88 comments on “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 (EU) DLC – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

  1. psn network must behind again my friend has the first 3 dlc missions and i dont have them yet. and he has a xbox 360. thats awesome and iv been waiting since i got the game and watched all the dlc content with the japanese game. sweet deal :(

      • So it will be released on Xbox Live, but won’t be available to people in the likes of Australia and New Zealand? Why is that? We’re paying customers too. If the game was released to us, shouldn’t it stand to reason that the DLC is released to us as well?

        • Sorry for the late reply, got ill for few days. I don’t know the exact reason but I think it’s something to do with the distribution right there as we have no distributor there for the payment or services. I think it’s available in Australia just not New Zealand I think. Lemme know.

      • The is definitely a frustrating news… I’ve been a loyal follower of the franchise since the first Gundam Musou release, and yet I am unable to enjoy the game to the fullest because I live in New Zealand? I got even more frustrated and angered to know that KSHATRIYA is part of the dlc… Hell, I’d never pay double the price for these dlcs!

    • Well I hope you can find a way to make it available to New Zealand. A friend of mine with an Xbox in Australia can see the content listed, but I can’t see it here in New Zealand. Are there any plans to make it available to New Zealand? I’m feeling pretty annoyed that NZ is getting shafted this way. I only got the game really to play with the 4 00 Gundams. :(

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  3. I have a question would it ever be possible to have other mobile suits some of the characters used like Exia for Setsuna ? I really like Exia and 00 Raiser but either way the game is amazing :D

  4. My name is Wes Gunder I am US DWG 3 PSN user & I have a request to KOEI. if on August 2 NamcoBandai does not release the DLC for PSN users in the US or at that date they cancel DLC release all together. Could we ask for Support from KOEI to give US PSN users an alternative way to get the content, or even a way to force NamcoBandai in doing what they said they would release the content. I can understand you not wanting to speak for KOEI could youm at least pass the request up the ladder.

      • Apparently you did not read or understand our request. I had asked if Namco Bandai fails on that date (Aug. 2, 2011) as well would KOEI be able to provide support for it’s US PSN users. Also if you ccannot answer this question could you pass it up KOEI ladder to someone who might be able to answer this question.

  5. I really like the series so far, eager to get the DLC, hate having to wait for it though. Hehe. The only thing I’d like to see more of/different, is more unique game based Gundams, like Knight. I like there being something different then in the shows.

  6. Do you think it a possibility they may correct the whole two week thing. I have been waiting to play as Marida and her Kshatriya. Then I hear of this two week thing and I cried a little inside :)

  7. Do you think it a possibility they may correct the whole two week thing and I have been waiting to play as Marida and her Kshatriya, then I hear of the whole two week thing and I cried a little inside :)

  8. so we just have to keep checking on PSN everyday and hope that the Add-ons are there?@_@ featured in the mini banners changing every few seconds haha!

    but i think its gonna be 2 weeks soon O.o

    • I’m very sorry about the US side sorry that I’m not in charge and sorry that we are not the publisher there. That’s why I didn’t receive much info and can’t help on US side because we aren’t the publisher too.

      • but you’re doing what you can anyways to keep us updated sir ;) thanks!

        just have to wait for it haha!

  9. Thanks a lot for making such a great game. We’re having lot of hours playing to unlock everything. Too bad that there’ll be no more DLC than in Japan.
    Do you know if a DW:Gundam 4 is planned ?

  10. DW3 was a great improvment but i hate that they reused the idea of random 3-5 map being made for most mission like in DW2 but i like to see some of the stage from DW2 and DW1 to return since those ones had alot space to move in and did fit in with the storyline. i dinn’t think i would get all the trophies but the game was made easier to play.

    • from the look of the dlc coming out are the same order as JPN dlc came out is true i wonder so far itis.

  11. We the US PSN users just got a resonse from Namco Bandai confirming the US PSN release is Aug.2nd, However Namco Bandai informed us that they are not responsible for DWG 3, KOEI is, do you have a response to that?

    • What is it regarding then? If it’s to do with the bugs in the game our JP headquarter is in charge on that. Other matter in US, Namco Bandai is the publisher so they’re in charge in marketing and other activities I think. But in Europe it’s us Tecmo Koei published the game glad to have the opportunity.

      • This in reguards to fact that you had informed the US PSN users that Namco Bandai was responsible for title in the US. However Namco Bandai issued a statement to US PSN users stating they are not responsible for title in the US, and TECMO KOEI is responsible for publishing marketing and support in the US.

  12. Im near of end this game, but, if i finish the game i not go to buy dlcs more. If they do not immediately launch the DLCs will lose many sales.

      • Xbox live EU here. For the xbox live EU and US are the same content. Europe works on US normally. I bought the content in xbox live US and works normally. But the question is delay between the releases. They should release everything at once or in shorter intervals. The next release is “Kshatriya and its pilot Marida Cruz”. Dont know when it will come out the others Pilots. I want the gundam 00 pilots and no “Kshatriya”. Undertand?

  13. Hopefully there will be a chance to get the suits from Gundam Wing Endless waltz you know the custom versions hopefully they will make them the custom suits were very awesome.

    Can’t wait to play duo in the hell custom suit ^^

    And I definitly can’t wait to play with Heavy arms custom.

  14. hello Chin, like u said it’s the end of the month. can u help me out with lockon? i’m from nz, i got an AU account but couldn’t purchase redeemable codes. Please help ^^,

  15. Loving the DLC, thanks Chin!
    Been playing like a mofo trying to level them up and get Rank 4 plans for each…lol.

    Now I just need Seravee and all my favourite mobile suits will be present and accounted for \o/

  16. What are they basing the stats off. What I mean is Kira has 200 shot but Heero Lockon ect don’t or Domo has 200 melee and Zech and Kinghgundam don’t.

    • Is KOEI gonna make any more DLC’s because I was thinking of you adding in the mechs from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz and I would happily pay any price for it.

      From Joseph

  17. Is KOEI gonna make more DLC inspchin for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3?

    And if so could they put in the Endless Waltz mech.

  18. inspchin, I just got this game and seen a few vids on the dlc characters. I was wondering if you had any free codes for the Kshatriya? (xbox360) That would be awesome!! I saw a old post on GundamCore but it was ps3. I figure it’s a slim to none chance, just thought I’ll ask :P. respect due.

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