24 comments on “Insp. Chin: This Is How I Got Into TECMO KOEI Officially

  1. That was a nice little read – the story of Chin’s arrival of TKE!

    Well done mate, it just shows that hard work can pay off – even if you’re a bit of a loon!

  2. damn I tried something similar but when I finished university it was right in the middle of a recession which killed any chance of me getting a proper job let alone any job. I feel like life is slowly being taken away as the time goes on…

    …by the way nice write up of your history there Chin :D

  3. Awesome story. I only got to see the last few years of it as an outsider, but its been fun and exciting watching you fulfill your goals and succeed. All the best Chin, you sexy beast <3

  4. Nice story

    and what is the moral of this story…oh wait. It’s not a storybook:P

    You did get damn lucky, thanks to the redundant.

    “sometimes it’s harsh when you know how things work inside the organization”
    Yea..that’s the scary thing about them, and you’ll be part of their scheme when you find out.

    • Moral of the story is “keep going, you can’t achieve things alone by your own, you need to have love, enthusiasm and trust to everyone around you and build connection, judge by your own whether it’s right or not, then go for it .< Thanks <3

  5. Congratulations, man. You deserve this. It’s not easy to succeed in another country speaking another language, you proved to be smart and passionate. Props to you, man.

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