29 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 (JP) Treasure Box, Jin Trailer & English Voice Over

  1. I reallllllllllllllly want to buy this,
    But because i’m in England i’ll have to import it: :/
    Quick question:
    Will the Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors 7 include English subs / english audio language etc….
    Cheers :)

      • @Fishyowns-i am in the USA-and i have played Both DW6 & SW3 Z in Japanese. if you are familiar with the games it’s really not that difficult. i actually enjoy the games more, as i have to choose carefully at planning stages. when you try it you will see that the meanings of the expressions and gestures tell the story. hope it works out that we can have both, but you should give it a try. Xo, foomin.

      • @foomin
        Yehh, I’m just a little worried about selecting the wrong things in the menus, but on Warriors Orochi 2 for the psp, I’ve started using Japanese voice-overs as it makes the game a lot better i think. Thanks for the reply :)

      • @Fishyowns-well a good thing about the Japanese games(cannot remember if it’s this way in US) is you can go back to previous planning stage all the way up to actually hitting the play tag. also you’ll be surprised about the # of English words that find their way into the games-if a weapon is really good the game will prompt you with a GET! at the after-battle analysis, and the numerical system is still there-you’ll find your self recognizing effects and assigning the coordinating character to that.

        all-in-all i find it makes me take my time in choices, slowdown and enjoy the action, and not just barrel thru’. also SW3Z in Japanese has green moving arrows on the map prompting you to go to your next location, kinda hard to mess up that way.

        cheers, foomin.

    • @foomin
      Wow! Awesome!
      Yehh, I’ve seen a few Japanese games which contain English words in them, Hopefully Dynasty Warriors 7 will be the same ;)
      That’s the thing i hate about me, when I’m playing a game like COD for the first time, I’ll immediately run around the map and through doors and stuff and i usually don’t bother to take in all the scenery and stuff :( I usually try to complete the game / Level as fast as i can lol. Well, i hope that i take my time with Dynasty Warriors 7, and i can enjoy it a lot more than most games i have played.
      Cheers, Fishyowns

    • however consider the prince of a regular(no frills) game in the US($65-70$) and look at what you are getting in the TB-the book alone is worth the $30. i have several TB from different eras-DW4/SW1/WO1/DW6 and they have all been an excellent value.
      just my two cents. cheers, foomin.

  2. So the treasure box doesn’t contain all the past games? I heard someone say that it included games from the past 10 years. So I guess its not true. I suspected that anyway. If it did I would cost a whole lot more I guess.

  3. i now have my SSM6 Treasure Box-i can assure you of the high quality of the items inside-there is an extra gift from Play-Asia-the pen which we have heard about.

    i don’t like the amount of characters to choose from at first-only two from each kingdom-but i’m sure it’ll work out.

    still LOVING SW3Z.

    cheers, foomin.

  4. anybody have problems using the japanese voiceover dlc? i downloaded the 1.6gb file but the option to switch to the japanese voiceovers does not show up in the main menu under options…..

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