17 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 – City Facilities (Conquest Mode) + English Screens

  1. PANDA! =D
    See that scholar business might be a tad tricky for me to understand considering how it’s in Japanese XD
    I just gotta click one and hope for the best, I suppose :)
    The game looks amazing. This is gonna be a great play :)

    Thanks for taking the time to give us this information. You’re a gem! =D

  2. Conquest mode sounds very much like a mix of free mode and empires. I know it isn’t but it does seem it which imo means it’s going to be great!

    Thanks for all these updates Chin!

  3. can we play this game only once? i mean, if i play the conquest mode using zhao yun and i had finished it, then one of my friends play the conquest mode from the beginning let’s say he’s using ling tong, what will happened to my conquest mode data (the zhao yun’s one) when he save the game?

  4. i just want to ask about 1 thing. well…as i see, some characters have same weapons with other like liu bei and cao pi.
    liu bei and cao pi, both of them use the twin swords as their ex weapon, but they have different musou. let’s say i’m using liu bei with cao pi’s twin swords, will liu bei have cao pi’s twin sword musou or have his own musou?

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