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  1. I’d like to know the likeliness of a Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires, or the how likely it is that the US/Europe will see a Samurai Warriors game that’s NOT on the Wii.

    • The problem its not being on the Wii, but not on PS3 or 360, but think about his, you know how hacked down was SengokuBasara SM when ported to Ps3?
      Hideously !! now, SW3z was for Ps3 only, and thats a much better game, not coming overseas tough, bad Koei Baaaad!

  2. Q1 : Will their be DLC for DW7XL ?
    Q2 : We know there will be treasure weapon. Will there be some treasure weapon for DLC weapons too ?
    Q3 : On your way to declone character, are you planning to go even further with the next release (understand DW7Empires)

  3. Umm can you ask him if Jumping Charges are going to make a return any time soon? I miss that mechanic….

    Actually you could just ask him about any new mechanics added into the game, in terms of strategy (more utilization of bases), frame-rate bugs, pop-ins, A.I improvements, what the story will emphasise on, the accessory option which hasn’t been explained much yet, why CAW was left out of this game (for the first time since DW3XL), and stuff like that :) .

    I hope I’m not asking for too much ^_^ . I just really want to know what improvements the devs have made with this expansion :)

    • Yeah, I miss my jumping charge attacks too–also the running charge attack and (unless I’m just stupid and haven’t figured out how to do it) defensive roll. Have any of these returned in DW7XL?

      (I miss CAW too–I’m a sucker for modes like that. But add it back in when–not if, when–you do an Empires version and we’re good.)

  4. Q1. Is there unique non playable characters?
    Q2. How many new weapon classes will be presented in the game?
    Q3. Are there any new stages and cutscenes for Kingdom Mode?
    That`s all I guess.

    • Sorry for grammar Chin I correct it.
      Q1. Will there be unique non playable characters?
      Q2. How many new weapon classes will be presented in the game?
      Q3. Will there be any new stages and cutscenes for Kingdom Mode?

  5. 1) Will there be DLC characters for DW7XL?
    2) Will it be possible to install DW7XL so that DW7 enjoys all its benefits e.g. decloned weapons, new characters (and therefore you can just use the DW7 disc)?
    3) Are there any plans for a pre-order bonus? If so, what?

    • 1) I don’t think they will do new characters in DLC style , that’s why they release Xtreme Legends for new characters / modes like the previous series on PS2 !

      2) No … for the game experiences the DW Xtreme Legends always needs the original DW Disc to combine as a [MIXJOY] system .

      3) In Japan Store they do , but I am not sure they will have it in euro / US , but hopefully , there will be DLC of the bonus weapon / costumes after few months !

      • Thanks for the response. Few things:

        1)Yeah, I think it was more wishful thinking – 3 characters doesn’t really seem like enough to justify a whole expansion.

        2) Nah, I meant install DW7XL so you could enjoy all the features with just the DW7 disc.

  6. Q1 will there be a new version of DW7XL or DW7 for PC?
    Q2 will there be any new characters like Zuo Ci, Yan Liang or Wen Chou beside 3 new characters?

      • I wish Ma Teng, Chen Gong (interesting interaction could be between him and Guo Jia), Zhu Ran, Cheng Pu… being added. I`m ok even if they`re not playable but will be looking at least like Cao Mao.

  7. Q4 : What do Mixjoy add to DW7 story and conquest mode ? I mean aside from playing with new weapons/characters.

    Q5 : with Mixjoy, will we be able to play conquest mode legend stages with whoever we want ?

  8. Q1. Is there a specific reason why there will be no western 360 version of DW7 Xtreme Legends even though the original was ported? Was it a technical issue, low sales/interest, or something else?

    Q2. Is there a possibility of a DW7 Empires being made in the near future?

    Q3. Will the original DW7 game disc be required to play the XL expansion? In other words, can DW7XL be played as a standalone game?

    Q4. If Mr. Suzuki had to join a kingdom, which one would he side with and why?

    Q5. Who is Mr. Suzuki’s favorite character and why?

    Q6. If Samurai Warriors 4 were to be released, would western gamers see a release?

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. I hope at least some of these were good. =)

  9. Hi Chin I want to ask Mr. Akihiro Suzuki is there going to be CAW.
    is the legend mode going to be the same legend of any DW game or is going to have more features if it is is one of two player can play it or not, and the same for Challenge mode.
    and sir Chin plaese ask Mr. Akihiro Suzuki if there is going to a theater option installed (you know when you finish the game and you have the option to choose any character to appear at an ending or movie and you see it).
    ask Mr. Akihiro Suzuki if the action isn’t just the four in the website is there going to be more or are there ones for mid air and ones for the ground.
    yeah could you ask him to explain more about the weapons there seem to be some more features added as i seem to notice at the website put i am not sure.
    thank you for this opportunity and I am sorry if i asked too many questions.

  10. If you make a DW8, will you also bring some warriors from other KOEi games in? Like in Dynasty Warriors Vol.2? And will you bring back guards who fight for you?

  11. Three questions about MIXJOY aside from unlocking story and conquest:

    1. “When I use the DW7 save data to put in the Xtreme legends save data, Does it unlocked all characters at once?”
    2. “If any character has a MAX life, attack, and defense stat in DW7 save data. Will the MAX stats still be there in xtreme legends when use MIXJOY?”
    3. “Will there be extra outfits for 3 new comers(Guo Jia, Pang De, Wang Yi)? a.k.a DLC outfits”

    Hope this helps inspector.

  12. For technical issues:

    1. “Will the xtreme legends have the glitches fixed? There is one glitch when an officer disappear when you approach him/her and reappears for about 10 seconds”
    2. “Will all the dlc that I download from dw7 be able to play in xtreme legends?”

  13. About DW7XL:
    1) I wonder if the Hero mode has 5 stages per characters or more?
    2) Will some pronounciation mistakes be fixed in the English dub? Most of the new pronounciations are correct, but Dong “Zhua”, “Lu Xuan”, and Xiahou “Duan” still got their names pronounced incorrectly. Also, all the characters with Yu in their names are pronounced “You”, even though it is supposed to be “ü” aka French U. The same goes to Lu Meng and Lu Bu whose names are pronounced as Lü Meng and Lü Bu.
    To Insp. Chin and Suzuki-san:
    If you can be a friend of one Dynasty Warriors character, who will he or she be?

  14. Please can you ask if there are any plans for extra characters on DW7 Xtreme Legends as DLC? Also if DW7 Empires is not coming to Europe please can you advise if it will be Region Free so that we can have a chance to import?

  15. 1. “Will there be a 3rd Musou Attacks for each character in DW7XL ?”
    2. “Will some EX attacks or Musou attacks from DW7 to be modified in XL ?”
    3. “Will be the graphics improved ?”

  16. When it’s gonna be relesed and wgen wull we get more abd full infornation about all the things on the game ?
    And thabk you

  17. These questions are for DW in general:

    Will VS Mode ever return? Why has it been removed? If added in the future please do not make it online only.

    Will opening/ending edits ever return?

    Will CAW ever return?

    These questions are for DW7XL:

    Is the AI going to be more aggressive? For example, officers actually using their EX Attacks on you and also not just defending all the time. I want to feel overwhelmed! Lol

    Will characters have more unique attacks?

    Will there be one vs one duels?

    Thats all I can think of at the moment! :)

    • VS mode, opening \ending edit and CAW has been confirmed NOT being on the game.

      seconded on the AI’s Ex usage and Duels to come back, BUT NOT AS IN dw6 it sucked back then.

  18. Just though of a couple questions lol

    For online, will there be a way to set up/join others knowing what difficulty theyre playing on or level they are?

    Will lagging be fixed for online?

  19. Thanks Insp. Chin for this question forum

    Q1. How many accessories will be in DW7XL and will fans have the option to put on/off the accessories without lossing the effect of the items?

    Q2. Although three new characters have been revealed, could there be a(or more) secret character(s) inXL?

    Q3.Will each character have their own Hero or Legend Scenarios or many stages will each character have?

    Q4 What is the future(fate) for oversea fans regarding DW for the PS3 and Xbox 360?

    Q5.Will future installments e.g Dynasty warriors 7 empire and Dynasty warriors 8 be coming out on the PS3?

    Q6. Will future installments of Dynasty warriors 7 empire and 8 get more new characters?

    Q7. Is it possible for oversea fans to vote alongside their Japanese counterparts in choosing the next batch of new characters or to show which characters are of high demand(overseas) through Insp. Chin ?

    Q8.Will each charater have unique movesets or weapons in the next installments?

  20. Q1: Will there be Trophies in DW7XL?

    Q2: Who is your (Akihiro Suzuki’s) favorite Dynasty Warrior?

    Q3: Why the shift from choose-your-own stage to storyline-driven modes?

    Q4: How are the characters chosen for the next series? (I like where Famitsu asked for missing characters in a poll — wish we had one in the West too)

    Thanks for all your hard work, Chin!

  21. Are there going to be new costumes for each character?

    Can we change are costumes and weapons at story mode and freemode?

    Can 2nd player change there costumes and weapons also?

    Can both 1st and 2nd player use the red hare?

  22. Thanks Insp Chin for this question forum.

    Q1. Remember Dynasty Tactics? I was thinking they could create a similar RPG type of game-its going to be like a Nobunaga Ambition style of game, however, there are distinct changes. What I think could happen in the game is
    1. You start off with those generic generals and you can plan your strategy for every battle but each strategy costs a number of strategy points(obviously you have a limited amount of points for every battle) and as you rank up you gain a larger amount for every battle. That is through the CAW method. If its like for example Liu Bei the more famous generals he has at the start are Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Jian Yong. The first battle was against the Yellow Turbans.

    You can choose whether the general takes a charge or ambushes or guards a place or anything and during the battle you can change tactics(requiring strategy points). And every time a general wins a face-off against another general, he gains exp up to the point lets say Guan Yu has enough exp and he levels up, he gains a special ability called ” Fear Of The Blue Dragon” and that gives him an advantage when he faces enemies. As you progress obviously the difficulty gets harder like Sima Yi getting a rockslide or phantom soldiers or even have a clone of Guan Yu on his side. You must fight through to wrestle control of China and the map I think can be like the Empires map. In the end the format is like Empires with a different take on the battle. That would be an interesting game IMO.

    Q2. Warriors Orochi-I understand its a complicated game to make but is it possible to make a Orochi 3? Of course it would be crazy AND boring for Orochi to be revived again but a different storyline I guess coz I really enjoyed Orochi. :P

    Q3. DW7XL- great that they are finally putting in Guo Jia and PANG DE(still remember pwning with the halberds :P) but I was thinking for DW8( or DLC for DW7XL) they could put more face characters for example
    Zuo Ci(you could put the stage where he annoyed the shit out of Cao Cao and he tries to escape[unfortunately you cant use his celestial powers] ).
    Gongsun Zan( I know that he didnt last long but he was involved with the Shu peeps for along time like Liu Bei-childhood buds)
    Yan Liang or Wen Chou?[sounds crazy I know but they were the force of Yuan Shao’s army, without them Yuan Shao was bullshit no Zhang He does not count coz hes a gaylord(pardon the language) you could put one of them as a face or both?]
    Jiang Qin, Han Dang or Cheng Pu[ they, for me are the unsung heroes of Wu. Besides, Ding Feng was not the only force in Wu after Lu Xun and Sun Quan, there were more, like Zhuge Ke]
    Guan Xing and Zhang Bao[ they were after all a force to be reckoned during the Qishan campaigns of Zhuge Liang.]
    Yuan Shu[ not much to explain he was a big force before he grew arrogant and lost Sun Jian to the ambush of Liu Biao.]
    Thats all I can think of for now coz I dont want to include people who dont play a part for less than 3 battles like Cai Mao and Zhang Yun.

    Q4. Remove characters that dont play a part in history at all like Bao Sanniang. Sorry to BSN fans out there but she was really unneccesary she didnt even appear in the story mode(as i can remember) I mean I can understand if the person has a direct relation or a story that connects to the ruler like Cai Wenji(saved by Cao Cao from Qiang) and Lian Shi(Sun Quan’s only love) but I think those unneccesary characters should be cut.

    Q5. More battlefields before Chibi? Like Fancheng(not the flooding its during the Zhuge Liang period) or Bowang Hillside or Burning Of Xinye or Cao Cao battle after Yuan Shao died how he captured Qingzhou Bingzhou( I think should be in Guo Jia Hero mode), Battle of Xuzhou(Liu Bei ambush Yuan Shu and battles after Chibi like Battle Of Chencang, Battle of Ruxu Kou(in dw6 but not in dw7)

    Q6. Alternate mode? I hate hate hate hate Ma Su for destroying Shu(HE DID) could we have an alternate ending?? Alot to ask but I really want Shu to win!

    Thats about it. Thanks for reading if you reached here! :)

    • Remove Bao Sanniang ?
      I think she is great as she add a girl to the three brother’s family.
      And, if you want to remove all the characters who do not appear in story mode…there is a lot of people to cut !
      Including my beloved Zhou Tai.
      I mean, common, we don’t even know what king of story those will have in DW7XL. It may be awesome :o

      • nono zhou tai is great dont get me wrong. He is actually a personal bodyguard sort of general. I agree Bao Sanniang Is a suitable addition but in my opinion, the spinner sucks her musou sucks she acts like some sort of cat the whole time and it gets really annoying when you are trying to reach an objective but your inability to sweep through the peons prevents you from reaching it. Xing Cai was a great addition and so was Yue Ying. But if you want to add a fictional character there was a story where Guan Yu adopted a daugther. The girl was actually an orphan he picked up during the massacre of Yuan Shu at Xuzhou and she later grew up but her she only spent some time with him before he attacked Fancheng and well, you know what happened next. There was also a continuation where she marries Ma Su.

      • Yeah for sure there are plenty of women who could have come at here place on Shu side.
        Ma Yunlu being fans favourite ;)

        But, I believe Guan Suo was highly requested by Japanese fans. When adding Guan Suo, they probably looked for a Shu girl to add…and then they thought about Bao Sanniang. This makes sense to me.

        I think removing characters is a bad idea…now that they are all done. They just have to continue adding some. It doesn’t really bother me if they don’t appear at all in the story. Seeing them on the battlefield would be enough in my opinion. (just like some of DW3Gundam characters, who just had one or two random speeches in the mailbox)

  23. would it be possible to improve textural graphics somewhat? i think thats the only thing lacking.

    also horses where made very useless in dw7..can we expect to see improvements?

  24. I love all the Warriors series that are out, and loved Orichi the most. But I would like to be able to get the DW7 XL for the X-Box 360. I know a lot of people are asking about this but I would love to know as much as anyone in the States, Canada, and Europe if it will make it to the 360? Will we be able to have a complete answer if we will be getting it on that system? Thank you so much and take care.

  25. Q1. How many residence castles in 7XL are in the game for fans to choose from( 1 or 7-10) and how big will the residence castle be?

    Q2.Will other characters have their movesets or weapons changed in 7XL?

    Q3.Will DW7XL (at the end of the game) show a sneak peek of DW7E?

    Q4. Could Mr. Akihiro Suzuki tell us more about the increment on the general rank that bestow things from special ability to additional equipments on the character’s costume and Military books (what are the special ability and equipments?

    Q5. Whom amongst the new characters does Mr. Akihiro Suzuki consider to be his favorite?

    Q6. Will the adjutant in 7XL still join you in battles or will he remain in the castle?

  26. Quite a tricky question now…
    But, I remembered this old interview with Suzuki :

    Saying the following :

    “Suzuki was far less forthcoming about confirming the possible return of Sima Yi’s epic fingerwhips:

    “This is a tricky one to answer … you’ll just have to wait and see.” ”

    I’ve been waiting one long year, and didn’t see anything yet =)

    And we already saw a screenshot of Sima Yi with a fan in his hand in XL.

    Do we still have a chance to see the claws in one of DW7 extension ? I’d enjoy playing some of the Jin’s story stages with the wired claws…

    • I dont think so remember there was alot of hate towards the renbu thingy and i guess that they decided to scrape everything. besides, to have the claws extension they will have to add data as Sima Yi;s current movement is to the fan type-if they do put it as a dlc they would have to include the claws and the claws movement data which would be alot of data.

      • They made Xiahou Dun’s DW6 weapon as DLC in DW7, and to be honnest, I find it really well done and I’m a fan of its moveset. =)

  27. An other question (sorry for spaming) :
    We know there will be accessories in XL (all the one we saw where some hats).
    Will these accessories work with DLC costume as well ?

  28. Hello, first of all, Nice work on the games as of late and Chin-kun for his work on the communities.

    Q1- Why the decision of making the Allied AI useless?

    In older games the allied AI was impeccable, strong, smart and useful, you can actually run to your comrades for a safe heaven, healing or even helping that not so good player in advancing, 2 AI PC combo musoing an archer dosent kill him and your troopers tend to run from you seldom fighting.

    Q2-Any chance for future games to have an “Army builder” option?

    DW3 had the superb Bodyguard unit, removed i dont know why, i think in the times of Ps3 and XboX 360 where memory issues are not anymore, and the awesome features of ROTK, DW and Kessen can and must be unified.
    the army builder its not an isolated idea, in a world where large communities think the same its at least for consideration

  29. Q1: Will there be any more DLC original costumes for all the characters, especially the new ones in DW7 XL?

    Q2: What are the chances of us getting Strikeforce Fury mode as costumes? :D

    Q3: Will there be new “ultimate” weapons for each weapon/character similar to DW4 XL?

    Q4: Will DW7 XL tweak allied officers so that they actually attack and do decent damage? In DW7 they rarely attacked and when they do they cant even kill a peon with no life…

    • Q1-Im intrigued as well
      Q2-what REALLY!?
      Q3- I think its a must and confirmed!
      Q4-Tottally agree, Allied Strength in this game trully seriously sucks hard, maybe as useful as Orochi2?
      or a but stringer than DW5? hey maybe in options menu? ” Usefull allies on\off option”

  30. Hey everyone!
    Q..So I got a question. Will there be more involved stories or legend levels with cutscenes for ALL characters?

    The legend levels in conquest mode were pretty bland and no cutscenes.

    Q. Will there be unlockable ultimate weapons like they used to be? Not like in conquest now.

    I am trying out for Sonys Tester audition so please everyone vote for me! I even promote DW7 in my vid! Love you all lol

  31. Q1. I noticed Pang De’s horse musou in the second PV, does this mean that he has three musou and are all the DW characters getting a third musou which requires a horse if no, Please explain Pang De’s horse musou?

    Q2. Is there a relationship (romance) developing between Wang Yi and Sima Yi?

  32. Actually I was always curious as to why Zuo Chi was removed from the game? Was he like too OP or something or was he more of an extra character much like Fu Xi and Nu Wa? The funny thing he’s mentioned in the game’s encyclopedia ,but thats it.

    As for other questions going about dwl 7 XL what exactly did you guys have in mind when putting this huge disk together of content? I personally felt the game was lacking in the sense of individual character’s stories because I was so used to it since dw 3 where you go around as that character in his or her story from his/her’s point of view.

    It’s great that returns and I look forward to see if there will be more dlc in the music department for XL if there is anymore plans for DLC that is? Or is this it?

  33. Question: Do I have to make high combo to get high power up items? Like 8 combo to get Atk +2; 16 combo to get atk +4….?

    Thank you for reading!

  34. Hi Chin,

    here is my question(s) for Mr. Akihiro Suzuki:

    What process do you go through when deciding which characters will be returning, which characters won’t be and which brand new characters will be created?

    Are there ever any characters created that just don’t make the cut for a DW/DWXL title?

    Are we ever going to see the return of Zuo Ci, maybe as DLC for DW7XL?

    Thank You!

  35. Q1 : Do we have to hope for Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legend for xbox 360 or in dlc ?

    Q2 : When Zuo Ci back in the game ? It xas one of my favorite characters..

    Q3 : Do dlc characters is plan for Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legend ? Like adding Yuan Shu or He Jin (and Zuo Ci ?)

    Q4 : When Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires is coming ? Or if you have the attention of create this game ? (and for xbox 360 too ? Because i am a xbox 360 user..)

    Q5 : It’s possible you make dynasty warriors 7 empires and xtreme legends all new in dynasty warriors 7 when installing in the ddc these three ? (because it’s very borring change game anytime i want to play in a different mode…like story.)

    Q6 : The characters unlock in dynasty warriors 7 xtreme legends is difficult ? Because i prefer if it was. (it’s too easy to deblock them but after all i don’t have ps3.)

    Q7 : In prochain dynasty warriors games , He Jin and many other with country was added ? (The other don’t have many characters. And i like if He Jin , Ma Teng , Gongsun Du , Yan Liang , Gao Shun (my prefer of Lu Bu warriors) , The sons of Yuan Shao and others was added)

    Q8 : In dynasty warriors 7 xtreme legend or others if a what if scenario was added ? (scenarios for Dong Zhuo , Lu Bu (eventually He Jin , Gao Shun , Zuo Ci if added in surprise or in futur) , all characters who die early.)

    Q9 : Do all bgm , weapon , map , costumes and another thing of old dw was added in dlc ? (yeah , if all bgm like Eve and the old costumes + old stages was added…It’s a dream ! Play all old stages with news characters and have all old weapon for declone :p)

    Q10 : If in the futur , all old dlc of dynasty warriors 7 is added in the disc ? (costumes , bgm , weapon)

    Q11 : When Dynasty Warriors 7 in Xbox 360 has the possibilities to listen bgm when choose them after a stage ? With a patch or something like this.

    Q12 : In futurs dw , a story for others is possible ? (and if you add many others like 15 , i will be very happy)

    Q13 : Do one day , you create a game of the years editions with all in the disc ? For xbox 30 and ps3 ? All dlc of dynasty warriors 7 + dynasty warriors 7 and maybe dynasty warriors 7 xtreme legend + empires in the same disc ! So we don’t have to change disc for play all modes ! (If it was plan , i am going to buy this day one ! Although if it was 70 euro :p , yeah i’m a big fan)

    Q14 : When a collector box of dynasty warriors 7 and futurs is plan overseas ? I very want this.

    And i don’t have anymore question ! :)

  36. Hell Ive been wondering this for years, Why dont you guys add a way point system for the AI in thw DW games that we can tweak during free battle modes or story modes for the less important characters so we can give them something to do? Ive seen countless enemy characters go AROUND my ally units and the allied units dont respond so why not give the game more a of a tactical edge and let us set way points from the puase screen or at least before the battle starts let us pick from a couple of predetermined way points like choosing battle plans to ready for a battle.

    • Thats what i’ve been saying the whole time!
      No your fantastic idea tough, but the allied AI its weak and stupid, good someone else noticed.

      Remember Orochi 2 AI? and strength? superb
      Played DW5XL the mode to create a Lt. for an existing PC? the Allied AI was Perfect.

  37. Will True Musou return? This was a great feature that could really help when you’re in a pinch, and also let off a really amazing special attack. I find DW7 (Known as DW6 in Japan) the best of the series, but I was sad to find that True Musou had been cut out. The second Musou is great, but a True musou would still be better I think.

  38. I love new characters, but am slightly disappointed that they’re all from Wei. Any plans for characters from the other kingdoms? Or better yet, more of the independent warlords from before the split (in the “Other” category)?

  39. It’s a minor point, but I was curious if there would ever be additional “fan” weapon styles? I miss having the Qiao sisters having something unique about them.

    Reusing the same weapon works OK for things like the Greatsword, where the two users are on two different kingdoms (Shu and Wei), but with the Qiaos they’re very similar in personality, similar stats, on the same team, and usually appear side-by-side as NPCs. Makes it feel like it’s only a different skin, rather than a different character.

  40. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read these. I am a speedrunner and long time Dynasty Warriors player (in fact, was just playing DW2 and Gundam 3 earlier today!). One of the only features that I wish these games had is a leaderboard system to track stuff like how fast you can beat the levels. While some in the series have included leaderboards, such as Gundam 3, I think a global ranking to see how fast you can beat the levels, or complete the entire game, or *something* like that would be absolutely fantastic!

    I believe this idea would not only facilitate a higher replayability (maxing out various characters and attempting to beat your previous records, figuring out which character is best for which stages, coming up with different strategies, etc.) but I think it would also give the Dynasty Warriors series some well-deserved recognition in the hardcore gaming communities.

    I suppose this isn’t just a DW7:XL question, but something to think about for the future of the series. Thanks for all the work and look forward to 7XL! (PS: Just picked up a PS3 last night. Can’t say this wasn’t part of the reason!)

  41. Q1. Will 7XL have more new characters from Wu,Shu, Jin and Others as DLCs?

    Q2. Will oversea fans get the Xtreme Legends Preorder DLC (JP) eventually on PSN?

    Thank you Mr. Akihiro Suzuki for a wonderful title(DW).

  42. I would like to know why there will not be a 360 version…even in a dlc form for the people that only have a 360 and bought dynasty warriors 7? I find myself as well as many others in this very situation. Is there something exclusive in the works for 360 owners? Thank you for your time in answering these questions.

  43. I would like to know why there will not be a 360 version…even in a dlc form for the people that only have a 360 and bought dynasty warriors 7? I find myself as well as many others in this very situation. Is there something exclusive in the works for 360 owners? Thank you for your time in answering these questions.

      • Not demanding it…just trying to see the logic in making it ps3 exclusive after they released dw7 for 360. Thanks basically for alienating the fanbase and forcing some consumers to not buy anymore or be able to fully enjoy their game.

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  45. I remember that before dynasty warriors 6 & 7, every character had unique movesets even though though they might have the same weapon type as other charcters, but now its just clones for the most part (although dw 7 is a big step up from dw 6) will all charcters be decloned or is it just wishful thinking???

  46. Excuse me but I have 3 questions for a genius producer for a genius series.

    1. Could items (the ones you equip before battle with secret affects like in Dw2-5)and final weapons that you earn by secret conditions rather then buying them possibly return in XL or future games?
    2. Is there a possibility for a pre-order bonus for America and Europe for Xl?
    3. Is the AI going to be improved in Xl or future titles please. I missed the DW3-4 days where playing on easy could get you killed and it was more challenging.

    P.S.Insp. Chin, Thank you for letting us oversea fans a chance to ask questions. This is my first post ever, do i need to change anything

    • 1-the Item equip idea to return its fantastic!
      3-They enemy AI its really superv well done, its the Enemy\Allied STRENGHT we’re talking aobut, and yes totally agree.

      • Oh sorry you are right it is the enemy strength. The enemies do attack you but they don’t do good damage. Thanks for pointing it out. The problem with the new games are that they are too easy on normal and easy(and hard in dw7) but chaos is a tad bit too hard (but not that hard) unless you have the right items.

  47. Some questions for Mr. Suzuki, since, why not?

    1: Do the hats have any effects on gameplay other than changing characters aesthetically?

    2: What are the odds of the minor gameplay changes such as evading being carried over to the inevitable Empires?

    3: How has Pang De changed? Will he still be presented as a character that tries to be multiple character archetypes at once, or does he have a more focused direction this time?

  48. Ohh one more question

    : Are all modes two player? Please be true. I know Story mode will have it but please let legend mode have it also. Please Insp. Chin ask this for me too

  49. Hello, I have these questions so please forgive extenso
    1) There will be a Soul Calibur vs DW now that there is a collaboration between Namco-Bandai and Tecmo-Koei ?. 2) There will be a Warriors Orochi 3, if so will include characters from DoA? .3) There will be battles and downloadable levels for this DW7? 4) will include some robot series of DW Gundam, Fist North Star Troy or as downloadable content ? .5) why they decided to make exclusively for Wii SW3? .6) What advantages are going to have players of DW and SW of the merger between Tecmo and Koei in the future, for example, think captioning text and translate the dialogues Spanish, as they came by Tecmo?

  50. DW7 is clearly an aniversary edition of SSM serie.
    How did they choose the content which came back ?
    I mainly think about the DLC (stages, costumes, BGM, eventually weapons) and XL because they already said XL will contain some old stages. =)

  51. Will the Chain whip and Greatsword still be tied to genders? I never understood why it was only these two weapons that has this restriction.

  52. I am sorry about the 360 family on this. I am just glad that it is coming stateside. I am trying to budget my money to pre-order the treasure box of the Japanese version. Keep up the good work Chin, and I know you tried to let KOEI know that there is a huge fan base for the warriors on 360. Please do not hate on Chin but support him. It must not be an easy job but he has gone above and beyond any other CM. Chin is the best. -Alexander Dixon

  53. here’s the thing though Chin and my question. They already have DW7 on Xbox 360 why not make the XL version, get it over with, and if you want to talk about console exclusive, think DW8 not DW7: XL. Now what’s next? DW7: Empires PS3 exclusive as well? come now…-_- don’t give me that xbox can’t do mix joy crap they did DLC with Samurai Warriors 2 XL so why not DW7: XL as well?

  54. Pingback: Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC (September) + Xtreme Legends Dim Sums « Insp. Chin's Blog

  55. Hi Developer

    I got myself an english version of Dynasty warrior 7 from australia and a japanese version of Extreme legends ordered from Japan which is yet to come soon, would the extreme legends be running on Japanese subtitle and audio along with the english version of DW7? ( I seriously wish we can switch the BD to any subtitle or audio we want). I tried to make the english version of DW7 to full japanese subtitle with no success, cause it is very unnatural to not view the characters’s name in Kanji. your guidance would be most appreciated.


  56. Will one day koei stop with this “thing” to put the characters with the same moveset?Because i guess this is very irritant.I hope one day see each character with unique moveset.Thanks Chin “É nóis muleque!”.

  57. I didnt buy this game since they removed versus mode. that is very hilarious. this game sucks if it doesnt have versus mode. im so upsit.

  58. please y want so much dynasty warriors7 xtreme legend pc. plesa y frist to buy tish game i like tis game and other dynasty warriors 4,6 and 7.

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