19 comments on “Bad / Good Community Manager?

  1. I know how you feel right now.
    Don’t you have too talk about the problem to your manager/chief ? I mean, TecmoKoei Europe leader.
    He may have more power on the team than you do, don’t you think so ?

    • Haha yes we did, TKE at it best. I just got ignored 3 times in something that got me think really confused on what I’m doing, and I’m not even the type of person who loves to force others or fire my temper. Just feel a bit down, but overall, I’m okay! <3

      • I know how you feel, I often get ignored at work too. :(
        And what if TKE and TK from North America melt together (just like in DragonBall you know), and hit TK Japan with an huge kamehameha in their face ?

  2. Dude, seriously, ignore the haters.

    In a typical day’s work I’m dealing with at least half-a-dozen community managers EVERY DAY, and you are eaisly one of the best, and by far the most charismatic!

    Keep doing what you do bud, it’s all good. ;)

  3. Insp.Chin, I would like to say I agree with you that the community plays very large role in the companies success. However I personally beleave that there is still and is going to be for a long time to come a disconnect between the Public and Management of many Corperations including KOEI.
    The very reason of this disconnect involves the fact that management will only consider yourself and other PR workers as small kogs in the machine. When in reality you are not small kog but a major gear. For the fans and customers of KOEI merchandise in english speaking countries you are the only voice connecting to those customers, because it is your face and voice that is connecting to us not KOEI, we will continue to beleave that you have far larger influence then even Management will ever understand. It also means that in this new social media driven world Corperations cannot have there PR folks just be a buffer between management and customers they are the communication between the two, bringing the customers closer too management weather they want it or not.

    • I think the Japan companies might not understand the power community just yet, or maybe just started to realize slowly, so I hope our team can catch up soon because if not, we’re going to fall for sure. :) and thank you so much!

  4. One of THE BEST i’ve ever come across, not to mention fun.

    One of the biggest things is among all the joking around, if I ask something serious you give a professional response, and it’s good to know you know the difference.

    The best thing (for me) is that you are Chinese, you represent KOEI’s flagship franchise Dynasty Warriors, with a face of the same culture. IMO this gives KOEI a subconscious credibility, which reinforces the product.

    • I love it when you said I’m Chinese!! That part made me giggling XDDD I don’t see myself as a Chinese really man, I see myself as an alien but man thanks so much I love you!!! <3

  5. Honey, if you’d like a feminine point of view? Cause this girl thinks she understands what’s going on, and she would like to give you moral support.

    In my eyes, you’re not doing a single thing wrong regarding your position as community manager.

    It’s just some of the things the fans ask of you can be too much. I can understand the boundaries, and I can understand how the company works. There’s some things that can be done when you bring it to the attention of your employers. Sometimes, though, the descision belongs to the higher-ups in Japan.

    For instance, the disgruntled Xbox 360 owners regarding DW7XL. You’ve brought the matter to the attention of your higher-ups, but it’s not in your power to change their minds. Some people just can’t see that, and therefore, must think you’re not trying for them. I am an Xbox 360 owner of DW7, and despite the fact that nothing can be done to port the DW7XL onto the Xbox, I’m not mad about it. I, for one, know you tried, and I’m grateful for that :D

    I think you’re a bloody good community manager. You do put in the effort for us, and we should appreciate your efforts. I do, along with a many others. But there’s always the ungrateful lot in any fandom. They just don’t see it the way some other people do.

    You do a fine job, and you shouldn’t change what you’re doing.

    God, I rambled quite a lot. I just don’t think it’s fair so many people are taking their anger out on you :(

    • God, we do need more females in this organisation then haha, seriously lack of it! But thanks for the kind words. Thanks so much and I’ve tried my best (I hate keep saying this but I really had/have) but it’s always with the result that I don’t/never want.

      I think some people targeting me does make sense because I’m the easiest to reach and also in charge on the community so listen to the voice is always needed it’s just I want them to know I did pass the message to the team :) Thanks so much <3

  6. As just about everyone else has said in the comments, I don’t think you’re doing a bad job in the slightest. There is really no way to make everyone happy all the time, even if you did have the power to do things like decide which system all the games go on.

    It’s largely because of you that I love TecmoKoei as much as I do. Sure, I liked a lot of the games before, but I didn’t care too much about the company behind them. But after reading your blog and talking to you and other Koei fans on Twitter, I feel like I am part of a community where we all share some interests, and the company (or rather you as their representative) actually cares and listens to what we have to say. I think you do a wonderful job. Even here in the Unites States where TecmoKoei doesn’t have a Community Manager, I still feel like I am part of all that, because you do such a good job at TecmoKoei Europe. Really, you’re the Community Manager for all of us outside Japan!

    I guess what I am trying to say, rambling aside is that you are doing a great job. Haters will always hate, just remember that there are a ton of us who think you are awesome. And the heads of the company hopefully will realize someday that you’re the reason so many of us are devoted fans.

    • Thanks so much lady <3 it's something I have to tell people that I have passed the message but it's just didn't get approved and I'm upset about it. So happy I have you guys here!

  7. I know you’re just doing your job. The team make me think that they ignore some important things even though you’ve done your job. I wonder if they really need our comments.(or the only desire is m0***?)

    I know sometime you’re like a target. You can’t choose what you want. Just cheer up. I believe things will be batter.

  8. You’re an amazing community manager and people who think otherwise simply haven’t paid attention to all you do for us. Someone above stated that you’re like the community manager for us over in the United States and I totally agree with that. You do so much for everyone already and there are many who appreciate it. The people who don’t aren’t looking hard enough.
    Thanks for everything you do!! We’re in good hands. (:

    • Man, although I’m in charge in Europe but to me everyone is in our family, so it doesn’t matter USA or everywhere, we’re one family and thanks so much! <3

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