15 comments on “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Out & The Producer Coming To Paris!

  1. hello i have a question as your the man who usually knows these things :-) do you know what is happening with the 2nd dlc batch for dynasty warriors 7 for the ps3? sorry if you get asked this alot just i have tried searching for info on when its out but i had nothing was wondering if you could shine a little light on this for me. thanks x

      • Im EU on my dynasty warriors bit on the psn it has the jap voice options, the scythe and bombs the dw original costumes and the dw6 ones, i thought the 2nd batch was the dw 5 costumes and the short pike and mace?

      • oh wait i am sorry you are right, you have to look for them under dynasty warriors 7 and they come up… when the first batch was released they were under the latest section of the psn market and they didn’t update that section so i couldn’t see them… have got them now.. i loved the dw 5 costumes cant wait to see if they release number 4 costumes as well :-) and the short pike is really cool the treasure version looks like Xu huangs weapon slightly, but that’s me going on, thank you for helping me mate i wouldn’t have known they were on there if you hadn’t of told me cheers again x

  2. are there going to be any more DLC for DW7 US/EU? I bought all of it so far and have been waiting for news on anything else.

    Looking foward to the DWG3 DLC

  3. Why isn’t the DLC available to New Zealand? As a die hard fan this announcement is just frustrating…

    • I’ve asked the team, seems like the distribution problem we have there. This includes the cost services and all that. Realy sorry about that.

    • It supposed to have Schwarz Bruder but since he’s like a “hidden” character and it doesn’t have his biography in the game so we don’t have him featured. But if you want his image, I can create it for you.

      • ahh, so “hidden” characters lack biographies and mobile suits of their own, I’ll have to remember that in the future.

        Thanks for the image, but I wouldn’t really have a use for it.

        • Not that. It’s just in the data file I got from Japan didn’t have him so I couldn’t include him as he doesn’t have his bio in game as well. I don’t know why this happened could be something to do with the development team but he’s in there.

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