36 comments on “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 “Everything” & London MCM Expo (27-29 May 2011)

  1. Well I’m sort of glad I don’t live in UK then, the preorder bonus is cool but they’re not in my top 5 favorites XD

    Lucky to whoever has their favorites though!

  2. Awesome stuff bro! so gutted i won’t be there to sample some serious mecha action! lol See you October, if not before, much love bro! xxx

  3. Argh I hope there’s still some nice stuff left to buy when I get in on my late entry Saturday ticket :) especially artbooks and soundtracks. Love your artbooks and soundtracks.

    • I think we have tons of artbooks so no worries about that. For the soundtracks I’m not sure but artbooks and figurines you have no worries :)

  4. Question for the English dub of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3:

    Did they change the voice cast? or, is it the same cast you see from Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2?

  5. Sorry to be off topic Chin but I have something I need to ask of you.(First time speaking to you and I’m already asking for something XD) Well, on the Xbox360 version of DW7 the school of Wei outfit for Cai Wenji is glitched. Can you please let them know so it can be pacthed in the future. ^.^

    Also, thanks for all the updates and things you do for our community. I really appreciate that there is someone out here for us fans to reach out to.

    • I actually have known you for a long time and can’t believe this is our first convo and okay I’ll let the team know and see what they can do. Sorry about this, it’s been so damn crazy.

      • Oh you have known me? I surprised hehe. But take your time its no rush. Handle the things before you now and worry about that later. I know the expo is a big thing going on right now. =3

  6. ugh i was planning to get this game but people are saying the Anime Music has been taken away due to licensing issues, is this true? i might re-consider getting it…i am a music maniac when it comes to games

  7. Waiii!! Really happy to have got my copy of this game yesterday. I have to say that I’m happy that the difficulty is still high and the new mechanics help in tough situations. Very pleased with this game at the moment. Wish I could have gotten some of the artwork cards but ShopTo don’t give these unfortunately.

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