5 comments on “Stupid Victims With A Smart Marketing Strategy

  1. Nintendo 3DS, 400,000 stock, gone in a few hours. With limited supply, stock will run out. For this product, the milk needed was in VERY limited supply with high demand.

    It’s a very clever marketing tactic, to create HUGE controversy for a product but also generate lots of interest and potential customers.

    Good read though, Chin. You should blog stuff like this more often. I’ll take you to the other Ice Cream place next time :)

    • So you actually do think I’m doing the right thing? Cause I wasn’t sure if I’m actually thinking in the right stuff but I’m glad that I’m on the right direction and yeah for the ice cream place, sorry today was a bad day (damn rain) but bro you’re awesome!!! THANKS XX

  2. TECMO KOEI did some very similar marketing not too long ago. First, it was with those DOA: Paradise viral marketing videos with the wanking euphemisms. Then they did it again with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 videos of the head bobbing for the boob jiggle feature.

    This “Smart Victims with the Stupid Marketing” also applies to game pre-orders where a piece of swag or a promo item is included. I got a Shu t-shirt for my DW5 pre-order, but I wanted Wu. The store employee told me that they did not get enough shirts and that only a few of the people who pre-ordered the game would get them. Supplies are often limited, so people will usually end up with just the game.

    The same thing happened to me once when I went to buy Samurai Warriors 2, which was suppost to come with the soundtrack. They ran out and gave me the DDR soundtrack instead. So this pre-order marketing method worked because I still ended up buying the game, despite not getting my pre-order promo item.

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