22 comments on “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 DLC & Event Report

  1. Hellow !

    About DW7’s DLC.
    On facebook, I read this :
    “The next batch of Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC scheduled on July 26 (XBL) / July 27 (PSN) with Wu and Shu school uniforms, and a new weapon “Great Axe”. DW4 costumes is scheduled at the next batch (4th)”

    On older posts, you said there will be 4 DLC batches.
    You also said we will get DW3 costumes, and old DW3 maps, like He Fei Castle.
    Does that mean the four and last batch will be HUGE ? (DW3 + DW4 + Jin/Others costumes + new weapon Sai + stages + new design for already existing weapons etc…)

    Or has the plan change and their will be a 5th batch ?

    • Yes it has been re-scheduled due to the PSN JP delay. Some of the packs have been pulled off to July. The plan has changed now. There’s total 6 batches instead of 4 batches as the team created something extra again. Sorry for this inconsistency now you know we’re not that professional.

      But the good thing is the PSN is back now.

      • Hmmm something extra are you saying !
        I guess we may have some awesome bonus content !
        Thanks for you reply,
        You made my day with these information.=)

      • Oh and, as I’m here asking questions…I don’t know if you are able to answer this one (you may want to keep it secret), but, does these 2 new batches contain new weapons again (in addition to the 6 which has already been revealed) ? If yes, I don’t especially want to know which ones, as I want to keep a bit of mistery for us, players. But knowing if there will be some would be cool ;)

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  5. Please make Gundam Seed Astray as a DLC! I would love to play as my favorite Gundam, Astray Red Frame!

  6. Would you know if there has been any sort of discussion at KOEI of producing a Warriors: Code Geass game? With both Gundam and Geass sharing the same publishers and studios (Namco Bandai, & Sunrise) licensing and such couldn’t be too hard, could it?

    I’ve been playing Gundam 3 for the last week (and really enjoying it) and it occured to me that with the amount of content in it (characters and missions), and the fact there are still various characters left out (villains in ZZ and bits and pieces of F91 for a start) made me think that a Code Geass game with a similar engine could probably be very complete as a one-off game. Do you have any knowledge of the series?

  7. Nice, so the DLC for samurai warriors chronicles, new ones, coming sometime this week or month? I’m now wordpress user devilaneudy, also demondragon666 on twitter, etc.

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