77 comments on “Back Now With Loads Of DLC Updates

  1. Thank you for replying, your update has just made me very happy haha :) I couldn’t believe the amount of moaning and rudeness of people complaining about the prices, many people said “things change” and of course they do, for whatever reason there was a price it shouldn’t matter! if you’re a real fan you wouldn’t care. Thank you for letting us know anyway and I am one of those fans that are appreciating everything you do for us haha :D

  2. very random question Inspchin, do you work for Koei? haha just wanted to no, you seem to no alot about whats going on so I’ve always just assumed you worked for them :)

  3. Ahh okay, well it’s very positive for us fans to no we have someone so close to the company letting us no updates frequently.

    thank you again :D telling us the date of the next DLC made my day so much better haha, I honestly thought after all the ludicrous comments made about the first pack, we wouldn’t be given anymore! so thank you :))

    • There will be 4 packs running. Haha remember 3 years ago I was like the fans and had no one to connect to. Luckily KOEI has found me out from the koeiwarriors.co.uk I created and made 6 years ago and hired me so now I understand how fans feel and I wanna give them the best.

  4. 99cents for both costume packs? Really? THAT’S what people have been moaning and groaning about??? That’s just idiotic. DW doesn’t burn up sales charts in the west, so a 99cent charge seems pretty fair to me. That’s practically free. especially with the DW6 costume pack. So many costumes!!!! Capcom, look and learn.

  5. I no you don’t no much, but will we be getting everything Japan does? and is there anywhere we can give our own wishes for future DLC? thanks for replying BTW and yeah, it’s so good having someone like you when you love the game so much!

    • The future DLC would be the school uniforms for each kingdoms – Jin, Shu, Wei, Wu (I’m not sure about “Other” officers yet) with more stages, BGM and new weapons. Also the DW3-5 costumes. There will not be a new character DLC and such. That’s what I can say for now.

  6. Heya Inspector. Since you have DWG3 here and this post is mostly about DLC, there’s a question that others might want to know too. :p

    In GW3 we had DLCs in form of extra missions and playable characters (00 Gundam Meisters, Mr. Bushido & Marida Cruz). Will these DLCs be available for the English version as well?

    • I believe what you get in Japan you might get most of them or all of them here, but it’s really out of my league at the moment, since it’s Namco Bandai handling this title in US and we’re just following here. I do have a good news/surprise for DWG3 though, but I don’t know when it’s breaking the embargo.

  7. So we have to pay for it… but JP dont?

    Ah well. I lvoe Koei, so I dont care, I’ll happily pay. :)

    OH nd im pee’d at Sony. Cause they suck i cant get my DLC yet!!

    • We have to pay a little money for the DW3,4,5,6 costumes, the stages and weapons in JP has cost I think. I’m not sure the exact reason behind this, could it be the cost splitting for converting it 360 version or what (since in Asia it’s PS3 exclusive), I’m not sure but I guess the price is okay so far.

  8. Thanks for the update the dlc sounds amazing I cant wait for the psn to be back up.

    Can you please give us any kind of update on the status on samurai warriors 3z on the ps3 in the US. I dont care if i have to wait til christmas, I am a huge fan of the series and would really like to atleast know if there is hope that it will come at some point.

    • I have always answered that Samurai Warriors 3Z will not make it to oversea and I will include of mentioning that in my next blog post thanks so much for the reminder.

      • Thanks for replying. Thats too bad :( I wish there was a way to put english subtitles on the japanese version. I suppose my only option is to import it then hire an asian person to live with me and translate everything for me as I play.

  9. Chin,

    If you don’t get on MSN soon, I’ll have to destroy you!

    Love, Fu Xi

    PS I miss you <_<

  10. Will the DLC school uniforms have CG artwork released or some sort of preview of what they will look like on the characters?

    Thank you Inspector Chin.

  11. would be glad if you can answer a few questions for me Mr Chin

    1. Do all the Wei characters get a ‘school of phoenix’ costume?
    2. Will the other kingdoms get their own themed costume?


  12. Hi,

    do you have any idea why the DLC is not available in New Zealand yet? but available in Australia.

    It has been one week since the first DLC available around the world except New Zealand…….


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  14. Hey there Insp Chin! Long time follower first time poster on these blog things… Anyway! I was just wanting to know why you think KOEI hates New Zealand? I mean every single other country in the WORLD including Austrailia… Which boggles my mind… Has recieved the DLC on XBOX360 and we have not? Its almost like they have forgotten about us… Now I know you are in the know with Koei and such things so was wondering what you thought about this or even if you could do something? Not horrendously hopeful but hey its worth a shot!

    • Hi Axel, I read this. I don’t know NZ doesn’t have the DLC. How about Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage? I might question the team. But it’s Friday evening in Japan now you have to wait for some time – I’ll try my best.

      • The fact that you took the time to respond shows me that there is a glimmer of hope for NZ DLC even if I have to wait a while longer. Thank you!

      • I am a XBOX360 User. Seeing as how I couldnt find it anywhere on the PS3 haha only reason too. So yes please let them know

      • No I am from New Zealand. I am sure I mentioned that earlier… In fact I did! Ha look at that. And last I checked NZ was not a part of Asia… I think… :P But yeah I just find it strange how Europe and Australia have it and we dont? I always thought we were the same in terms of DLC and games and all that

        • Did you own Dynasty Warriors: Stikeforce and Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage before? Did they have the DLC in NZ? This is quite new to me as I’m not in charge in that territory but I’d like to know about this as well. Is your game NTSC based or PAL based. If it’s NTSC based is it US based or JP/Asia based? If it’s NTSC-J then I definitely understand why now.

      • Yes we got all the strikeforce DLC and I think we got fist of the north star stuff also. And we are PAL based so yeah!

      • Just got back. It seems like it won’t come out in NZ because of the age rating for the NZ for DLC so it came out with the decision that not able to release it in that area from the distribution.

      • and apologies for the inconvenience caused. I think it’s a lesson for me to learn as well so next time I have to emphasize and let the team know for the next titles that have DLCs.

      • wow really? hmmm that is really really stupid. Not your fault or anything like that. I just find it to be a real silly reason not to release the DLC… Ah well what can ya do

      • Hi,

        It can’t be true, NZ age rating is more flexible than Australia. in NZ we have R18 rating, whereas in Australia they don’t have it. However Australia had the DLC since the very first day (very weird????).

        DLC is just a mere costume and japanese voice, how does it affect the age rating? if the age rating is the main problem why KOEI / NZ distributor manage to sell Dynasty Warriors 7 in New Zealand?

        i found this whole thing very misleading as the back of my game cover said “Downloadable Content” and the Dynasty Warriors 7 website also said DLC available.

        I enjoy the game more with JAP voices, and now i am unable to download it. i demanded a full refund. I should just get PS3 version instead of XBOX 360 version.

        Could you please tell me how to get a full refund for this Dynasty warriors 7?

        very disappointed with such unacceptable excuses ~ age rating ~ <—- failed excuses

  15. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us, InspChin :)
    It’s great having someone like you to keep us updated for the recent KOEI updates <3
    Thanks for taking the time for us :)

    Personally, I don't understand why people are so upset with having to pay for the DLC. I mean, the price isn't a lot in comparison to some you have to pay for other franchises. Take Call of Duty, for example.

    It doesn't surprise me, or upset me, at all. Japan did recently go through quite a crisis, and the DLC the Japanese did have to pay for went through to charity, didn't it? :)
    Also, KOEI's games are more well received in Japan. There's a good justification for them making us pay :)

    At the end of the day, it's not too much. It's not like KOEI are robbing us blind <3

    I love KOEI, and I'm happy with the DLC.

    Thanks, once again, Chin =D

  16. Hey Inspector Chin! I’m a new reader, and I have some concerns about the Samurai Warriors: Chronicles DLC.

    Due to being poor, I won’t be able to get a 3DS or SW:C until Christmastime. I am concerned about if all of this DLC is time limited to RIGHT NOW, or if I will be able to download it all as one big batch by Christmas?

    Thank you!!

    • I believe you will get a whole batch that’s been released at that time then but please lemme confirm about this with the team next week when I’m back at work. Thanks for raising this up so I can aware of this issue.

  17. this might have been asked already but in case it hasn’t…is there a dynasty warriors 7: empires coming out at some point?…if there is i hope the marriage and oath thing from dynasty warriors 6: empires will be in it…cuz i liked the Marriage/Oath thing from Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

      • ok i’ll wait…but if there is one please try to get the create-a-bodyguard system put in…cuz i’d like to create my own bodyguard…now on a final note…dynasty warriors is my life

        • You mean customize your bodyguard also? How’s that differ from making your own warrior and let another of your CAW following you as a bodyguard? and haha you have watched the video of Dynasty Warriors Is My Life XD

  18. I’d absolutely love to see DW7:E if it comes with a more indepth character customization! sort of like the sims 3 hehe
    Also being able to change the colour of your characters clothing (like SW3) and change the colours of there weapon!

    Ahh what an amazing thought :D

  19. thanks for the info chin i dont care how much the DLC are i will get them. and afer looking at some coment will there be a DW7E cause i got so hook on DW5-6E i hope koei make a seventh one and it better have an overseas release too after hearing some ot the games im dying to get my hands on been cancel

  20. I got a random question. my tv is 42 inches wide. but when i play dynasty warriors 7, it won’t be fullscreen. the game itself shows in the center of the tv about 36 inches wide. help. how do i make the screen larger? other games i play always appear in full screen.

    • PS3 or 360? Have you adjusted your TV on your TV or HD settings on your console? That’s either your TV or the console that has the wrong setting there.

      • thanks chin. i’ll be sure to check out the settings and fix it later. i have a ps3 btw. and i’m mad i cant get the dlc since psn is down :(

      • psn is up! but the ps store is still down. so no dlc for me -_-
        and i tried fixing the settings but the outcome for dw7 remains the same. the screen is not full on my tvT_T”
        i tried playing dw6 again and its fullscreen.

        • That is strange, how about checking the ingame settings? Sorry I don’t have the knowledge in this. and hope the DLC is up there soon.

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  22. this is an old and has nothing to do with the new stuff ,it 2012 and after all this time i discover that DW6E has some costume only in japan while the other countries don’t get it WTF this is the 1 thing i hate about koei they make stuff like these DLC for japan and else where get the ,piss off your not getting this treatment, i’m not happy now i feel like i have a unfinished game now i’m worry DW7E will be the same. i’m sorry inspchin i don’t have a facebook or twitter account to chat or let you know from there. and again i’m sorry i have to complain

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