8 comments on “My TECMO KOEI Community – Past, Present & Future (Part 1 of 2)

  1. The part on visting Yue Ying’s and Kongming.net was the same as me. Until Koei Warriors was created. But I never cared that much on forums till nowadays. In case you don’t know, Koei Warriors is the primary resource of Warriors info here in Brazil. And then Wikipedia (I try to keep the articles updated and accurrated as much as I can). If you wonder to to meet some Warriors fans just creat an account n Orkut.com. You’ll find lot’s of brazilian communities about Warriors games. And everybody knows Koei Warriors too. You did great job overseas too.

    • Jo!! Yeah Yue Ying is one of my inspiration too! But when I launched KOEI Warriors, the webmistress decided to close the site thanks for your support :)

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