36 comments on “Ask Team Ninja: Ninja Gaiden 3 [Closed]

  1. Why do you feel people do not want to see dismemberment in an adult game about being a Ninja with a sword that can “cut through flesh and bone”?

    It’s seems massively contradictory and somewhat dissapointing as it was a COOL feature.

  2. 1) How many characters are in multiplayer mode and what are they ? I hope Kasumi and Joe Hayabusa will be in and there are secrets characters to unlock.
    2) I’m sure there will be a mission mode, so my question is if this is only for online mode or both single player (like Ninja Gaiden Sigma with 1 player and no other NPC player) and multiplayer mode ?
    3) How many missions are in mission mode for online and single player mode ?
    4) About difficulty settings, is there Ultimate Ninja (like Mission mode in NGS2) after you complete Master Ninja mode in story mode and mission mode ?
    5) I think is better if you can choose other characters in story mode and not only Ryu Hayabusa, do you plan to put more playable characters in story mode ?
    6) What about the release date of a playable demo/beta on PSN and Xbox Live ?
    7) When NG3 will be release in Europe, Japan and America ? I hear February for a generic release….
    8) Is there a collector’s edition with Ryu or other characters figure ? (I have the Ninja Gaiden 2 Scale Statue)
    9) Do you plan to release DLC content for this game ? And what DLC content will be ? Such as missions or characters or outfit.
    10) NGS2 has got a very bad Netcode… do you plan to improove it in NG3 in order to finish really hard missions ? A patch for NGS2 are also welcome !
    11) About story mode, how many hours it takes to finish and how many chapters are ?
    12) Are there any secret mode to unlock like Chapter Challenge ?
    Do you plan to create a Sigma version (with DLC) after this ? And what about Ninja Gaiden 4 and Vita version ? I really love Ninja Gaiden series and I hope to play the demo at Eurogamer Expo if I will be there…
    Thanks and best regards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Q: What is the rationale behind TN’s decision to take away the removal of the enemies limbs during combat? Its the number one most complained about feature not implemented in NG3, and one of the standout features of NG2, a game that this succeeds. A lot of fans and loyalists are disappointed in this decision.

  4. And I forgive a thing, How many bosses are in the game and who they are ? I hope to see more gameplay video to TGS and Eurogamer expo, with multiplayer mode and new characters and bosses^^

  5. cool…Chin.
    Very disappointed that The Leader bailed out of Euro Gamer Expo:/

    anyway my questions if you’ll please:

    *do you have any plans for providing PS3 users a gift for having Ninja Gaiden Sigma/2 game save if they load NG3 on their system?

    *what was his reaction when he played God of War 3? was GOW3 one of the reasons why you wanted NG3 to be more immersive and seamless?

    *Why did you decide to “revamp/retell” Ninja Gaiden 3’s storyline if it takes place after NG2? Wouldn’t the chronology be inconsistent with NG1’s futuristic world and NG3’s realistic world?

    *many fans are disappointed with the lack of dismemberment missing, do you plan to do something about this in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge?

    *are you tired of journalist constantly asking you the repetitive question about post-Itagaki?

    *what was the reason behind removing all Dead Or Alive connections with Ninja Gaiden?

    *will Doppelganger return?

    *how would the Karma challenge work in NG3?

    yes a lot of questions…but pick any

  6. Are you creating Dead Or Alive 5 while making Ninja Gaiden 3???

    Will there be any DOA characters available in Ninja Gaiden 3 as playable characters? Will Kasumi have anything to do with the story?

  7. Why did Momiji not make an appearance in DOAD? And why did you bring Sonia in to Dead or Alive? nobody likes Sonia please don’t bring her back for any game, please I beg you no more Sonia!

    Also at the end of Dead or Alive Dimensions Victor Donavon is holing a white mask which is similar in style to the one that the masked man is wearing in NG3, could there be a connection?

    What is the thought process behind having Ryu run from that spider tank enemy in the NG3 demo? It’s very unlike Ryu to run from anything

    With NG3 having a greater focus on a human Ryu doesn’t having a very inhuman arm contradict that?

  8. How much longer till DOA5? Sorry, I’m buying NG3 on day one no matter what cuz I’m a TEAM NINJA FANBOY 4LIFE, however DOA is what I’ve always supported you guys on.

  9. 1) Is there any new hot busty sidekick girls in this game( i wish) & can we play with them (don’t get me wrong) ?

    2) Can you add more costume for the girls and ryo ?

    3) Is there more things to unlock in this game & +new game is awesome if you would do it.

    4) multi-ending ? i heard stealth how ? new ninjutsu ?

    5)Side-quest would be cool to add or something that would alter the ending like more stealth ?

    thanks i want to ask more but my English is bad sorry.

  10. When is the playable demo/beta on PSN? Will there be some cool Ninja Gaiden PSN avatars, dynamic themes or PS Home stuff that would be awesome (i guess i’m gone casual you know haha, i have invested in PS Move and 3D-TV also lol :) yes i’m getting old, kids and stuff you know family-man haha).

  11. 1. Will the Ninja Gaiden 3 have New Soundtracks?

    2. The Regent of the Mask is the Main Boss In
    Ninja Gaiden 3?

    3. We are going to see all the Characters from the past Ninja Gaiden games in Ninja Gaiden 3?

    4. Team Ninja do you believe that you can Succeed The
    Ninja Gaiden 3?

    Thanks And Best Regards! ;) Happy Winter :P

  12. 1) Why are there no more obliterations? People WANT obliterations.
    2) Can they please make available the soundtracks for NGS1, NGS2, and NG3?
    3) I think it’s time for the Interceptor technique to be back. What say you, Hayashi?
    4) Please, change the save system. NG1 was fine because you could make multiple saves, NGS2 is more troublesome.
    5) Can they please optimize the PS3 version? NGS2 has too much loading. Open a chest, loading… that’s very bad.

  13. Ninja Gaiden 3 looks pretty good.
    Like a more gory version of the new Metal Gear.
    Not sure about the voice over though.

    ps: cool chibi figurines! Did you get those at MCM? Are you going to be at the next MCM?

  14. ( I can not speak english well)

    I have 7 questions:

    Question 1: Which ‘Game-Engine’ has the game?
    Question 2: How many soldiers there will be on the screen maximum?
    Question 3: How many ‘different’ soldiers/enemies there will be in the game around?
    Question 4: How many ‘different monsters’ there will be in the game around?
    Question 5: Are there will be effects such as like “lightning”, “ice”, “fire”,..etc..?
    Question 6: Are there in the game a “Missions-Mode” such as like in the game ‘Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2’ ?
    Question 7: Are there will be Multiplayer-Modes such as like “Team Deathmatch”, “Deathmatch”, “Capture the Flag”,..etc..?

  15. Hello we want dismemberment and beheadings or with a code
    if you do not want to put it at the beginning or end the game master
    Ninja for dismemberment and beheadings, less time
    loads or other playable characters Kasumi!! ^ ^
    All the old weapons from the 1 and new weapons, potions
    Blue Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1!
    Costumes to unlock free DLC! AND the power of a lightning

  16. We would like too a great limited edition with artbook! I have all Ninja Gaiden xbox, xbox 360 , PS3 it’s my favorite game !

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