44 comments on “Feeling Brave To Answer Your TECMO KOEI Questions Today – Friday 13th!

  1. The voice acting in Legends of Troy and Bladestorm was excellent. So Koei can do great voice acting. But this was likely due to the Western voice actors being more familiar with the subject matter. They understood their roles and characters. But with the other Warriors games, they don’t really know the story behind ROTK or history with feudal Japan. So it is harder for them to get into the characters. So they all end up sounding like a bad anime.

    Koei is improving though.

  2. Hahahaha! That video was great! DW3 voices really were pretty bad, and that’s why people give so much hate for the voices in the later games. But I have to say that KOEI has made big improvements in the English voices. I have no problem with most of them in DW7 (except for Sun Quan…I REALLY miss his old voice). I’m using JP voices right now, and they’re okay I guess. But once I’ve heard them enough I’m switching back…I love Cao Cao’s English voice <3 as well as hearing Guo Huai coughing all the time…he sounds way too healthy in JP.

  3. Hello, Chin. Please, could you tell the team that developed the game to add Dong Bai for a future Dynasty Warriors game? She would be an excellent new female character to Other. Thank you.

    • I can tell but the decision is up to them. Sometimes it’s really down to what the team has planned for the story wise and the connection wise, if that character is needed then he/she would be signed to be in.

      • Yes, I understand. At least if you talk about her to them, that they may give an idea of how they could include Dong Bai in the story. Thank you, Chin.

  4. Will you patch in any English voice acting on Samurai Warriors Chronicles? It gets really hard to have to read mid battle. Would be better if I can just hear what I need to do.

    • So sorry about that. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is JP VO only. I’ve checked the list and everything it’s not likely to be happened.

      • Oh no.its.no problem the game is fantastic. Final question. Do you think the team would be opposed to making another game like Chronicles but taking it a step furthur? Example: fully customize your character from the start with a couple weapon styles, hair eyes etc. Then it becomes like an rpg. You can choose which army to fight for and how you act with officers changes how they act to you(sort of the same system.) But while keeing in history

      • Shoot sorry hit publish by mistake(im.typing this on my phone.) While keeping in history your character can choose to run his own army and have maybe 1-2 created characters join or preset officers.(this wouldn’t happen till after nobunagas death) and depeding on relations with a character they would be more likely to join you and stay.

        • Some people love it to be RPG wise but some people they prefer to use as many characters and as simple as it can be but what you said there is great.

  5. i dont have a wii so it suck i can’t play samurai warriors 3 i have a psp but i can’t play DWSF2 i wish it still get an overseas release. and wasn’t the DW7 DLC not free thing is to help japan earthquake/tsunami event? that what i heard from koei warriors site bak then and probably why the DLC are price

    • In oversea, the DLC is free for Japanese voice over only. The rest costs a little like costume for 79p I’m not sure about the reason but it could be right of what you’ve mentioned.

  6. Chin, do you know why SW3Z/XL aren’t getting an overseas release?

    I’m curious to know why Koei would make that decision. Just so I may understand, instead of being sour about it not coming over.

  7. Hi I’m from mexico and a big fan of the DW series, but I have a big problem because the DLC of DW7 is not on any side in the xbox’s market place I search fo it and does not appear, will be released in my country?

  8. Hi! Do you know if it will be possible for the male character to use the weapon of the female and vice versa? Or even make both characters be playable in the same save?

    • If you choose Male character you’ll be playing him through the game, no? Same if you choose female, you can’t change the gender.

  9. Sorry Mr. Chin one more question XD. Do you think there is any chance for another Samurai Warriors: Empires? My friends and I always have a blasty blast playing SW2E and really want another one T_T

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  11. Hi, Im a fan of Dynasty Warriors Gundam, I wanted to know if the japanese voices will be present too in the DWG 3 US Version?? because I heard the European edition was going to get it.

    That’s its my question, Thank you for your time.

  12. i had a question about SW chronicles, i got the second and third pack ( dont know how i don’t understand this 3ds stuff) but what did i miss in the first pack, and is there a chance i can still get it later?

    • I didn’t miss the first pack because that was an error when you got the notification with nothing inside so basically you didn’t miss the first one because that one was a mistake that made by us on that Friday.

  13. Hey, Insp Chin, could you ask KOEI to localize SW3Z in the overseas? I really want to play it and it’s sad and unfair that KOEI does that…. thank you. :)

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