126 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 & Gundam 3 DLC (August 2011)

  1. Hi,

    “new versions of 35 different weapons”
    Aren’t there 36 weapon types in the game ?
    Which one doesn’t benefit from this update ?

    And about Ji castle, we already got a DLC stage featuring Nanmans (San Jiang Castle, or sthg like this)…are you sure it’s the same here ?
    I thought this battle of Ji castle already existed in DW5XL, and it wasn’t about Nanman at all.

    • Sorry I can’t be exactly specific it’s the metadata information I’ve got, thought of sharing in case people need it early. About the Ji castle, I haven’t seen the actual stage myself would love the aid from the JP players. That’s if it’s already out.

      • You did well by sharing this ! Many persons were waiting for this !
        Oh ok I thought we know the exact content ;)
        JP will get Ji castle next week, and we have two screens featuring Xiahou Yuan & Ma Chao, so I guess it’s a Shu vs Wei battle.
        It was a battle with Ma Chao + Pang De against Wei in DW5XL.
        Thanks !

      • Thanks so much for all the info! Hearing that we’ll be getting DW4 outfits makes my day. Will definitely pick those up along with the bgm packs!

        Looked at the list based on what people have shown from the Japanese weapon DLC… looks like all 36 Original+5 DLC weapons are in those sets… Maybe just a miscount saying 35+5 for the Western release? Hope so, otherwise, just seems a lil odd missing one. :\

        BTW here is the list as copied down.

        1) *Hand Axe
        2) *Gauntlets
        3) *Arm Cannon
        4) *Flail
        5) *Flute
        6) *Feather Fan
        7) *Flying Swords
        8) *Chain and Sickle
        9) *Throwing Daggers
        10) *Whip
        11) *Great Sword
        12) *Iron Claws
        13) *DLC War Scythe
        14) *DLC Short Halberd
        15) *DLC Throwing Bombs (EXPLODING MEAT BUNS!!)
        16) *Tonfa
        17) *Nunchuks
        18) *Bo Staff
        19) *Spear
        20) *Halberd
        21) *Katana
        22) *Chakrams
        23) *Monk Staff
        24) *Magic Brush
        25) *Bladed Yo-yo
        26) *Folding Fan
        27) *Dao Blade
        28) *Rapier
        29) *Drill Spear
        30) *Bow Gun
        31) *Harp
        32) *Double Voulge
        33) *Pike
        34) *Club
        35) *Sword and Shield
        36) *Twin Axes
        37) *Twin Rods
        38) *Bow and Arrows
        39) *Twin Swords
        40) *DLC Wolf Fang Stick
        41) *DLC Great Axe

        • It said 35 in the metadata but I think there’s a Weapon Rank 2 that might include the others you listed? I’m not exactly sure but that’s what I have. Have to check with those who get it when it’s out. I’ll provide them some test codes on Twitter. :)

  2. Yes! DW4 costumes, Stages, and more weapons. That’s what I’m talking about. Well almost you forgot the jin & other school outfit. Did you make some changes or you forgot to put it in the next batch?

    I’m so excited I want to get all of them in one go!

    • So sorry about Jin & Other school outfit isn’t be in this batch. I thought it’s in but then when I checked the submission data it’s in the next one.

      • No problem inspector. All I want is the dw4 outfits, stages, and weapons. The jin & others will have to wait for me. Thanks for the info. Now I can relax and wait.

    • It’s not a secret but I’m not exactly sure. But the 8 DLC music tracks are from the “BGM Pack 3 and Pack 4 (BGM追加セット3/BGM追加セット4)” in Japan. Need to figure this out then I’ll let ya know.

  3. Keep the faith Chin :) Most of us appreciate the work you do, and anyone who has ever worked for a large company will know what it’s like, you can only be as helpful as the powers that be let you.

    Looking forward to all your future updates and imo the DW7 pack for august looks like lots of good content, and well we get Kshatriya for Gundam soon and that suit has curves in all the right places :)

    thanks again

  4. Is the pricing right for Stage Pack 2 and Weapon Rank Pack 1? It’s only 2$ :/ (I thought it suppose to be 4$ Like Stage Pack 1). And those weapon ranks in Japan actual pricing is 100yen (1$)…. Hmm, Is this really the actual prices Chin?

  5. Sorry, just curious… I know each Stages in Japan is 200yen (2$) hehe…. Im just a bit surpise that those 2 stages (Guan Du and Changban) only cost 1$ each.

    • I know what you mean. I can’t compare it with JP price because of the oversea localization cost + Xbox 360 conversion and all that. But yeah glad we get the DLC <3

      • But yeah, It makes no difference… I mean all DLC pack 4 cost is 10$ so no biggie about those prices :)
        And Im glad we got those awesome Stages and Weapon Packs! :) Thanks Chin for always updating us with DW7 DLC’s and other Koei Tecmo Games!!!

        • Where are you based anyways? EU? and are you a PS3 user? If you need some voucher codes to save your money lemme know. I don’t give it to everyone but I’d love to give it to people who are helping to improve my knowledge and my blog which is you.

  6. Hi Inspchin
    Regarding your earlier post that says:
    It’s not about more DLC info or Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends here today (that would be in the next article as I’ve got pretty much everything confirmed) so give me few more weeks

    Does this mean there is definitely good news for oversea fans regarding DW7XL or SW3E.
    Thank you.

    • Definitely not SW3E or any SW3 related. The board meeting has finished and decision is still in the make, looks bright and a little dark, just waiting for the green light.

  7. Hi Inspchin
    Thank you for that. Can I ask this question regarding importing. Is it possible for TECMO KOEI to add english subtitle to games that are sold only in Japan which oversea fans can import. It seems that oversea fans are kept in the dark about DW or SW game releases. please do you know why? I am praying that DW7XL and other DW or SW titles like DW7E/ DW8/SW4 to be announced for Japan and oversea. Please One more thing can DW5E be released for the PS3 on the PSN?
    Thank you again for the chance to ask these questions.
    Kind Regards

    • The problem is really that we can’t release a game if it didn’t get reached the quality of passing mark here for example if you want to release a game on any console you need to get the passing mark so if we put the English subtitles and it’s not going to get approved, and also for example out of the quality if we can’t manage to reach the certain sales point (we aren’t as strong as in the JP market) we’ll get the penalty which is really bad. It’s not as bright as in the old PS2 days now as they’re a lot and a lot of small companies that can make a good game and that’s why. This is like one of the app I made recently it didn’t get approved to be on AppStore because it failed from their marking. I mean who wouldn’t want to release all the game to oversea but if we didn’t get the certain passing level, we can’t never bring it out :( and for the old DW games gone HD I don’t know about this yet but I’ll let the team know. SW3/XL/E won’t come to the oversea as mentioned on KOEI Warriors (they did the interview during the E3) but DW7XL has the bright sight, thank you.

  8. hey Inspchin suck we can’t get the jin and other original costume and i have to ask i saw the old DW7 DLC trailer and at the beginning it show 99 BGM are we ever gonna get those BGM as well. ps it suck so bad that we overseas fan can’t get SW3E and Z

  9. This will be the first XL I am going to play. Will other generals and officers like Bian Xi, Cao Ang and Fan Jiang etc be useable in DW7XL like the empire titles I am grateful for your replies. Have a wonderful weekend

    • That would be 3 new characters as you can see on KOEI Warriors but I don’t think you can play as a generic as it’s Xtreme Legends not Empires.

  10. Hi Inspchin
    Please could I ask you if there is any hint on further DW titles . I am refering to DW7E and DW8 which are being discussed in forums now.
    Kind Regards

  11. Hi Inspchin
    This is the last question. Is TECMO KOEI listening to the ideas of their oversea fans and forums or is TECMO KOEI only listening to Japanese fans?
    Thank you again.

    • It depends which franchise but then usually both sides, but there are too many channels and forums on the Internet these days the best to voice your opinion is on http://facebook.com/koeigames because our team in Japan has access and read the page as well. But we can’t normally take the idea from anyone because this would end up of us getting sued of stealing the idea unless we’re open and the credit would be given, but we do listen to the feedback from everyone.

  12. Thanks for the offer Chin, :) I really appreciate it… Yup, Im a PS3 user. Too bad Im US based :( But Im glad that i could help :) Im just really a fan of DW series hehe. Hmm say Do you got voucher codes for Fist of the North Star (Sorry, I know this is off topic)? I just need Mamiya’s Costumes since I got the EU ver ~_~ Cant really afford to buy a UK PSN… It’s too expensive… :/
    Aye looks like were getting the DW3 costumes!!

  13. Sorry Inspchin
    In regards to my former post : Please could I ask you if there is any hint on further DW titles . I am refering to DW7E and DW8
    I meant for the PS3.
    Thank you

  14. Hi Inspchin
    One of the new characters Guo Jia was choosen from a DW New Character Poll done by Famitsu? is there no polls for the oversea ?
    Thank you

  15. Thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to the DW4 costumes and the stage packs, not sure if I’ll get the weapon rank pack. If the rank pack only contains new skins for weapons and missions pertaining to those skins, I
    I’ll have to think about it. I’m also delighted to hear that XL may have some news on the bright side coming soon for us overseas fans. Assuming the news is bright for us overseas, I hope it doesn’t end up a PS3 exclusive over here (as that would be dark news to go along with the bright news for us 360 fans).

  16. I can’t thank you enough for posting the information on the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 DLC. Ever since I bought it when it came out, I’ve already spent over 100 hours playing it and am looking forward to getting the extra missions and the download-able pilots as well.

    I was looking online for any information on the DLC when I came across your blog. I’ll be sure to pop by every so often to see if you post more info about more DWG3 content.

  17. I gotta say, the prospect of having to rebut DW7 for PS3 and all of the DLC in order to have it for swap play with Xtreme Legends if it’s ps3 exclusive makes me really sad as a warriors fan. Really hoping for some good 360 news! Especially with that $60 $20 or so in DLC I already paid…

  18. Hello Inspchin. :)

    I have a few questions regarding the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 DLC..If you can’t answer them I understand. :)

    You see before i’ve heard there was a delay for the US release of the DLC on the Playstation Store, My question is..Was it a mistake on the date it was being said..? Or there was no date but for us to catch up on the DLC schedule for a new date?

    Also for the KSHATRIYA Pack, Is that going to be the confirmed date for the US this time..? or are they planning to hold it up and do everything in 1 shot for the week after?

    I apologize for all these questions..Just wanted to learn and acquire some knowledge :).

    • I think it’s the submission date problem although I don’t know what’s the exact reason (sorry I’m not in charge in US region) I think they’ll slowly catch up and match the EU one after this. KSHATRIYA pack I’m not sure but I assume it’s next week.

  19. Inspector,
    I am a big fan of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. I am wondering if there will be any additional DLC for Gundam 3 after the ones you provided info on are posted.

    Thank you,

    • Chin already said earlier that there will be 6 packs in total ;)
      So, 2 more after the august’s one.
      The already known content is the following :
      DW3 costumes pack
      Jin+others original costumes
      weapon ranks pack 2
      Stage + BGM pack 3 (the stage is not known yet, but they already have more BGM then we do in JP)

      And probably (speculations here)
      – stage pack 3 (with Yi Ling and Chi Bi from DW2)
      – stage + bgm pack 4 (again, unknown content)

  20. Hi Inspchin
    Sorry about that, I did not know that you mentioned the DW7 DLCs before.
    kind regards

  21. Hi Inspchin
    Please regarding your post:


    I miss my TK cosplayers and I can’t wait to see them again! If you’re interested to be a part of our team, come here: http://facebook.com/teamtecmokoei

    Come and visit us in upcoming expo, details will be available soon @ http://facebook.com/teamtecmokoei

    I know you stated that details will be available soon but
    please I can ask you if the upcoming expo going to be in London.
    kind regards

    • Hi, I’m not Chin, but can give you a bit of answer on this one too.
      It’s not official that there will be DLC in XL.
      However, Koei already reveiled on the official japanese website that there will be a few “bonus content” depending on the place where you preorder the game.
      This bonus content is stuff like Wang Yi, Pang De and Guo Jia original outfits, or new skins for these three characters weapons.
      We do not have any more information yet.
      I think that there must be “joke weapons” for the new weapons as well…so we will probably have DLC.
      Chin may complete my answer =)

      • Thank you Lénaïc for your reply I wonder if you could answer this for me. Do you think there is a possible for a “surprise” character”? I am going to ask Inspchin the same question.
        Thank you

      • They said there will be 3 new characters.
        However, some are still struggling about this with question like “When they say ‘new’, does Koei mean new to the serie, or new to DW7 ?”…if they meant new to the serie, then we may still have Zuo Ci and one other character…if they meant new to DW7, then we won’t have any more character.
        I personnaly think there will not be any more character.
        What I really want to know, is the amount of new weapons included in this XL expansion…

  22. Hi Inspchin
    Thank you so much for the replies. You have no idea how much your replies clears the confusion and assumptions going on.
    God Bless

  23. so New Zealand’s gonna left out of the DLC? so much for being a huge fan and buying the game franchise since the 1st one came out and downloading the addons. it kinda feel suck to be left out.

  24. Hello Inspector,
    I am a big fan of Dynasty Warriors 6 Emopire and Dynasty Warriors 7.I am happy to hear that DW7XL (might but very hopeful)is coming out to Europe and America. I want to ask you how many castles will there be to choose from as your Residence Castle (or will it be one castle for all the characters)?

  25. Hello Inspector,
    I saw on KOEI Warriors (Forum) a new screenshot of the Hero Scenario from Famitsu. The screenshot shows 11 stages plus arrows on both sides(assumption: there may be more stages)
    Please do you know how many stages per character are in DW7XL Hero Scenario ?

    • It’s still in development – I think this game is coming in November sorry I don’t have a concrete idea on how many yet, we’ll see.

  26. Hello little boy !!
    I doubt you’ve got an answer on this question, but I’m gonna ask whatever :p

    DW2 was the first beat ’em all DW. It didn’t have any extension (understand, no XL or empires).
    Few years later, Koei invented XL extension for DW3 (it was in 2002, so it’s quite old).
    Then came DW4 Empires in 2004.

    And they didn’t add extensions since then. Every Samurai/dynasty Warriors games benefited from those two, and nothing more. (sometimes less)

    So, do you guy think/know if 7 years later, they may develop a brand new kind of extension to complete DW7, and add new completely unexpected stuff ?

    • Yeah, It’s already decided that they will release DW3 costume pack in Japan so, We can expect that on the final batch :)

    • I really don’t want to tell the date until it’s finally fixed or it’s going to be confusing for changing with many different information and date, stay tuned.

  27. Chin, please let the team know about what I posted on Koei Warrior after seeing the first DW7XL Promotional Video. =D

    “At least, it seems Pang De have an usefull EX attack compared to my future-ex beloved Zhang Liao. Considering this, I’m gonna burn Koei’s office if they don’t give Wei’s most powerfull warrior a unique moveset. =)”

  28. Hello Inspector
    Please do you know if there will be any announcements regarding DW, Musou Orochi 2 and SW at TGS for the PS3 and oversea? I read in one of the forums that there is going to be some good news revealed during the TGS.
    Thank you.

    • As far as I know DW7XL and SW3E and other titles are going to be there. Others I’m not sure yet, but if I’m going to TGS I’ll get some footage for you.

  29. Hello Inspector
    Please I know you have mentioned in a previous post that we should wait for the green light concern overseas release dates for both Europe and America. Even though America have display DW7XL on their sites and nothing yet on the Europe sites. Please when will we get the real confirmation. Also KOEI has been putting some hints on their facebook and I am confused. Is it something goood for us fans?
    Thank you

  30. Im sorry but why lock on has to be on the 30th couldnt you guys just make it like next week along with the mission then the other gundam 00 meister can join in people are dieing to get to get them

  31. hello chin!

    I seen the announcement of DW7XL. I’m very happy to hear that its coming overseas, but one of my cousins is not very happy about it. My cousin has a xbox360 and he told me that the game will only be in the PS3.

    My question is: is it PS3 exclusive only?

    P.S. I’m a PS3 user

  32. To anyone who reads my comment:(whether it would be chin or any fan of DW)

    If you have bought the weapon rank pack 1 set, you notice that there are only 40 weapons(including 5 dlc) to get. At first I thought it was an error, it was suppose to be 41 weapons in total, but I have done the challenges and collect the weapons and guess what, only one weapon is missing. I tried all the challenges again and no luck. the weapon that is missing would have to be “BOW AND ARROW”. if anyone has the same problem pls. reply.

  33. Yeah hope so or… maybe add a patch update or something to fix the dlc weapon rank pack 1 for the missing bow weapon. Someone should ask the developers to fix it, otherwise the weapons is incomplete.

    BTW Some of the fans in the forum are talking about how do you get the bow. Some didn’t know that the dlc weapon ranks have only 40 weapons(41 in total minus the bow) because of the error.

    Also I found a walkthrough on how to get the missing weapon but its on japanese and they have it. So it makes no sense, why would the developers forget to put one more weapon in the category? why didn’t they count all 41 in total? Why did they left a question mark in the bow category? HOW? WHAT? WHY?!!!

    (inhaling) (exhaling)

    Well that’s my rant sorry for dragging you into this. I just want you to know that its not your fault for getting the info for the dlc. I just want to state my opinion about it. God knows what KOEI will do next in the future. Hope and pray that they won’t screw up the next batch.

  34. I think its so unfair that DW7XL isn’t be developed for the xbox 360. At the end of the day Koei multi format brings a company more money as companies such as Capcom, Namco Bandai have showing. At the of end of the day Koei you have loyal fans on both systems and without them fans your games would be nothing with out them. As for being an Videogame designer myself I don’t understand why this decision was made by the company to make DW7XL only on the Ps3 since you relesed the game on the xbox 360 and shouldnt that being getting it as well.

  35. Guess i was correct about the prices of Stage Pack 2 and Weapon pack 1 hehe. Anyway Chin, any news about the Bow Glitch? Are we expecting a fix on the next DLC update?
    And yeah!! this 4 DLC pack is EPIC!!! :)

  36. Chin, I just saw you twitt, saying the team will proably not fix the bug.

    But common !!
    It’s probably one or two lines in the code that need to be fixed !
    It will take them 10 minutes or so ! I’m ready to pay the developer myself for these 10 minutes !
    Really, it’s a nonsense !

    First DW7XL not on 360,
    then this.
    Do Koei progressively want to get rid of their overseas fans ?

    Waiting for your post about this.

    • It really is nonsense I think for fixing this bug will cost them and affect on the other schedule. So the team has decided not to fix it. It’s really not good, I don’t feel good about this. There’s a chance for me to visit Japan next month to talk to the team, this is in one of things I must state to the heads.

      • Well, I’m working in an IT service.
        We often have customers calling us and telling us the issue they found.
        When they are calling, we are putting all our efforts on helping them. I personnaly worked a LOT of unpayed hours, just to help the customers.
        I think this what IT is made for : help the customers !
        And the video game industry is mostly made of IT.
        They need to listen to their customer !

  37. Hello Chin,

    I have heard an upsetting rumour and I was hoping you could clarify whether it is true or not. Is the Extreme Legends for Dynasty Warriors 7 going to be PS3 only? I am assuming it is just a nasty rumour because I cannot see such an honorable company betraying its fans because they are not on a specific system when the main game is out of both XBOX360 and PS3. Extreme Legends will be coming to the XBOX360 won’t it? It is one of the few things that is keeping me distracted from serious illness :(

      • Thank you for your reply Chin. I am sad that it is true and disappointed but I will not hold it against the company. You must have your reasons and I would like it noted that your games bring so much enjoyment to me that any game is better then none.

        I am curious. Will it ever come out for the XBOX360 in the future. I know some stuff can have a timeframe on exclusive rights. For example; 6months PS3 exclusive before being allowed to another system. Will this option be considered if not already?

        If not I will just have to save up for a PS3.

        • I would say it’s not gonna be for now. But I have no idea what “upper heads” would think cause anything would happen, if you see SW3 being Nintendo exclusives then became PS3 with Z / Empires, but that’s in Japan market. I don’t think they would care much about it when it comes to oversea (I have to be very honest here) regarding to the so called “Warriors” titles. So in this case, I can say it’s not coming to Xbox 360 for DW7 XL.

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