32 comments on “TKE Insider Web Special: Dynasty Warriors 7 Chibi Figurine Set Vol. 1

  1. yay! at last! the DW7 chibi!
    will koei make the real version, i mean the taller one and not a chibi?

  2. Sir Chin,

    Will the DW7 chibi figures be released worldwide? Or are they limited editions for a specific country to be sold in?

    A side note, do you have any recent news regarding Samurai Warriors 3 Z (for the Playstation 3 version)? I’ve been scouring around the Net lately, but it just seems to be no recent piece of news about it surfacing.

      • Whoops, I forgot to clarify my last inquiry about Samurai Warriors 3Z. Is there any recent news about a US release date of the game? What does the TK (Tecmo-Koei) company have to say?

        • There’s no oversea release of SW3Z, so if you really want the game you might have to import the Japanese version. Samurai Warriors 3 is on Wii only. XL or Z are in Japan only XL (for Wii), Z (for PS3).

  3. So if you cannot make the expo, will there be any other way to buy these? Or will it be a case of hoping to find a larger store that imports these kinds of items to get a hold of them?

  4. These are awesome! Xiahou Dun is one of my favorite characters, so I’m glad that he’s in the first pack. I know you said we could get them overseas through play-asia.com, but do you know if they’re going to be sold at any American conventions? If so, I think I’ll have to get…some…at ACen!

    Thanks for sharing!

    This might seem random, but I’ve been writing some prose poems based on Dynasty Warriors for National Poetry Writing Month! Its cool to see that the day that I wrote Sima Yi’s poem that his figure came out :)

    • It depends on the shops in the convention, if they import the goods, they would have it. I’m based in Europe / London so I try my best to bring it to London Expo – really wish I could go bigger so everyone can have it. But yeah for now you can only get it in Japan, Asia (if they sell it), yes-asia.com and our expos shows in UK.

  5. Hi Inspchin,

    sorry to inform you about this here but i got this feedback from two members at a forum i’m a regular at, it’s about DW7 USA version:

    i’ve noticed something weird in the US version
    when i hit someone, they doesnt seem to get hit or damage sometimes
    that also happened to me

    hopefully the DW team will release a patch to fix this issue

      • yes it’s the PS3 version, also a friend reported that the USA PS3 version experience an FPS drop down when reaching crowded places with enemy soldiers, we’d appreciate a patch to fix this issue so we can enjoy our experience with DW7, thanks

      • I personnaly had another issue on my EU PS3 version.
        I was playing split-screen 2 players co-op.
        I just fought Wei Yan, then, he disappeared.
        I was alone in front of him, no basic soldiers surrounding us.
        When I zoomed the map (with R2 button), I saw that he was following me, but i couldn’t hurt and he could neither…and when I turn back, he wasn’t there.
        After a little run, he appeared again…

  6. play-asia is already out of stock of the figurines =( will they get more? is there any other way to get them? even the series 5 i really would love to get those too!

    • I think all the stocks are very limited, we only have some left and for London Expo next weekend, don’t have much though. So sorry about this.

  7. I went London Expo expo and asked to buy one from the Temco stand but they said they were not for sale. I was very disappointed :(

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