32 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 – Weapons & Skills Analysis

  1. Can I use a weapon until the seal is unlocked, then keep the seal and use another weapon? Or is the seal only active as long as I have the weapon equipped?

  2. Is there a limit to how many seals you can equip on a weapon? Can you equip seals on a weapon that hasn’t had its own seal gauge filled yet? Thanks :)

  3. Are weapons of each type unique and enlisted or are they stackable and have stat variations like DW5?
    By the way, are seals predetermined per weapon and once created, be reforged to any other weapon? I’m a bit confused.

    • Each weapon category has its own move, spear has spear move and it’s just one and the same. So if an officer is using a spear the move will be spear. If the weapon has 2 empty slots you can put seals in it for example ATTACK++ and MUSOU +1 to customize it.

  4. Can characters unlock any unique charge attacks for their main weapons other than their ex attack? Or are all the charge attacks the same regardless of using a character’s main weapon?

      • That’s a little disappointing but thanks for the info. By the way these blogs are great. Did you get to experience any of the 4th weapons yet?

  5. Inspector Chin, do you think Koei will eventually release Sima Yi’s old wire claws through dlc? I really really really want them. Could you ask them to? I dont care if it takes a year or two. I would literally pay 50 US dollars for them.

  6. Good day :)

    when and where can i get a seal? story or conquest mode? will i be able to get a powerful seal or weapon perhaps by changing the difficulty of the mission?

    waiting for your reply and MABUHAY!!! tnx in advance inspector chin

  7. “Any officer can use any weapon”.

    not completely true, as females cannot use Great Swords and males cannot use Chain Whips.

  8. whats the highest level? and if i were to play a ‘weapon’ stage in conquest on hard can i achieve the highest/special weapon? or do you have to do it the old school way? i honestly think Guan Yu wants to use his Blue Dragon instead of Demonslayer.

  9. Is there a reward for answering all the scholars questions? I’ve heard you get a pair of twin swords, is this true?

  10. If I equip Atack+++ in a weapon A and equip other Atack+++ in a weapon B, and use both wepons, I will have a Atack++++++ or just Atack+++ ????

    • I’ll replace Chin on this :D Most of the seals description is saying that seals may stack. So yes, those stack and you’ll get Atack++++++.

  11. Hey!, I wanted to ask about seals….Can I choose which seal to put in my weapon? for example if I have Attack+ I removed it, then I don’t have seals in my weapon anymore….How do I change my seal..but not change it back to attack +..I need to change it to attack ++, any help? please!..and can I do that, hope you respond fast! and every seal obtain….where can I find it? o_O I’m really so stuck, can’t see where are the seals I obtained before…please help!

  12. hey inps chin it an off topic question here i’m really excited for the upcoming dynasty warriors 7 empire and i was wondering i know all the costume from the 6th game and the DLC will be in it but what about the ones that are japan only i was so angry about it to the point where i don’t wanna play it again and it feel like a incomplete game i’m really worried that the 7th game will do the same

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