32 comments on “Our TKE’s September 2011 Schedule

  1. Just joking but,
    what about making some bet on the bugs we will have in Weapon Rank Pack 2 ? =D
    Anyway thanks for the info ! you confirmed Chi Bi & He Fei before the japanese announcement ! You’re great =)
    And will the last batch for DW7 be released in late september too ?

  2. whats good bruh thanks for all the updates you inform us about, Im a big fan of Dynasty warriors series especially the gundam series its kinda sad that there will be no additions to the Gundam wing roster hopefully in the future we will have the whole line-up thanks for your hard work and perseverance keep it up bruh.

  3. They probably want to concentrate on DW7 XL that’s why the teams tooooo lazy to fix the bug on weapon rank pack 1 lol. Anyway thanks for the update Chin :)

      • Right I’m not buying any Koei DLC again if they are prepared to sell glitched stuff and not fix them. The bow is my most used weapon and it annoys me my weapon collection appears to be stuck at 99% now.

        • I’ve had a talk with the team it seems the bow has been skipped out for both Rank pack 1 and 2, we’ll be coming out with the statement for this. Please bear with us and sorry for the inconvenience. Other than Weapon Rank I think all other packs are okay and thanks for letting me know.

        • I’ve had a talk with the team it seems the bow has been skipped out for both Rank pack 1 and 2, we’ll be coming out with the statement for this. Please bear with us and sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Just one question. Are we ever going to get a background/dashboard theme for DW 7 like we did for DW6: Empires? Would love one! :-D

  5. Hi !
    Now that we have information about DLC schedule for DW7 in Japan, I assume the BGM pack in the 5th will contain :
    – BGM pack 5 & 6 from Japan
    – Jian Ye original scenario

    Am I right sir ?

    And now it seems even in Japan, there will be some DLC in october, because they still miss wu zhang plains from DW2 in this september schedule.

    So, what will the 6th batch contain ?
    – DW3 costumes
    – Yi Ling & Wu Zhang
    – BGM pack 4
    – BGM pack 5

    And is that all ? Or are there some new weapons to come ?

  6. hi Insp. Chin i just have to ask why the north american version of DWG3 characters DLC 5$ while everywhere else is cheaper it kinda alot to me and thanks for the info about the next DW7 DLC batch and i can’t wait for XL :)

  7. Hello Inspector
    Please I would like to know how many characters are going to be decloned in DW7XL(given their weapons which fans are asking for like Da Qiao-batons,Xu Huang-great axe e.t.c). So far 5 or 6 characters have being decloned.
    Thank you

    • Chin doesn’t answer this kind of question, unfortunately.
      However, be sure Xu Huang won’t be declonded with the great axe. The great axe is DLC, and will stay DLC.
      For Da Qiao, we already saw a screeny showing her with the fan as Ex weapon.

      So far, decloned characters are :
      Xiahou Dun
      Zhao Yun
      Zhang Fei & Wei Yan
      Guan Yu

      Guo Jia & Wang Yi got new weapons as well.
      And at the moment Pang De is cloned with Zhang Liao.

      which means 6new weapons yet.
      The list will be complete by the end of september…when the game will be out in Japan.

  8. Hi Insp Chin! This is my first time posting a question to you, hope i wont sound rude, as this is really a big itchy bug for me to handle.

    Just hoping for the good, but is it very sure that the bow dlc is not gonna be fixed permanantly? Or will there be some chances of a patch after some discussion? Cos this game seeks perfection, and it really is a turn off seeing that 99% over there. Hope that i wont get disappointment after buying a PS3 to get DW7. XD

    If not, i would really have doubt i could trust good quality games in future. Especially DW7XL.

    And thanks for all the updates you have given to us Insp Chin! I would always get my juicy updates from you. Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi Chin !
    Any news on “- BGM Pack? (★)” ?
    The DLC will be out in 7 little days, any we do not have any information about it yet :(

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