48 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC (3rd Pack) & Its Xtreme Legends (Overseas)

  1. Thanks for the update Chin!!! Just 1 question, Are we getting the Guan Du and DW4 costumes on the 4th DLC?
    And are we still gonna have the Sai’s as DLC?

  2. thanks for the all the updates!! had a quick question, do you have release info on the Chinese vers. of DW7?? will we eventually get ’em but just later? i’ve got all the patience in the world.. as long as we do get ’em~ ; ))))) thanks much!

      • ooops! my bad. i meant DLC for the Chinese version. because it seems the DLC comes out for the NA release first, and then the Japanese release.. for now, the Chinese vers doesn’t have any of the school uniform DLC and only has the bomb and scythe as the additional weapons. sorry for the confusion!

        • Sorry I don’t about the Chinese version. Might need to keep an eye on the Taiwanese and Chinese side of updates. I think due to the PSN down time in the past everything has to be re-scheduled but I believe they’ll be available, just the matter of time.

  3. Hi Chin !
    What do you mean when saying “new weapons” ?
    Do you speak about new skins for existing weapons ? or entirely new movesets ?

    I’m sure there will be some new skins..but the information you gave were quite confusing…
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Chin! Don`t want to be stupid or something (yeah-yeah dlc discussion) but one question can`t give me sleep well. Pang De, Wang Yi and Guo Jia – Are the only new characters that appear in DW7 Xl or Koei holding trump ace in the sleeve? I`m just curious, because card collection are widen up (65 initially – 72 now)… so can you give some hint? or at least what`s these 7 cards are could be? If you know this of course.

    • I don’t know what the “cards” you meant? But as far as I’ve seen those are the 3 announced characters but I don’t know if there’s any more coming. One advice though, please sleep well and don’t let this kind of thing get into you. We’ll know when the time comes.

      • Oh yeah, you`re right. Thanks man for such rapid answer! These cards… mmm – I meant DW7 XL collection edition (bonus for preorder or something like that, just curious how these cards look like…). It`s seems barely important anyway.

  5. Hey there, how are you doing?
    Got a little question about the complete original costumes pack.
    I mean the pack, where all original costume packs will be together, coming out somewhen in August.
    Do you know something about the difference in the prices?
    Because, there are surely many fans (including me), which have bought already the Wei costumes back then.
    Now, should i wait for the complete pack, or just buy all of them separately.
    Besides, that thing Hiromachi mentioned above me. Would be good to know. If it isn’t too much.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I believe you’re talking based on the JP one not EU/NA one right? As far as I know Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin+Other there are 4 packs. I don’t know about EU/NA will get the complete pack yet but if there is it will be around the total price (or maybe a little bit cheaper?) but if you are passionate about those costumes you should get it first then.

  6. Huh? I actually meant the EU one. I thought, it was already confirmed, that we will get them here somewhen in August.
    So, the price difference wouldn’t be that big?
    Then come one, 27th July.
    Hey, i remember even the date now (haha).

    • Sorry about the boobs viral. It wasn’t from TKE itself but I made it to tweet it to my followers that wanted it but who knew I got that lucky to get covered, good and bad. I will distribute the info when it’s all available.

  7. Is dw7 xl coming over seas?:( i relly hope so i have bought all dw games including xl & empires

  8. Hello Chin! :) Just downloaded the Orig costumes of Wu and Shu and I must say their awesome!!! Anyway, Whens the 4th DLC coming? I need some new Stages hehe.

  9. Hello insp Chin, this might be a random question, but any chance we can expect the wands dai qiao used in strike force 2 as a future DLC?

      • Is it possible to see some changes in the list in the future ?
        I mean, just like Rockstar did with RDR : adding new content one year after the game’s release date, just to please the community with some extra content.

      • Ok thx, and do you already know the list of weapons included in DW7XL ?

        (a bit off-topic, but, take care of yourself, and cure your illness asap…and you’re such a fool, working during your illness =P)

  10. Hi Chin.
    There is somethings really make me want to kill someone for XD
    1- Is there any chance that we’ll get Sima Yi’s claws from DW6 ?
    2- When we’ll know if DW7XL will come overseas ?

    and one little question are the two weapons pack that were listed in the JP DLC page just skins or new moveset ?

    waiting for your replay.

      • Hi,

        Earlier, you answered Garnix (me, with my second identity! mouhahaha), and told him there will be new weapons. You also explained that there is a difference between new weapons, and new ranks for weapons.
        And now you say there will just be some weapon ranks…
        Was it a mistake you made ? (maybe because of the Sais not being DLC anymore ?)

        Or the new DLC moveset will be announced later ?

        The more I ask question, the more I realize how curious I am !…It’s awful =D
        Sorry about that ;)

  11. Even though this has nothing to do with dynsty warriors but will we ever see another dynasty warriors and samurai warriors crossover in the states? (please reply!!!!!)

  12. hey chin! may I pose a question since there is so many fans talking about the next dlc batch. Will one of these batches include the following?

    -Jin & Other Original Costumes
    -DW 2 Guan Du stage
    -DW4 Costumes (because its already far away from the release date)
    -New weapon skins(rank) 1 & 2 (I was really bored testing all those weapons so I want to try something new)

    Anyway thanks for the batch 3. I got all of it including the GREAT AXE! I’m looking forward for batch 4.

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