73 comments on “Worst Blogging Month Ever.. Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC & Dead or Alive Dimensions & Gundam 3 Baby!

  1. i am a dynasty warriors fan and all dynasty warriors games are great. i beaten dynasty warriors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, gundam 1, and gundam 2. i play them on playstation 2 and xbox 360. koei makes best games.

  2. Thanks for the update, Chin! Cannot WAIT for the DW7 DLC, that game is amazing and I can’t get enough!

    Keep up the good work, but don’t work too hard! ;)

  3. good to hear i am devestated that i have nearly completed dynasty warriors 7 already i have been on it probably close to 70 hours gameplay and nearly clocked it i didnt want it to end LOL but it is a magnificent game, and cant wait for the DLC, you’s desearbe alot of credit for this game i might be asking for much but is there any chance of a dynasty tactics 3 in the future that was my favourite game out of the koei series !! oh and also thanks to this game it has inspired me to take a holiday to china one time to visit some of the places where the battles have taken place thanks koei :D

  4. Glad to hear about the DLC. and im really glad about the DoA for 3DS, i was worried that my only 3ds game was gonna be SwChronicles, also i wanted to confirm a rumor. I heard via a wikipedia article that theres gonna be a DW game for 3ds as well, any truth behind that?

    (Still hoping for the day that at least one of Koei’s La Corda De Oro games make it out of japan)

    As of this point, i literally own ALL the Dynasty Warriors games including the original one on ps1. (wasnt too happy with Nobunaga’s Ambition or the later Rotk games though)

    Koei Forever!

  5. Ah I was going to ask about any ideas of dates for DLC myself but figured you’d let us know as soon as you knew. Thanks for giving us a rough idea about when to expect the first lot of DLC! I’m looking forward to getting the other old DW costumes personally, I guess they might not be here for a long while but I can wait xD

    • It hasn’t been 100% confirmed, but I heard that if it was requested enough he may be re-added. I’m unsure if it will happen or not, but we’ll just have to watch out and see.

      On topic, Thanks for another update Chin ^^; Hope you find time to de-stress and relax a little so that your head doesn’t explode :P

      Interesting question, will the DLC outfits come in multiple colours or is it just the one default colour?

  6. will the DW2 and 3 costumes also be availiabl as DLC? also, if we get for example da qiaos twin canes from SF2, would they become her EX weapon?

        • No chance if you want the honest answer since everything has been done and the team has moved to the next project. Regarding the concept art it’s the designer came out with many types of designs then finalized it and glad they published that via databook.

  7. Hey Chin, thanks for the info regarding DLC and all of the work, I really appreciate it. I’ve been addicted to DW7 for the last week, but one thing that has really bothered me about the game is the lack of Free Mode (I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot lol.) Do you think there is a possibility that Koei can release a sort of “dumbed-down” Free Mode that lacks the story cutscenes and other features that make them very story mode exclusive maps and perhaps add an option to choose sides (as to allow versus)? That’s something I’m terribly missing from the other games that I couldn’t believe wasn’t in this one. Do you know the reason behind removing such a key mode? Not that Conquest isn’t fun, it just lacks the awesomeness of Free Mode.

    I don’t really know your influence as far as pushing Koei to release certain patches/DLC (pardon my ignorance) but I just wanted to let you know that I and tons of others fans really want to see it return. It’s such as essential part of the series. Anyway thanks for listening. :)

    • All the DLC shedules have been decided and approved, that also means the Free Mode isn’t possible anymore. Because once the team finished developing a game they move on to another so at this stage I can tell you it’s not possible, no DLC character as well. But I will definitely voice it to the team on how important Free Mode is. And thanks for your support man <3

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  9. Hey just posting to tell you DW7 was amazing preordered it and got it when it first came out! To the lack of having a facebook(personal reasons) I decided this was the best way to having my comments going straight to Koei. As an American Fan of DW, I have to say 7 was the best one yet. The story mode was fantastic and I loved all the new character additions. The only thing that got me down was Pang De not reappearing and the lack of free mode but I’m sure Koei had their reasons. I’ve pretty much beat most of the game now I’m just waiting on the DLC let Koei know they’re doing an excellent job with the series now and will continue to get my investment if the games keep getting better! Excited about the new DLC by chance do you know how many new Weapon DLC there will be?

  10. Thanks for the awesome update.

    Most of my questions have been answered (I think), but I was still wondering about whether Dynasty Warriors 7 is getting an Empires expansion? Technically, we have Xtreme mode in this game in the form of Conquest Mode, and to a slight degree, Legend mode in the Legend stages themselves, so obviously there’s no need to ask about an Xtreme Legends expansion. But Empires is still fresh on my mind…

    Can you shed any insight on this, Chin?

  11. Hello Chin. I know that a new costume will be created for each character. I wanted to know if they intended to make one or many? Thank you.

  12. will the new characters be getting new original costums also? not in the past DW costume packs, but will there be costume packs of original outfits for the whole roster? ^_^

    • Those who aren’t in the old DW will not have the costumes but Da Qiao and Zhu Rong will have DW6 costumes based on Warriors Orochi Z design and more costumes set coming too stay tuned

  13. Hi Chin LONG time since we spoke.

    Gotta say, DW7 is my FAVORITE in the entire series, it is the BEST game so far. I thought that while DW6 was good, it was also a step back in some aspects,but DW7 is AMAZING.

    I love Story mode. When me and my brother first read “charasters fixed in Story mode and no free Mode”, we decided we didnt want the game. But then it came out and we both felt drawn to it so we got it. Glad we did.

    I love Conquest Mode, but im very sad there is no free Mode. Yes I know characters cant be choosen for stages but surely bu taking the story out coulda fixed this problem? Ah well.

    Only problem I see is replayability. Im tearing through COnquest Mode, anD will have complete all stages by the weekend, im not sure how it works, ending wise, so I dont know if its worthwile playing through it again. I know there are DLC missions but I doubt they’ll take me long to do, (I hope ther efree too, im just a poor broke guy).

    On the subject of a possible Empires expansion, I sure do bhope so. The Empires games are my favourite in the series. Actually is there any news on a SW3: Empires? Its a shame there hasnt been one of them.

    Oh and if there IS a Empires game, it BETTER HAVE FREE MODE> I was very angr that wasnt in DW6E, and I strongly belive the Mercenary Mode aspect to it, you know playing without a lord, DID NOT make up for it at all. i was planning to make my own scenarios and everythign in free mode… Ermm.. yeah anyway.

    Final note, love DW7, the best yet. Hope there is an Empires expansion, cannot wait for the DLC to start coming!!

  14. I am from southern Europe and I am a long-time fan of Dynasty Warriors too. My first game of the series was Dynasty Warriors 2.

    This time the game is pretty fantastic, I like a lot the new multi-weapon system. And moreover the return of several characters cut in DW6. It is always sad to see characters cut away, so I hope the return in the future of both Zuo Ci and Pang De.

    I also liked a lot the localization in Italian, with all the encyclopedia section and the scholar’s questions well translated, providing a lot of insights on the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. :)

    The reason for which I like so much this game is because it is based on a very beautiful literary epic, sadly not far known in the West (like most of Eastern Asia ancient literature). So while playing one can learn several interesting thing about old history of China. In fact I found the new story mode and the new Jin faction very important in this direction.

    Many greetings from Italy and sorry for my bad English.


    Your blog is great as well!

  15. I really love DW7, even though Pang De remained cut in it. The story mode is really well done and creates a whole new experience while the Conquest mode has so many stages that I’d keep busy someone who works full time for a while.

    Truly, a lot of efforts went into that game and it shows. The new characters are great (Yuanji became my favorite female character) the Jin storyline was great.

    Oh, and I’d like to suggest a character for a future instalment: Mi Heng. He could be added for comical relief, going around insulting other characters, I’m sure KOEI could come up with something great! A bit like Zuo Ci, but he’s not a mystic, he’s a scholar. I think he’d be funny.

    Just my two cents though.

    Anyway, great blog, I’m eager to hear more about the DLC!

  16. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the info you give the dw community. It’s really appreciated. You aweasome for doing this for the fans.

  17. Long time DW/SW/WO fan. Thanks for the heads up on DLC. Was starting to wonder! Hopefully this whole “PSN being down” thing clears up before it’s release!

    Now questions/suggestions:
    1. Can we expect any thing like Themes/Avatars related to DW? I’m very sad that I cannot personalize my PS3 with my love for DW :( I know it’s fluff, but I like that kind of stuff.

    2. Could the US get in on this preorder bonus for future titles please? I lucked out and got a pen from a friend that preordered the japanese version. But was disappointed that US is left out of the preorder biz.

    3. I enjoyed Conquest but I’m at the ‘grind’ part and think it would really be helpful (if this is a future design element) to have some sort of random function added battles. So instead of having to pick ones, you can just play them all on shuffle, if you will.

    Otherwise the game is heaven sent! I enjoy every moment of it!

  18. Chin, i was just wondering about the DW6 costume DLC for DW7. Are all the costumes from DW6 in this DLC or is it a mix of past DW costumes? If so, do you know if Lu Bu’s DW6 costume is included in the set? I’m a loyal fan to the series and of course, Lu Bu is one of my fav’s. So i was just wondering. Many thanks

  19. Iam so glad there coming out with the japanese voice option very cool . I have loved DW since the 3rd one came out I really wish Zuo Ci and Pang De were in this one though.

  20. Hi, I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying DW7. I’m a big fan of the series (Played them all since DW2, including XL and Empires!) and thought the Story Mode was fantastic. I was sceptical at first when I heard the characters were pre determined, but it worked so well.

    The only criticism I have is I was expecting a Nanman stage in Shu’s Story Mode since it’s a major battle. (It’s always featured in previous DW games also), but apart from that I really can’t fault Story Mode, the amount of detail put into it was brilliant.

    I think Conquest mode is also a nice change, I do miss Free mode, but Conquest is very addictive!

    I can’t wait for the DLC!

    Please tell the team to keep up the good work :)

  21. Hey chin! I loved dynasty warriors 7! It was a great game! Not even close to beatin conquest mode though! Haha. Still love the game, its my favorite so far! I cannot wait for the dlc to come out! I’m dyin haha! I was wondering if they will ever put sw on the 360 again? I miss that game haha! But am grateful for dw all the same! Id really appreciate the feedback!

  22. Iam not really sure if this would be the right place to post this but ill go ahead and talk . I would really like to see Heyi and the other Han characters made into actual characters not just default ones. I would also really enjoy being able to play as the Han dynasty and the musou mode could be like the events leading up to the fall of the Han dynasty like the Yellow Turban Rebellion would be the last stage or something like that well anyways hope I didnt waste your time thanks .

  23. Some really juicy information up there! Definitely looking forward to the DLC for DW7 since PSN has been down for about a moth now.
    I was wondering Chin, will Samurai Warriors 3(PS3 Ver)/Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 be available to play in the upcoming MCM Expo?
    I’ll be sure to look out for you and those chibi figures too at the Expo!

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