13 comments on “TKE Insider Web Special: Sengoku Musou 3 Z Goodies

  1. Hello, Chin! Remember me? Or maybe not… ^_^;

    Anyway, as soon as I saw those first three pages from the artbook, here are my reactions:

    1. OMG! Keiji and Okuni together?! *Faints from KeijixOkuni fangirlism* And aaaaw to Nagamasa and Oichi in the background.
    2. XD Snowball fight!
    3. XD Motochika (spelling?) has finally got his sold-out gig debut.

    As for the calender, meh, it’s okay, though I’m sad you’ve haven’t got the chibi version.

    If you excuse me, I’ve got to go to Play-Asia, as well as stuff.

  2. hey i allways wonder will this game come to north america and sorry for asking something different but will DWSF2 be release here there are fans here to

    • I personally think no. cause we never announced it for overseas release I hope for SF2 but chances are low PSP market isn’t as good here as in Japan.

      • but why won’t it come? what is the logic and reason behind this? we have already taken Samurai Warriors 1,2 and all Dynasty Warriors series here in west,beside KOEI dissapointed us already because of Orochi? At least KOEI needed to explain us a logical reason,at least we loyal followers of KOEI in the west deserve this,at least this

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