58 comments on “150K Celebration – TECMO KOEI Game & Event Updates All At Once!

  1. Wow the Yellow turban level for Conquest mode sounds AMAZING.

    Im really HAPPY, the levels for COnquest Mode seem much better than I thought they woulod bhe.

  2. w00t on Gundam DX making it to the wall panels! Though more people will be more excited on Deathscythe Hell obviously. lol

    But wait…. if PSN Store isn’t up yet by next week, then that means… 360 players will get the newest DLCs (Hulao stage, Cudgel/Mace, original costumes) sooner than even JP version players!? O_o
    Speaking of which, when will the official site’s DLC page be updated?

    • Yes, if the PSN hasn’t come back up quick, then XBL users will have the advantage :) and yeah Deathscythe Hell (thanks to you) <3 about the official site, I think probably next week for us.

  3. I’m amazed there’s DLC for SWC, it already has so much to offer. Immediately it’s speaks to my jap geek core with the incredible OST which obviously reminds me of Okami, and other japanese culture games.
    I look forward to exploring more battles in SWC. Ignore those uncultured critics, this is an incredible game that will have you instantly hooked and deserves your attention!

      • Oh, I see ~ XD
        I wanted to ask because of the pricing since it’s much higher than the old set of costumes…but I’ll probably get all the new original DW stuff because I love Koei and DW. TwT <3

        • Yes the kingdom uniform has been redesigned that’s why people think it’s overpriced but it’s 13 costumes in that pack so yeah.

    • The school uniform is a total re-design I think it costs the same in Japan. I think only that one the price is bit higher (I think it’s overpriced too) but it’s 13 new costumes redesign completely (if you compare to other game DLC) they have one costume totally redesigned and it’s 1.99-3.99 already but this one has 13 so if you compare overally, it’s still acceptable.

  4. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is the main reason why i want a 3DS i better save up and get them both and i wish the PS store get back online soon i want those add on i dont care how much it cost i’ll get it cause i love koei games and i’ll always support them

    • Thanks so much and sorry about the cost. The original costume costs quite high because it’s a total redesign with all costumes and it’s 13 Wei costumes in that pack.

  5. WTF – Why isn’t the DLC being published in New Zealand, do you know Chin?

    The game was released here, so that isn’t a problem…

    • Okay – So just read your other comments on the other post.

      So we get the DLC for Strikeforce and DW: Gundam 2, and now we won’t get the DLC for DW7 and I’m guessing Gundam 3 either.

      Fist of the Northstar: Ken’s Rage wasn’t released here at all.

      The OFLC rated DW7 an M for mature, its not like it got an R16/R18 rating…. I dont quite understand what you mean by age rating being a problem…

    • I think it’s because of the age rating and there’s a little problem happened to the distribution that’s why it’s not available there. >.< very unfortunate in this case. So sorry.

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  7. Hey Inspector Chin, any response on whether or not the Samurai Warriors Chronicles DLC will remain available is a batch download later on in the year, say, Christmas? If I can’t get the game until then?

  8. play-asia is already out of stock of the figurines =( will they get more? is there any other way to get them? even the series 5 i really would love to get those too!

  9. Question for you – I’ve had SWC since launch but I hadn’t turned my 3DS on in a few weeks. Just found out today that the DLC had started so I turned it on and only got DLC #2… am I screwed for #1?

      • :'( That sucks but thanks for answering. It guess I just missed a weapon so I’ll get over it but if I had missed a stage I would have been really upset. It’d be nice if there could be a DLC rerun after it’s all over. 21 weeks is a long time and people are inevitably going to miss a week here and there due to vacations, forgetting, etc.

        • I just confirmed with the team regarding the SWC SpotPass schedule.

          There’s no limited offer for the 6 scenarios. Once released, users can download them anytime with currently no time limit (even after the last round on Sept, 30).

          The weapons though are only available during the week they’re released.

  10. hey Insp.Chin the PS store is FINALLY back but the second DW7 DLC are not there i got the costumes weapons and stages but the new one are not there what gives? i want those wei costume

  11. Dear Inspchin,

    I was wondering if there was any chance of a DLC stage of Battle of Wu Zhang Plains and a DLC stage of Battle of He Fei Castle for the US version of Dynasty Warriors 7. ^_^

    Thank you in advance! :)


  12. Hello Mr. Inspchin. I was wondering what were the chances to get the DW4 alternate costumes as DLC too (Like that costume Zhou Tai had with the cape and Shredder mask.)

    Also you’ve probably been asked of this many times, but is there a chance to get a story mode update DLC that lets you play them as any characters? Thanks ^^

  13. so i am still unclear. i have looked everywhere and still can’t find reassurance that the US and/or EU WILL for sure get great axe weapon dlc. thats really all i care about. Xu Huang is a favorite of mine. the other stuff i.e. the dw4 costumes would just be a bonus. super sweet but not as important. and if so is there a release date? i’ve been checking on Xbox Marketplace everyday since the middle of May. Its July the 6th. haha

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