm – which give away EXCLUSIVE cloth, I play RTKO at full force. Now, I play DWO more… lol

        *Did not I already showed the DWO: Premium Box in the Facebook? I have it, and played the PS3 version. But, PS3 version, while can play on the same server as PC, but THE ACCOUNT are not linkable! (Basically, all players who play from PS3 MUST REGISTER THE NEW GAMECITY & DWO ACCOUNT!) I tested and PS3 version CAN load slower than PC version! (due to 5400 rpm HDD, have to use 7200 rpm HDD for better Loading Time) Also, it cannot change any graphic setting! So, what you get is the BEST GRAPHIC setting with some laggy when there is 60+ troops!

        I have PS3 DWO account named “PSWari”

        -Pan2010 (April 19th, 2010)

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