28 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 – Combat Attacks Analysis

  1. Do characters who share a main weapon have the same exact charge attacks with that weapon? For example, would Zhao Yun and Ma Chao have the same exact charge attacks with their main weapons except for their EX attacks and Musous?

  2. you know i love my girls with musical weapons-also interested in the paintbrush.

    A.) we know how the flute is used, but is the Cai Wenji’s lute for striking or just playing? any really obvious differences from the older Zhen Ji style of fighting?

    B.) how does the paintbrush work? is it a striking weapon or more like the Celestial brush from Okami?

    C.) it appears in the screenshots that the Qiaos now only have one fan-is this true? and is the male version of this weapons the same or is it more like Mitsunari’s fan in SW?

    hope you may answer those.

    • Whoa, did I just see foomin posting on here? O_o … I haven’t seen him around in a long while. Good to see he’s still poking around the musou universe ;)

      Thanks for the analysis Chin. It sounds like a hybrid of the different attack systems from previous games (Strikeforce, Orochi, etc.) but simplified to work with the standard normal-charge attack commands.

      Should be interesting to get used to. Keep up the good work and stay sexy <3

    • Chin-no, was never a mod. i met you on KOEI.com, was subsequently banned after several years for stirring up trouble. then you took me in at KOEI Warriors, and i sorta lost interest after a couple of years and slowly wandered off. Xo, fooms.

      @Honda-San-you have SW3Z yet-i got mine on Tuesday and hardly slept since-everybody back to form and looking great(well i still wish for Kuno’s hat). happy to see you noticed the notorious foomin. Xo, fooms.

      • @ foomin: Not yet a PS3 owner, but hopefully will be soon. I thought you’d enjoy SW3Z, especially with you pioneering the cry for a better story for Nouhime ;)

        @ Chin: Always <3

  3. sorry two more.

    D.) what is Deng Ai’s main weapon? corkscrew drill? giant lance?

    E.) the floating daggers for Zhong Hui(i think) are they his main weapon alone or does another character have them too? really like the idea of these.

    AH! and Lian Shi is BEAUTIFUL she looks in the face/hair like i always thought Lady Chiyome should, but her boobs are huge!!!

  4. Thanks for the info! Just wondering though, so does that mean if Zhao Yun uses a fan he will still climb on some guys head and swing around? Same with others?

    • You mean the jump attack? If he’s using a fan, his move will be based on the fan weapon design. But he cannot execute the EX attack, because he only can do that with the spear.

      • Ah, thanks! I think you should change this line here then, it’s a bit misleading
        let’s say if I’m using Zhao Yun and I’m using a fan rather than a spear as the weapon, my Musou Attack will still be Zhao Yun’s Musou Attack (unique) designed for his main weapon, which is the spear

        It kind of makes me think that you use Zhao Yun’s unique musou with the fan.

    • I think they might be just stronger versions, so dealing more damage, or maybe adding another element to the musou? I think it may just go stronger o.o

  5. Thanks for this Chin. Makes alot more sense now to me. Here’s to hoping I get to see some Guan Yu gameplay soon. (I just hope he isn’t completely identical to Lu Meng and Xu Huang).

  6. I have one question, How can I preform EX attacks? You said : “you can do that by pressing S->S->T->T. So every character has their own EX attack but with different controls, some are S->T->T (Sima Shi for example), T->T (Zhong Hui for example) and S->S->S->S->S->T->T (Deng Ai for example).” But I Can’t understand what do you mean by T or even S. You play DW7 on what ? o_O I play it on xBox 360, Can you please tell me how can I preform EX attacks for Liu Bei, on xBox 360? Thanks! :D

  7. What about pc ? Apparently, I’m playing DW7 (jap version) on pc. What buttons should I press in order to execute the secondary musou attack ? It’s not like keyboards have R1.

    Thank you.

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