41 comments on “The 7th’s Xtreme Legends Bombarded With Questions!

  1. I’m sorry you had to take the fire from angry 360 fans :( I’m very disappointed and I feel like TK Japan is intentionally trying to break away from the 360, which is not surprising for a business to do, but it still hurts a lot of people. We already saw the XBox being shunned when NO version of SW3 came out for 360. “MixJoy” is not a good enough excuse for not doing a 360 release of DW7XL. It looks like KOEI and other companies would rather stay loyal to Sony than to keep a wider fanbase, which isn’t surprising.

    That being said, some people don’t understand that this decision has nothing to do with you. The fans here that actually pay attention to your role in the community understand that you’re doing your job right, in that you’re giving us information as clearly as possible. Thank you very much for that :)

    • Not to worry at all. It’s a good thing to learn and I also realized that I’m the only one who actually responds and cares about the fanbase XD that’s not a problem at all and thanks for caring love you!!

    • To be honest, I always will see Dynasty Warriors as a Playstation game, I mean all the other ones were.

      No offense to Xbox players, I think its a great console in its own way, just I will always see the Warriors games as PS games. Shame for my little brothe,r he has the XBOX360 version of DW7, now he wont be able to get the expansion.

      Although, people should probably get angry with Microsoft. IF they dont allow the games release they can stop it, cant they?

      • But in general sense, this is people. If DW7 is on 360 why not XL? But then if DW7 wasn’t on 360, same thing would still happen, it’s just human’s instinct.

  2. hi !
    What do you mean by powered up story and conquest mode ?
    Will they be improved aside from the “free mode” option ?
    (I know it won’t be called free mode, but I’m you understood what I mean.)

    and about the “free mode”, do it apply on Conquest mode Legend stages ? i.e. Will I be able to enjoy Xiahou Dun legendary battle in conquest mode with whoever I want ?

    • As the info isn’t as clear as it is now, I would wait for more announcement via Famitsu so we can finally confirmed. koeiwarriors.co.uk is a good source for this.

      • Well ok, I tried to extract some information out of you…but I failed =D
        I was really thinking you at Koei Europe knew everything about the game yet.
        Anyway, I have to agree with you, it’s Koei JP role to show the improvments, not yours ;)

        Thanks guy ! And I wish you good luck in this crisis moment. As Tom now got a twitter account, isn’t it possible for you to throw all the fans complaints at him ? :p

  3. There IS A Officer Reset to default stats in this? Isnt there, mate? Every other XL has had this option (SW stand alone copies have always had it tho B4 XL, ive never understood that!) It just add to the replay Value when you can start over your fav Officers (Like Dun and Tai) from Stratch once you have them all ripped with their epic weapons! Was annoyed it wasnt in 7. Felt like I couldnt over use my Fav characters coz once they were near Stat maxed out they would feel almost useless. Ive put 175H into DW7 so far and prolly would have put alot more in if that Option was in the original! Coz if it isnt in XL it makes using any Officer with high stats pretty redundent! But I am pumped this is getting released. Cannot wait for it!
    Cheers mate, keep up the awesome work! \m/

  4. I’m grateful for all the great work you did on KW and you do as Koei’s CM. Keep it coming, man. You’re the best! And I admire your patience, devotion and perspicuity. Sorry for all the mess. Keep it coming! I love you dude!

    Koei, a case of hate and love <3

  5. nice stuff excited for this!, especially with everything (including japanese voice) on disc.

    what about the price? will it be full price or not ?

    people should be a bit relaxed with no 360 after all even the original DW7 is PS3 exclusive in japan we are getting one the 360 version is already quite nice (it is still better than namco that refuse to bring vesperia to PS3 at all in the west)

    also about Samurai warrior 3 Empires PS3 will it come overseas? (hope it could be announced or denied as soon as possible so i can choose to import or just wait for western release)

      • okay thanks for the reply.

        time for import then,

        if only other company can be a bit more straight to say yes or no for localization and not making fans clinging for false hope. practically (only you and NISA could say no when they aren’t localizing something)

  6. too bad that DW7 Special not coming overseas and DW7XL not being released on Xbox360 as well… hm is there any chance that original or DW7 Special will be released on PC in next year? What do you think about it Chin?

  7. VERY IMPORTANT- for the 4th batch of DLC the one with the Ji Castle the weapon set is not complete. They have the treasure battle for everything except for bow. Where is the bow 4th DLC? UI have completed the whole 4th DLC but no sight of bow. Pls advise!

  8. Hi Chin, first let me congratulate you on 200k views! You’re seriously becoming big ;)

    I have a question a little off-topic but I hope you’ll still answer: there was a poll in Japan about people’s favourite DW7 character, by any chance is there any plans for one in Europe and if not could there be? >.> I’m really curious to know the outcome here :$

    Anyway, I’m really glad Pang De was finally brought back :D

    • DW is always the biggest in Japan that’s why they did it there because it’s the targeted market. We don’t have the poll here though, I mean even if we make it, it’s not going to make any difference. But let’s hope for the bright side for the future.

  9. Hello! I was wondering if the listing on amazon for Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends was a legit listing. It says that it will be released on Novemeber 22, 2011 instead of Novemeber 15th, 2011. Do you know anything about this? Also, many other retailers have it listed as the 22nd as well.

  10. Hi Insp Chin, i’m a spanish Koei Fan and i have some question about DW7 XL ^_^

    There will be more characters for announcing?

    Please DeClone all officers.. -> more and new Weapons ?

    I`m very exicted with the averseas realease ^^ Thx

  11. Hello Inspector
    Congrats on 200k views. Thank you for your honest replies. I am happy that DW7XL is coming overseas and I can’t wait to play XL. Also I can now wait for DW7E and DW8 announcement hopeful soon.

    • the problem is DW7E is out and us 360 players are not getting it and DW8 were not getting eather i mean really ppl really

  12. Hello Inspector,

    I would congrats on getting 200k views here. As 360 owner I’m quite saddened they we wont be getting XL in November, but Gundam 3 currently is keeping very happy for the most part. My question is, if 360 won’t receive XL will we get any DLC related to acquire the new characters or features?

  13. Just like early titles on Xbox(DW3,DW4). Why they released SW2XL and DW6E to make fans believe 360 can also play the next(complete) series? Anyway, I believe it will change. I don’t want KT to be like EA.

  14. Guh. Just found out about this!

    After spending a bunch of money on DW7 on 360, including the DLC, I’m kind of bummed out that Koei are doing the ‘Expansion is PS3 exclusive’ thing.

    It means that the only way I can play the expansion, is to buy the game a second time (not really tolerable), buy all the DLC -again- (no chance!), and then play the entire game all over again to unlock all the stuff I’d earned on the 360 (never.)

    All it boils down to, is “I was previously going to buy something, make Koei money, and be happy, and now I am not going to buy it, not give Koei money, and be upset.”

    • That’s exactly how I feel, too. I bought DW7 on release day for my 360. I was finally able to get my wife to try Dynasty Warriors with 6, and when I bought 7 she was upset that there was no two player Story/Free Mode. Now there’s the possibility of that happening but I won’t be able to take advantage of it. It’s just very frustrating and it makes me want to forego giving Koei (or Tecmo!) any more of my hard-earned cash.

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