11 comments on “Samurai Warriors 3 Z/XL (JP) Goodies

  1. *cries* Oh Koei Japan! Why do you not send us goodies state-side?! I would buy them all in special packaging, even multiple times on every system! I just want your delicious goodies!

  2. howdy Chin-just ran across your blog. i have ordered the SW3 Treasure Box & it should come to me any day now. cheers, foomin.

      • it HAS! i miss talking with you. not a regular on KW any more been writing for an Indie/Folk/Alt Blog.

        LOVE LOVE LOVE SW3Z-i feel like KOEI actually listened to all the criticism levelled duing the SW2 and DW6 times and put out something to be proud of. as i’m sure you suspect i unlocked Noh right off and her GORGEOUS Story drew a little SW1 tear-the cutscene in the forest when Nobunaga is shot was so beautifully done and she is suitably back to her creepy self. i will def keep up with you here. cheers, fooms.

  3. First of all,thanks for your feedback for us inspchin,I respect you much,yesterday I sent you a message over facebook about whether Sengoku Musou 3 will have a west release or not if you remember(from Turkey) ,I am not actually sure that you read it or not.Whatever I will repeat my message in here,in your blog.Just please if you have any authorization about effecting a west release for Sengoku Musou 3,please just do it.Be sure that we will be appreciate for this and will always memorize you good.

  4. ok thanks,I hope KOEI makes us happy,beside SW 1 and SW 2 have already released for west on PS 2 console,why not for PS3 in west when it comes to logic. The only thing that fears me about this title is that cursed “Z” symbol which we saw on Orochi.Have a good day Mr.Sun.

  5. Is there any plan for Samurai Warriors 3 (PS3) west release in future Mr Sun? Do you see any chance for this?

  6. I really hope Warriors Orochi 3 comes over here, my limited Japanese only gets me so far when concerning Musou Orochi Z and Samurai Warriors 3 Z (and admittedly, I cheated on both aspects, as I had bought prior to importing both SW3 and WO2), I really don’t want to import a game only to find it will make it West, but the waiting is excruciating. Even just a subtitled effort with the Japanese voices will be enough for me, that said, it doesn’t make sense Warriors Orochi 3 coming out on the 360 as well as the PS3 out east, the 360 is kind of dead out there.

    As to the person who wants SW3Z for the PS3, it’s worthwhile importing, and dotted around both gamefaqs and koeiwarriors forums are excellent guides which translate and explain everything, even 4th and 5th weapons and the (long) old style Xtreme mode.

    Finally, as a warning Insp. Chin, I’ll be pestering you if I see you at London/Midlands MCM to help beg for a Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII west release and Warriors Orochi 3 if nothing has been announced.

  7. Is there a specific reason that we can’t get the epic titles of Samurai Warriors 3/Empires here in west?At least KOEI should say something reasonable about it.I am tired of watching and suffering the gameplays of the game in Youtube.We dont want dubbing.We even dont want physical discs,digital release is also acceptable under this circumstances.Please Mr Chin at least KOEI could plan something regarding the positive views and sale rates of Orochi 3 by game authorities for the first time(IGN).Please I beg say something.

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