4 comments on “Review 2010: Top 3 Video Game Stages That I’d Never Forget

    • Oh no no, the stage I first came to the office is Wu Stage 1 with Sun Ce that big cannon mofo with the Ranmaru cutscene that stage has a lot of peons too :)

  1. I love that WO1 Cheng Du stage as well.

    For me, and this was tough to decide lol, it would be these:

    1. Anegawa – Samurai Warriors 1: Absolutely for the music. It’s my favorite track from a Koei game ever and SW1 remains my favorite musou game in general.

    2. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn’s final chapter: I love this one because you can finally use any mix of your characters and it’s an epic 5 part battle where you get to enjoy the culmination of all your leveling as you rape the high level enemies and bosses.

    3. Yamatai – Warriors Orochi 2/Musou Orochi Z: Another stage I love largely due to the music. Koei games defnitely have some goddamn sexy music :D and this one in particular really gets you in the mood to kick some ass~

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