33 comments on “100K Thank You & High Five!

  1. Wow Congratulations! I wish I could’ve been along for the whole ride haha. I made a high five pic with JiangWei too for my friend who loves him XD


    That picture is all kinds of epic, I won't lie.

  3. Congratz!!!! First Zhong Hui and now Jiang Wei? Whos gnna be ur next victim? >.> How about Dong Zhuo XD Jk

  4. Woo grats on the 100k Chin! Glad to know I’m one of them.

    Also, a Chin version of Diao Chan!? I have to see that… *goes off to play around with editing software*

  5. two thumbs for this blog! i hope that i can get new updates about DW7. wish you all the best^^. d^^b for chin and his blog!

  6. Chin, totally off topic, but the delay for DW7 wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the Japanese voices. If so, I really will have to hi5 you :P

  7. Hello, could you help me with something? When I got my treasure box version of dw7 I got two little papers that are red in the middle and white on the top and bottom. the top says my gamecity and some japanese under it. It also has one of those square barcode type things… it has 16 numbers for me to enter somewhere. what is it. Here is the pic of everything above the 16 numbers http://s1089.photobucket.com/albums/i344/Brandon_Lashbrook/?action=view&current=IMG00083.jpg

    • I’ll see if I can help you out. The bar code is for your cellphone. If you have a phone that can scan those type of codes (you can do it with an iphone or android I believe), scan it and you’ll be linked to the mobile version of gamecity. The 16 digits bar code is your serial number from what I can make out of the katakana, probably for entering into the site when you get there.

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