25 comments on “How’s TECMO KOEI Recently, Insp. Chin?

  1. Finally some update on the DLC’s!! Thanks Chin :)
    Just one question…. Will the 3rd batch includes 2 original outfits for Wu and Shu?

  2. Hmm… So the cause of the delay is because PS Store in Japan is still down? If so, can you give us a time frame on the new release date for the 3rd batch DLC Chin? Sorry for asking too much haha. Im really itching for some more DLC Stages and weapons :)

    • The time frame supposed to be the end of June but since it’s not back yet in Japan it’s delayed til next month (TBC) but then we need to know 100% if JP is back in the track so we can 100% confirm the schedule. No worries about asking me too much because that’s what this blog is for <3

  3. Umm… Chin can we expect a trailer for the upcoming Original costumes for Wu and Shu? lol the wait is killing me :/

  4. Wait, so for the 3rd DLC, we have to wait until Japan release their DLC first, and then brought back to overseas to be translated ? Or will the Japan version & overseas version will be released simultaneously ?

  5. Hi dear inspchin !
    As DW7XL as been announced in the rising sun land, could you please confirm ASAP whether or not we will get it in Europe/US ?

    So hasty to play story mode level with every characters, or playing the awesome Guo Jia !

      • For this stage huh ? This answer suit me well =D

        Have you got more information as we do about the game ?

        Coz I have a question :
        We know that DW7 DLC will be transfered when changing the CD. But what we do not know is : will they become somebody’s Ex weapon when doing so ? Like : Huang Gai gets the Bomb as Ex weapon for example…

  6. WHAT!!! Xtreme Legends already? That was fast! And we still have no new DLC packs yet. Still I’m looking forward to it.

    P.S. I’m still curious about this “nakedness” stuff.

  7. Sorry haha Im just excited that finally PS Store is back in Japan :D
    I really hope the 3rd DLC will be out before the end of July in US and UK :D
    + I hope DW7 XL will come out on the west too :D

  8. Hey Chin. Longtime fan of the Koei here ^_^ . Umm sorry to bother you but I only just bought Dynasty Warriors 7 and am enjoying the hell out of it, but when I signed into the Playstation store, the price-tags for the dlc were a little bit more expensive than the ones posted…. I live in Australia, so if it’s not too much trouble, could you find out if these prices are going to remain permanent? I wouldn’t like to be ripped off by my favourite gaming company :P Anyways best regards.

    P.S, Do you recommend purchasing DW Gundam 3? It looks great, but I’m not sure if the A.I is up to scratch :/

    • If you love Gundam, please get DWGundam 3 it’s the best yet. For the DLC don’t think the price is going down but which codes you’re after? I might have some left you can email me and request it – chin [ at ] tecmokoei.co.uk

  9. Inspinchin you must fight for us to get DW7 XL localized to the west! We must have our complete DW7 experience~!!!

    Also cant wait for batch 3 of the DLC ^^

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