99 comments on “The News That Dynasty Warriors Fans Have Been Looking For…

  1. Way to rock it Chin. Keep building your empire, curses and all (I still don’t understand the cursing, even if it’s followed you from the KW days). Looks like I’ll be giving DW7 a serious look when I get my PS3 some time in the next year or two.

  2. ok….Question….any idea when this content will be released? cuz im pretty sure japan’s already got it. any idea of NA release of DLC? ^_^

  3. Let me just say, Chin, that DW7 is an amazing game. The ONLY things that disappoint me in it are a lack of Free Mode, a certain dual halberd officer still being cut, and the overabundance of certain characters in Story Mode while others are neglected. But overall, this is still by far the best DW game that has been made. Even the voices are amazing – though I was a loud proponent of Japanese voices, the English VA’s have made a lot of effort to pronounce names correctly, even ones that they’ve always gotten wrong (like “Sun Quan,” “Da Qiao,” “Taishi Ci,” and “Zhang He”).

    So, hats off to KOEI for a superior job. 9/10 from me, and that’s saying quite a bit!

  4. I have yet another question…as i am a man with many questions…

    Do we know if its ONLY the DW 6 costumes for DLC? Or do we get like….DW3, 4, and 5 outfits for everyone as well…cuz that would be amazing…Id rather not be reminded of dynasty warriors 6 while im playing 7.

    Thanks Chin!

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  6. Dynasty Warriors is serious business, eh? Keep up the good work dealing with the game’s more “enthusiastic” fans ;)

    Stay well and have good health.

  7. i’ve been excessively absent recently due to-what else-having SW3Z & DW7 both in Japanese to play. i can also vouch for the brilliant qualities of both games.

    i got the TB version of DW7 & am so thrilled by the quality of all the ingredients-i was quite lucky and got the Wei(fan boy) pen. i was unsure of the digital photo frame, did’nt know what to expect-but it’s ULTRA cooll.

    as some have mentioned i’m a bit annoyed that many of the mainstay characters got 4-5 story scenarios and others(mostly the females got totally shafted(Zhen Ji & Cai Wenji) when they could’ve gotten passable inclusion. that said, i am really ecstactic about how the stories were handled. the cuts are really lengthy and beautifully detailed. no one can fault Koei for really pulling out the stops and doing a bang-up job for the 10th anniversary edition. i have read that the team really wanted to make a stand-alone one-against-a-thousand game and boy have they done it.

    i’m just getting into the Chronical mode, and it’s very nice for quick play. i’m hoping that as per Chin’s announcement of extra stages that we’ll have the option of purchasing scenarios for the folks that got left out of the fairly straight-forward existing game. i’m entranced with Cai Wenji-less so with Bao Sanniang-but that’s just a personal move-set preference.

    can’t WAIT for all the DLC extras-XoXo, fooms.

  8. in conquest mode will Lu Bu be available from the start or do you have to unlock him first??

  9. only wang yuan ji who got the casual outfit? why koei didn’t make for others? if they did, i gonna be very happy and love DW more <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. @ Inspchin Can you bluntly guess how many downloadable weapons will be released? Would be great considering I’m buying them all :D
    (btw how many are there in original game, I hear 34,36,38 which is it? currently I only have 24)

      • only 5 ?? There are already four announced yet on the japanese website. (Dagger-axe, bombs, Xiahou Dun’s DW6 weapon, and one kind of Ji).

        I think most of the players want more of them, including :
        Xu Huang’s Axe, Gan Ning’s Daggers, Sima Yi Claws, Meng Huo Pillar, Cao Pi double bladed thing from DW5 etc etc etc.

        Are you sure of what you’re saying there ? or is it just speculations ?

  11. There was a rumor floating about with pictures and all and seemed almost legit. It’s a scan of Pang De and his Dual Halberds being released as DLC this is false right? And also like the poster above me said, I’m not sure if everything is already finalized for DLC and you just have different release dates for it all, but Gan Ning’s Daggers, Sima Yi’s finger claws, Xu Huang’s Ax, Cao Pi’s double bladed swords and Zhu Rong’s Boomerang have been the most requested DLC weapons I have seen. Plus all the money for DLC is going to the Tsunami relief right? Anyways thank you very much for your time!

  12. I was wondering if the two canes of Da Qiao (MULTI RAID 2) would be available in DLC later? Are the characters or modes (such as the Free Mode or Versus Mode) could be provided in DLC?

  13. I love the game and i cant wait for the DLC i hope it comes out soon and also i miss Free Mode i would be so awesome if KEOI brings it back i would defenetly be pleased

      • Well, I personally don’t really care about free mode.
        I agree that Conquest may be enough.
        What many people are complaining about, is that many many historical battle cannot be accomplished with the officers we like.
        All story mode stages are not available in conquest mode and this is sad.

        • Yeah in Conquest, you have many many stories missions there for all 62 characters like one map you have 2-3 like sub stories if you continue it.

  14. Hi Chin. I was wondering if Sima Yi’s claw’s will back It was an epic weapon. and the DLC Scenario from DW2 will it be just the stages only or all the event ? and will it be in conquest mode stages that I can play it with any warrior ?

    Sorry for bothering you.


  15. I have to ask this why is Xu Huang so nerfed in this game? :/

    His Legend Stages are by far the least enjoyable, or in my opinion at least. He gets rarely any mention (and no gameplay) in the story mode. For being one of the Five High Generals of Wei, he does nothing.

    Any chance there will be any Character DLC? Wei seriously needs Yue Jin, Pang De, and Yu Jin to catch up to the Wu, and Shu roster.

  16. hey great job with bringing the romance of the 3 kingdoms to life. definently the most depictive and closets to the books yet. I like how it shows almost all of the deaths of the characters and also how the came to join each faction. Kind of wish I got to play with certian characters on the story mode missions. would have been fun to fight Gan Ning with Ling Tong. I like that the story mode missions have cut scenes that change out characters for u so u get different perspectives on things. That is my favorite thing u guys added to the game. besides the new characters and weapons. Also like the scholar questions tuff the because some I had to recall from actually reading the books.

  17. Got a few questions about dlc? is koie palnning on adding any characters to the content like pang de or is it strictly costumes, weapons and stages. if so thats cool just wondering why he was like the only one besides the white mystic left out thats all.

    Just wondering I know its really earlier to ask but will their be a extreme legends 7 for the new characters so we can get a better understanding of where they came from and what exploits the accomplished dosent really explain for some. And also will their be a empires 7 ? srry for all the questions first time blogging on this type of thing but I am a huge fan.

    Also have u guys ever thought about doing a spinn off of the handi cap warriors.

  18. Im also aware that this is not samurai warriors blog site but Im I the only one whoes upset that Mushashi got left out of samurai warriors 3 I know he didnt have much to do with what happend sence he mainlly dueld people but still he was a cool character.

    and is their in project in the making of like another orochis game since booth samurai and dynasty have alot of new characters?

  19. Hi again

    Maybe you didn’t see my early post but whatever XD

    Is the DLC just weapons,BGMs, customs and stages ?

    Is there a chance for characters DLC ?

    • Weapons – yes. BGM – yes. Stages – yes. Costumes – yes. Characters – unfortunately no.

      So sorry for not getting back to you quicker.

      • That’s not very bad with 62 Characters XD

        but do the DLC Scenario from DW2 will it be just the stages only or all the event ? and will it be in conquest mode stages that I can play it with any warrior ?

        I saw the scenario in the JP DLC site.

  20. dose anyone know if their is a relase date yet for the dlc. and will it be just one installment or multiple one’s as the months go by?

  21. Has Koie decided if they are going to do a empires and extreme lengends version of dynasty warriors 7 yet or is it in the air?

  22. Also has their ever been any thought on creating the 100 years war between the english and french and turning it in to a hack and slash story like DW and SW just wondering?

    Also are their going to be any new games that Koie might create that would include some of the exclusive Warriors Orochi saga characters Like Yoshitsune Minamoto, Sun Wu Kong and the rest of them or was that a one time thing? really liked those additional characters and how they tied in. It was really cool to see some one besides Tadikatsu Honda who wasnt afraid to take Lu Bu head on. Deffiently cool character add on’s.

  23. Just wondering since their will be no character dlc why did Koie leave out Just Pange De and Zui Ci in this installment did they prove to be worhtless characters or something? or was their not enough fans that liked those characters or something along those lines?

  24. What made u guys decide when to end the different story lines. I thought it kind of odd that the wei story ended when Cao Pi came in to power. I liked the hint the Sima Yi was not happy with that fact and u could see that he had plans of his on to rule one day but why not play that out.

    And what made u decide to make some characters that where in the Wie, Wu, and Shu factions only playable in Conquest and not Story mode. It makes it a little difficult to get those characters who only get used in conquest mode difficult to get their skill points up because of that. Didnt know if that particular thing with the skill point was something u guys knew or not. but it takes a little joy out of the game for me because I would like to play with characters from the story mode in conquest mode but I dont see the point when their are so many other characters that were not playable that could use those skill points u get in conquest mode. Sometimes gives me a hard decision on who I want to play with is all.

    Thanks for answering all of my questions earlier I know I have alot.

  25. I love this game you guy did fucking awesome with it. I play it constantly. Chronicle mode is the shit!!! just having my fav character pop in as back up makes my day better!!! Excited for DLC cant wait, i loved Ma Chaos look in 6!!! ROCK ON GUYS AND KEEP MAKING EXCELLENCE!!!!!!!

  26. I a disheartened with DW6, so it was only natural for me to be a bit apprehensive with number 7. Although I can’t select my characters freely in story mode and some of my favorite characters were cut out, I’m finding myself in love with the game! I’m glad I got it sooner rather than later! :3

  27. Hello chin !! ^-^ ..I’m a big fan of dynasty warriors series since PS2 … i really love the game ..and i loved the one before DW7 <<< DW6 strikeforce ..but DW7 it was almost perfect 4 me !! …i was kinda sad when i knew about the online mode ='( …. i love having fun with my friends and believe me they r not 1 or two ..and i was soo Excited to play with them .. but u know we can't, cus only 2 players can play co op ..soo I'm just asking u as a fan ..is there a way to make it at least up to 4 players so i can really enjoy this great game with more awesome friends ,Pleeeeeeeeease ..and thank u sooo much
    Luv yaaa ^^

  28. I must admit I too was quite disappointed with DW6, but you guys came back strong with DW7 and although I’ve only been playing for a day I can gladly say that this is the best in the series so far.
    I’ve followed the game since DW2 and it’s taken so many hours of my life up but I would say that they are hours well spent :)
    I can’t wait for the DLC in Europe and any other future add-ons and sequels that may come out and I intend to keep following the series for as long as it continues :)

  29. not to sound rude but I was wondering if u had any answers for my questions I asked earlier I know I asked a lot but they are questions Ive wanted to ask for a while now. If u cant thats fine just let me know cause Ive been checking for a post every day since I posted it for a response, please and thank you.

    Koie Rocks!

  30. I posted 3 comments they are between what majed12345 said and what Joshua Peyton said. I would ask them again on this post but it says that I have posted that allready and it wont let me post it agian.

  31. If Koie plans on making an extreme legends and empires for dynasty warriors 7 so that we can get a better idea of where these new characters came from and who they are?

    Also wondering why u guys decided to make only certian characters playable on story mode and the rest you have to unlock by playing conquest mode when some of these characters had endings in the other dynasty warriors. It makes it a little difficult to lvl up everyone elses skill points that arent in story mode. Didnt know if u guys know this or not but its very easy to lvl up skill points for characters in story mode becasue the points u earn with previously played characters carries over to the next characters u play with in the respective factions.

  32. Hey chin could u help me because i cant get the strong wepons. but it said requied skill smithing. but i hav been trying to get it i tried making my cosmic spear level up so could u plz tell me how to get it cause i got all the other wepons but not the strong ones

  33. Hey! I’m just a little curious as to what’s happening with the DW7 DLC? Japanese got the DLC practically on release, meanwhile I feel like we’re waiting forever just for confirmation. I’ve read that stuff is being released, is there any idea when? I’m hanging to play as Bao Sanniang in Jap, and use Da Qiao in her WOZ costume! ^_^

  34. oh 1 more thing do u no xbox 360 would u be making avatar clothes 4 dressing up beacuse i wunt my avatar 2 be lu bu :)

  35. i went and bought DWG2 to get my fill untill 3 comes out!!!!! Koei just rocks!!!! :) im always checking to see if any news of 3 is out!!! thats just how much i look forward to it :) DWG was brilliant!!! thanks for such an amazing game!!!

  36. Gotta love the “free” costume packs. I think we might have a different definition of the word “free” than Koei. But, the beauty of it is you download whatever you want.

    Thank you for finally bringing back the Japanese voice acting.


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