13 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 (JP) Treasure Box

    • Haha no problem. Thanks for the reminder, I didn’t realize people need the info in English and no one has posted about it. That’s why I’m here for –> to post the thing that could be either under-rated or hasn’t been posted by people XD

  1. Haha, it’s quite a joy-kill to know England probably won’t ever see a true version of this… Ahwell, the game will be good enough on its own ^^;

  2. 7650 yen is a little too expensive for a student like me. That should be around 90 dollars. MAN! how can i earn that kind of money. I wonder if the orice will go down overseas. BTW, Thnks for the info insp. chin! :>

  3. Surely these prices will be fixed out later? Maybe something not on the lines of costing a brand new game system (xbox arcade for example) for a bonus pack…

  4. Please forgive the silly question but do you know how much 16590 yen is in British pounds?
    I’m thinking of getting the Treasure Box, but I’d really like an idea of how much it would be. The purchase sounds worth it, though. It really does.

    KOEI, thanks for a great 10 years of these amazing games, and I hope you’ll continue =D

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