110 comments on “This Week’s Digest – Warriors: Legends of Troy Releases + Dynasty Warriors 7 Updates & Voice Option?

  1. I would be pretty annoyed if the game got pushed back to add the japanese voice option personally. I don’t imagine all that many people will actually use it and the game was already pushed back a week already :(

    • Thanks for your opinion a lot of peeps been wanting that. So I was wondering as an assumption IF it pushed back for extra 5 days what would you think?

  2. it’s not such a big problem for me, i do like the japanese voices too.
    the only thing i want to know:
    (Pre-order) Could the pens be delivered in every EU state? i am from Austria and i would love to have one >_<

      • ooh well thanks >o<
        well i am satisfied if it includes jp voice options ^^
        or like allie said it could also be DLC, as long as it is free.
        another question: Is there a first print bonus in EU?

      • Wei (MIGHT!!!!) xD

        first print= getting the game on the release date/as soon as possible =)
        the first print bonus is zhao yun’s DW1 costume
        so my question is if this may come to EU? ( i have sooo many questions….why dont i ask you on facebook instead?)

        • You might even get it earlier but yeah who knows :) You should follow @tecmokoeieurope to win prizes it’s easy to win those pens and I’m sure there are more coming!!

      • i already am x)
        since i joined….am i a real koei fan? xD
        its bad that i missed the SSX Wu pen…><

      • and besides, at first i didnt know about that facebook action of koei, i was at school

        and facebook on iPhone sucks in my opinion (well i still have the fat 3G so maybe thats why)

        • For the next round I should mention it a day earlier. I was just doing some sort of testing today and I didn’t expect it to be such a big blast!! XDD

  3. I would be okay with pushing it back 5 days or a week for Japanese voice options, as long as they’re free DLC. If I have to pay for them, then not worth it.

    • I wouldn’t pay them personally, I should have questioned as a “FREE DLC” haha. XD Just wondering that’s all thanks for your opinion :3

  4. The Japanese voice overs is something that’s been sorely missed in the Dynasty Warriors series, and something that would make this stand out as the best DW ever for me!
    There are a lot of the English VAs I don’t like so much, especially after having been accustomed to the Japanese VAs from the videos, so I’d definitely wait longer for the DLC.
    Hell, I’d wait an extra month if that’s what it takes, because it’s one of the things that’s going to determine how long I’ll be playing this game!

    • I personally am scared of some impatient fans T_T and for EU wise it’s harder too because we have 5 different languages to localize in every game so we’re always a little bit late but thanks for the opinion and understanding <3 I was just making the assumption but yeah fingers crossed :3

  5. So would this happen for the US too? Just to give my opinion anyways, I can live without the option even if it was free. It would be nice to have but it has been hard enough to wait for the game this long. I couldn’t imagine waiting even longer, even if it is a few more days! XD

    • Mainly just EU. Just concerned the European fans really because for example localizing in EU is harder as we have many languages, that’s why sometimes we’re a bit late and don’t want them to get upset but this is just for the assumptions. Thanks for the input! <3

  6. I would wait five extra days, but im from america. I don’t know how it will work there since we lack an amazing community manager like inspchin

    • US always has no problem me thinks. It’s just EU worried me a little bit because it’s more work, it’s an assumption at this stage but I don’t want EU fans to get upset if they get a game a little bit later than US fans. But yeah, will try my best, thanks for letting me know man! Really appreciated :))

  7. Personally, I prefer the English voices and really want DW7 to come out as soon as possible, so hopefully no more extra waiting! :)

    My other half just pre-ordered DW7 for us, can’t wait to play it! Hopefully we get the Xiahou Dun pen XD

      • Actually, several weeks ago I did have a tiny hope of hearing Chinese voices… I mean I loved the DW Online opening movie a LOT because of the Chinese voice acting, it made the DW games feel lot more like it was set in ancient China.

        But anyway, English voice is fine, really looking forward to DW7 XD.

  8. A delay of 5 days is nothing if we get the original voices as free DLC. It might make the difference for some people in either buying the game or just renting/playing someone else’s copy.

  9. Personally, I wouldn’t mind waiting for a month for JP VAs. I’m actually holding back from pre-ordering the game at the moment due to this (plus DLCs, are we going to get all the DLCs Japan gets?). If JP option is in the game, or will be DLC some point later, then that would probably save me the hassle of importing the JP version.

  10. Actually I don’t mind. the game culd be pushed back for a month if Koei intended to put chinese voices. 5 days are nothing. bring it o japanse voices.

  11. If this is really possible, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have Japanese voice option. I really appreciate your effort anyhow even if it doesn’t work out =)

  12. I’m totally sorry to hear about your friend and his fiancee.. You’ve got my condolences. It also sucks that you’re sick, I hope you get better soon!
    I’ve been hearing this a lot and I have to agree, I think a colour edit mode would be an amazing DLC addition. I understand that SW and DW have different producers, but the SW3 colour edit mode was awesome. A lot of us think it’d be a great add for DLC, even if we had to pay for it.

    • I think so, hope in the future they can have more time in it. Fans always want the game come out as early as possible then they want more XD

      and thanks for reading my first paragraph but yeah life goes on :)

      • Of course I read the first paragraph! I’m not here to go rabid. xD

        I wouldn’t mind waiting for additional features at all. The JP voices, though I’m kind of indifferent to them, would be cool to have.
        Does colour edit mode seem like something that could be done as DLC sometime down the road? With the default costumes only having one alternate colour and the DLC ones not having any, it seems like it’d make a great addition.

  13. i wouldnt really like it to gt pushed bak agn, ive been waiting for this game for too long. im not too botherd bout the voices.

  14. Honestly, I’d be more than a little upset if the game were pushed back any further just to add DLC that could 1.) easily be added later and 2.) only serve to appease the nit-picky whiners that constantly complain about one language sounding better than another in a game.

    If the JP voice pack were added as DLC in the future, that’d be fine, but why delay the release any further? It really wouldn’t make sense, to me.

  15. i beg of you. please dont push the release date back!!! Time goes by slow, and i was already sad it was already delayed! Pleaseeeeeeee dont change. Just put it as free dlc(i want the voice to but i cant wait) >_>

  16. I wouldn’t mind a delay, if one were to happen in the States, but like you’ve been saying in the comments, there probably wouldn’t be a delay. I’m going to be honest; the English voices are pretty below par. I listened to most of them on the website, and it was….ugh.

    If we get JP voice-overs, awesome. I’ll download it day one. Heck, I’ll pay $1.99 for them if I have to. Why not? It’ll improve the quality of the game. If we don’t get them, oh well. I mean, we’ve been without JP voice work since DW3, so it’s not like it’ll be anything new, and I’ll still enjoy the game very much, I’m sure. Regardless, thanks for the effort, Chin, and I hope you get well soon. :)

  17. i personaly would love this in case i get bored of the english voices [some japanese voices have perfect tones to fit charactors] but i would not want another Delay , it’s bad enough i can’t wait any longer, and i wish we players in the united states would get a pre order bonus , what i would like is an option to set select characters in either japanese or english like in marvel vs capcom 3

  18. Would be great if the jap voices can be included. Personally, i will be going for the Jap release (even though i am illiterate on japanese) with just for the VA alone. Seems that i might hold back the purchase for abit until this is confirmed though *cross fingers*

  19. Well, my opinion doesn’t count since I’m an American =P But if it did, I’d personally say it’s worth it. I like using the JP voice option. From a business standpoint, is the potential negative reaction you might get from the fans/press over a 5-day delay worth more than maybe getting a positive reaction from the fans/press who always complain about not having the option? I don’t know, but DW7 could certainly use some more positive coverage in the western media. The voice option won’t make that much of a difference in press reviews, but it wouldn’t hurt it.
    tl;dr version – Sure, go for it =P

  20. My condolences about your friend and his fiancee.

    I hope you get better soon!

    I would choose to push the game back and give it a proper release.

    +1 for the limited edition character pens!

    -1 its only in GAME :(

  21. Thanks for all your hard work Chin, and I’m sorry for your loss.

    I would also like to add my vote for a Japanese language option. I haven’t stopped playing Ken’s rage and the Japanese voices are great. I think that a week isn’t a very long time at all to wait, and the luxury of choice is better in the long run!

  22. Sorry for your loss and I hope you get well soon.

    Although I’m buying the NA copy of the game, I think having a delay is fine for a JP voice option. I have a question, though. Why would the game be delayed for DLC? I mean couldn’t you release the game and then work on the DLC to release it a week later?

  23. Sorry for your loss and I hope you get well soon.

    Although I’m buying the NA copy of the game, I think having a delay is fine for a JP voice option. I have a question, though. Why would the game be delayed for DLC? I mean couldn’t you release the game and then work on the DLC to release it a week later??

  24. Hello, hope you get better. Its about ultimate weapons and such. I will ask one part though. I got Zhuge Dan’s ultimate weapon at the spot where people say is the part to get the fan user’s ultimate. Since I got his does that mean I cannot get Sima Yi’s? If I can, where?

  25. Hi,

    would definitely want the game to include Japanese voice overs, the original language the game was made in is always better than the dub, besides the english actors with all due respect don’t act as good as the the Japanese. totally appreciate your efforts in pleasing the DW fans, inspchin FTW!

    BTW- the co-op mode made online is a smart move! totally hated to play in split screen, i hope in the future KOEI makes Musou mode Co-op online like Resident evil 5 did

  26. Ugh, so far I’m not impressed with the English voice acting has to offer for most characters. Having the Japanese voice DLC will be most pleasant!! Original is better.

    Most fans will most likely grow agitated with another delay, but personally I think it will well worth the wait.

    Thank you for all your hard work and I wish you the best of luck in these hard times.

  27. I wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer for the Japanese voice overs, as long as it’s free DLC though.

    I’ve missed the Japanese voice overs. I haven’t been a fan of the English voices in the recent games.

    ^^Chinese voices would be even better

  28. I would love a Japanese voice track option as DLC. Honestly, don’t worry about the fans who’re upset with the idea of “delays.” They’ll complain loud, but they’ll still buy the game – every single one of them.

    Perhaps you could talk to someone and see what the chances are of Pang De making it in the game as DLC? I’d pay $6, maybe $10 for him to get patched into the game. He’s the one thing (besides Free Mode, which would be really hard to implement at this point) that’s missing from the game.

      • They DID get rid of Pang De….but since DW6 you technically still see him in Zhang Liao.

      • That’s a shame. There are so many battles where even a Pang De NPC would be appreciated. Liang Province, Tong Gate, Yang Ping Gate, He Fei, and Fan Castle all show up in the game and were battles that Pang De was involved with, so not having him there is going to make those battles feel incomplete. It’s not about the weapon he uses – personally, I think it’d be cool if they give him that scythe that they unveiled, since no one else is using it as an EX weapon – it’s just pretty strange that they’re saying that this game will be more “historically accurate” with the inclusion of Jin, and yet leaving out Pang De, whose son was a Jin officer with an interesting story himself.

      • Thanks, Chin. I’m not terribly worried about it, but it has been something that’s been bugging me since DW6. I get that he wasn’t a popular character, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t exist at all, right?

        But I’m still incredibly excited about this game, and for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is that it’s the first DW game to have a ska song in its soundtrack. :P

      • Ska’s a style of music related to rock, punk, and reggae. One of the tracks is called “Kid Around Ska,” and it’s the background music selected in this video:

  29. After hearing Gan Ning’s English voice, I’m gonna have to say we (by we I mean me) need that Japanese voice DLC. Even if it’s not out on release day and comes a week or two later… Having the option to play with Japanese voices would make my day.

    Oh and Chin, off topic, are we (Europe) getting the DW6 costume pack or not?

  30. I would wait 5 days or more for the Japanese voices, since firstly, I don’t understand what they are saying in Japanese (without subs I don’t understand, subs are broad anyways :D) and also because I think they sound much better than the English voices in general (DAMN YOU BAO SAINNING!!!) and yeah, it’s been a missed option from DW for a LONG time (since SW1 and DW3!) It really makes a great option since more than not voices in DW are bad for the English version. GO JAPANESE VOICES GO! HELP US GET IT CHIN!!

  31. Video games and anime are quite synonymous in regards to voices. If you compare Naruto’s Jap voices to Eng voices… Jap voices are WAY better. This is the same for anything that’s Asian XD I say go for the request!!!

  32. Japanese voices? I don’t understand japanese… BUT THEY SOUND SO AWESOME! :D YA!!!! Why not?! :P

    On a sidenote, I saw that Temco Koei will be in the London Expo this May. By any chance do you know or, are you allowed to tell us what you’d be selling (that is if you are selling anything XD)?


      • The artbook!!! :O YAY! That’s what I want! Roughly how much would it be (maximum)? I want to know how much to bring atleast! :D And I hope you don’t run out by Saturday because I have school on Wednesday when it starts! >.<

        P.S. Thank you! You're awesome!

        • If you’re coming and want to reserve one lemme know feel free to add me on facebook to keep me reminded. Normally it’s around £15-20 (depends on how rare the stocks), but keep in touch and yes I normally will update on this blog and facebook if there’s any stocks coming but then we have to wait until May when we place our order XD <3

  33. Absolutely! I’d be purchasing in the US, but I also know many friends over in Asia that are holding their breath for an English sub + Japanese voiceover package option…I think it would clinch the deal for people that like the Japanese voices, but don’t understand it well enough to have bought the Japanese version of DW7.

  34. will the jap voice dlc for DW7 be for both the USA release and European release?? i’m planing to get the USA release

  35. Yes, I am a big fan of DW. And I love JP voice in all the Japanese games. Sometimes I even import JP version of the game to avoid bad EN voice acting. Therefore, I definitely want to have JP voice in DW7. I live in US, so I hope IF there is a DLC for JP voice, it will be released for the US version also.

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