One comment on “Hokuto Musou – Jagi’s Supers Are Kinda Badass

  1. Well i wouldnt say the most unskilled because according to his Ryyuken (The Hokuto Brother master/step father who loves Jagi the most out of the 4) he said that Jagi had The most potential (He was even the first one to decimate th tree in basic training while RAOH was getting agrivated).Also Jagi was the first to use an advanced Hokuto shinken technique which completley suprised everyone and took Kenshiro over 5 years to get into basic training not MASTERING THE MOVE he was still in basic training n when Jagi came back from his 5 year hiatus he learned the hokuto 100 hand slaugther fist.N when his girl friend (The only person who ever outwardly said that she loved Jagi) died n was brutally raped by the raiders Jagi was overcome was so much sorrow n rage that he killed the entire raiders (100s or more) with one technique with 1 move.He was the first Hokuto brother to relize true sarrow that he could have learned mosou tensei. Jagi coud have been more powerful than RAOH if the creators knew what to do wit him.If he was that mad against his bout with kenshiro,Ken would have lost so easily.Jagi Prime (Annas death)>>> Kenshiro (POST Jagi bout).

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