14 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 (JP) Original Sound Track “Complete” – Coming March 30

  1. Finally the english tracks! I really love the new ambient tracks. So beautiful to the ears. If you can get it on the desks for the London expo, that’d be wonderful.

    As usual Chin, thanks ^^

      • As long as there’s one, I’ll ninja myself into that expo and get that single copy. Even if I have to borrow the speed of the Red Hare xD

  2. Are those really the correct translation of the tracks? Why do the battle of (insert name) are translated into something else? Eg: Battle of Chang Ban (Shu) track is translated as Flying Cloud.

  3. Strange, most of them match up fine to the tracks available for dl at KW, but the number of tracks isn’t the same. KW only has 60 tracks, and I think it’s missing a portion of disc 3 (with the conquest mode village music).

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