21 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 Released & Its Journey So Far

  1. Hello chin !! ^-^ ..I’m a big fan of dynasty warriors series since PS2 … i really love the game ..and i loved the one before DW7 <<< DW6 strikeforce ..but DW7 it was almost perfect 4 me !! …i was kinda sad when i knew about the online mode ='( …. i love having fun with my friends and believe me they r not 1 or two ..and i was soo Excited to play with them .. but u know we can't, cus only 2 players can play co op ..soo I'm just asking u as a fan ..is there a way to make it at least up to 4 players so i can really enjoy this great game with more awesome friends ,Pleeeeeeeeease ..and thank u sooo much
    Luv yaaa ^^

    • Strikeforcec has 4 players, but for DW7 it’s made for 2 split screen co-op and 2 online co-op so it’s not possible for this stage, I’m sorry.

  2. I got my Chibi figures. When does version two come out. Koei is my life and Chin is the best.

    I love KOEI and would like to work for this great company in the future.

  3. when will it come for asian xbox360? i’m very very very big fan of this game and i buy the game but it’s not working in console because NTSC-J
    i’m really depress… :( it’s very bad i have it but can’t play X.X
    i hope it come for asian i mean for NTSC-J English version???

    • The Japanese version? It’s PS3 exclusive. If you want an Xbox 360 version, you might have to purchase English version and please make sure it’s NTSC not PAL for Asia.

      • game that i buy is NTSC-U not NTSC-J :( and my xbox360 is NTSC-J :( and we all Asian have NTSC-J console not NTSC-U :( i think.. i want to know just like DW6 come for Asian xbox360 it was late.. so is there DW7 will also come?
        Please Koei release here in Asia?? i want your all games every time so bad… i’m dieing for DW7 X.X

  4. i love da worriors series but im a little sad and counfused is dynasty warriors 7 DLC still cooming to ps3? because psn shut down and ps store cannot be accessd so im really counfused and there was no news for delay DLC for ps3

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