14 comments on “It Took Me 10 Years To Realize About Myself

  1. You’re a little star Chin, you humanize the gaming industry for non-gamers. Your tweets and facebook posts are always interesting and amusing..if a little crazy at times lol..but I love your energy and enthusiasm (excuse spelling!). I think it’s great that you made your own path and did what made you happy, despite conerns from your parents. Bet they’re really proud of you now! xx

    • This means a lot. Yes I agree with you in one thing I think humanizing gaming industry is rare cause people are just games games games and they forgot about the life and experience and it took me a while to realize. My parents finally allowed me to play video games now. Thank you this reply brought tears from my eyes.

      • Seriously, I’ve been into gaming since I can remember (atari…..), would have been about 6 years old..get funny looks from alot of people cos I’m crazy about em, especially my girlfriends, but since your vids and posts, alot of my friends have seen that it’s not just for IT people, and are starting to explore. PS Child of Eden looks fab, can just imagine that at a party!

        • I think it’s my way of updating on all games are dirty that’s why it has the attention haha it’s good though. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION BABY!!

  2. Great post! Glad you followed your dream man. I saw a part of me in this post.As it turned out, it was the right thing to do and we’re all glad we having you.You see the good thing about you is that you get the hole picture of the industry and thats how the industry should be.If we had more people in this job like you things would be different , it would be dreamy for both gamers and the gaming industry but unfortunately nothing stays pure when money shows up. Stay true to who you are and keep doing the Great work you’re doing!!!!!!!!!!!! People get motivated the industry needs more pure hearts and minds! (WARNING: Anyone who’ll decide to follow this path must like macaronie and cheese cause this job has a lot of ups and downs).

    • It’s such a strange yet awesome journey, there were many ups and downs but glad we’ve both made it :) thanks for reading this bro!

  3. hello, good post chin :)

    I don’t no if you have been asked this, you probably have so excuse my lack of research! but will samurai warriors 3 empires be coming to Europe!

    thanks :)

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