3 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires (JP) Play Report

  1. I have played DW6E for PSP, and I have to admit that it has poor quality than the console version. KOEI has removed some customization part from console version (the option to select eyes, mouth and nose; the freedom in choosing height; the removal of face marking) , so there are few choices left in editing the character’s. The graphic’s quality is bad as well; most hair and face look bad and there are some polygon missing from the hair as well. The big head part? That is what I would like to know; why the size of the head didn’t change when we change the body size from small to medium to tall. Because of the poor graphic quality, I did not enjoy creating my own character. And poor Xiao Qiao as well (her face looks funny in DW6E for PSP).

  2. But Phantasy Star Portable has good graphic, so why DW6E can’t? Looks like I have to buy a PS3 and a JP DW6E (for the DLC) so I can enjoy better graphic quality *sigh*

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