8 comments on “Listen + Respond + Involve + Discover + Execute

  1. Hi friend,

    As you are involved, now Listen, and please Respond.
    Discover my idea here, and Execute it by letting development team know it.
    In DW7, when equipping powerfull weapons and having maxed characters, the game is way too easy, even in chaos mode.
    I know the team will make even more powerfull weapons in the next XL instalment, making the game easier again.
    I saw many complaints about troops in DW7. Actually, archers are quite annoying, when there is a lot of them, they can drop half of your life bar in one collective attack, this seems fine to me as it forces players to go straight to them asap ! But, the troops are way less offensive. They rush at you, hit one time, and then stand there, waiting for death to come.
    So here is my suggestion : please koei, improve ennemy AI.

  2. Hi, Chin.

    I have a question, please: do the costumes for Dynasty Warriors 3 will be available later? If so, when? Thank you.

  3. Oh, and if possible, here is an idea that you could suggest to them about the costumes of Dynasty Warriors 2. Some of the costumes of Dynasty Warriors 2 are different of Dynasty Warriors 3 costumes (as Diao Chan and Sun Shang Xiang, for example). So I think it would be a good idea to include these costumes in the costume pack for Dynasty Warriors 3, many would like that. If we could also obtain the rest of the costumes of Dynasty Warriors 1 to have a complete set, it would be nice.

    Thank you, Chin.

    • Sorry this is not possible as all the DLC has done and fixed just wait for the date to release and the team is moving forward to their next XL project.

  4. No problem, it was just an idea. ^_^ Thank you for your answers, Chin. Really appreciate it. Can’t wait for Dynasty Warriors 3 costumes and Original Costumes of Wu, Shu, Jin and Other. :3

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