22 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 – Battle Controls Analysis

  1. Hey Chin it’s crazypetee from KW. My brother was wondering on how big are the levels? Are they DW3 type or smaller?

  2. ah nice :) so far i’m liking what i’m seeing Chin however, Koei has gotten a lot lazier these days no? they’re giving characters the same weapons and same moves except their Musous and EX attacks lol. If you can Chin talk to Koei about making DLC characters in the near future like they aredoing with Gundam Musou 3. I’m pretty sure fans like me will appreciate it as well :p

    • I don’t think over 60 characters with so many actions in next gen console would call lazy LOL it’s just hard to please fans all they want is 100 characters with 100 unique moveset lol

  3. yea i suppose you’re right lol I mean after the failure DW6 was i’m glad they made 7. However, why use old DW6 stages in 7 though? I’m so excited for next week for the Wu trailer. Hopefully Zhou Yu will be awesome unlike his English voice-_-

  4. DW7 is the coolest game! i can’t wait for this game’s release!!! and btw, Guan Suo is hot man!!! what weapon that he use to fight?

  5. will koei create more new characters for the DW7? i think they can add cao rui as a musou officer for the Wei kingdom :D

  6. Awesome to hear that the controls are going to be returning to DW5 and prior! Also, nice caption on the Guan Suo image. =P

  7. So what’s this about not Air Charge? What happens when you attack in the air? A single swipe or more of a powerful downward slam?

  8. yo, chin.
    umm, i was a little confused with some of the wording under triangle attack.

    Question: Are there aerial charge attacks at all? Like X plus triangle and that stuff. Or is the ONLY attack you can do in the air (aside from aerial musous) a square attack?
    ?? =/

  9. How does guarding work in DW7? Does it only protect against attacks from the front? And while guarding does the player hold his ground or get pushed back by attacks?

  10. i’m wonder that
    if 2nd Musou have to press R1
    doesn’t that mean you have to change weapon?
    or R1 & O must press in the same time?
    and about EX
    each character have only 1 weapon that they EX to right?
    or 2 weapon/character? or some character EX 1 weapon and some character Ex 2(or more)?

    p.s.it’s good to know that you’re doing well
    i know you since you’re at KW

    • 2nd Musou is the Musou also based on your EX weapon, it’s just different attack, could be in air or the ground depends on ur characters. Each character only have 1 EX weapon category which means if you’re not equipping EX weapon, your Musou will still be that weapon.

      • i read the topic at KW
        and notice that R1+O Musou still convert weapon back to EX
        so each character have unique Musou no matter any weapon equip
        but the Musou attack base on when they equip they EX

        and about Switch attack
        the attack depend on the weapon you’re”Switch to Use”or”Switch to Not Use”?

        last thing i should forget is the weapon equip
        you said that a character can hold same kind of weapon right?(like Zhao Yun can hold Spear & Spear)
        i wonder that a character can hold”Same Weapon”or only”Same Kind”?
        ex.Zhao Yun 1st weapon is Dragon Spear
        can i choose same one/another Dragon Spear to be his 2nd?
        or i have to choose other spear that aren’t Dragon Spear?

        and if a character hold the same kind of weapon
        do Switch attack still work?
        i’m concern because it’s like use the same weapon even you switch them

        sorry for my curious

  11. I cant figure out how to change horses. I unlocked red hair but idk how to equip him.

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