20 comments on “Ask The Producer: Dynasty Warriors Next [Closed]

  1. How frequent are the ambushes and other touch screen-related events? I am quite curious about it because from the trailers they seem intrusive and out of place, breaking game flow for a rather simplified and unchallenging mechanic. So I rather hope they won’t be often and won’t be interrupting the regular DW action that much…

  2. For Dynasty Warriors Next, to what extent does the game take advantage of the new features available on the PS Vita such as the console’s motion sensors as well as it’s multitouch screens? And what should fans look out for in regards to new gameplay features introduced in Dynasty Warriors Next?

  3. First of all, I would like to give my thanks to all the team involved in this Musou game and many others to come. I really enjoy the Musou Series and as a Asian History Scholar, it’s great to see many of the historical heroes of several ages in your games and even with some fictional elements you guys really develop a great story for the game. Now, here’s my questions:

    Q1. What’s the more challenging element while developing a new Musou game in a new innovating platform as the PlayStation Vita?

    Q2. What’s the setting of Shin Sangoku Musou NEXT? Is this a brand new fictional story, a port of Shin Sangoku Musou 6 or a New Interpretation of the facts of the Three Kingdoms?

    Q3. What’s next in the future for the PlayStation Vita and to the PS3?

    Message for all of the Musou Teams: “Ever since I played my first Musou game (Shin Sangoku Musou 2), I have been studying the Three Kingdoms Period and many others of the History of China and Japan thanks to you guys. The Appreciation and Respect for your work known no bounds, and I really want to see the Musou games to grow and conquest every console on this earth! Keep up the Amazing Work with Shin Sangoku Musou, Sengoku Musou (My Favorite!) and all of the other incredible series under the capable hands of OmegaForce! Musou shall reign FOREVER!”

  4. If we’re having an online mode, is it possible to play 2 to 4 players during the story or the free mode or something else? (a bit like in DW Online I guess).

  5. Are you planning previous DW costume packs for DW next? I really love strikeforce costumes :):)

    Any plans of Strikeforce series for PSVita?

  6. As always your team does a great job! I would like to ask:

    As gaming evolves and moves into a more interactive format, do you worry that by adapting games to the systems they might lose their individuality? Or do you find that to be one of the more challenging parts of developing for new systems?

    Game looks amazing. I look forward to more from you!

  7. Oh, I remember this game now that I’ve seen the trailer again! Looks so hectic! It’s nice to hear something happening for the Vita to be honest. It seems to be a console with very little success; here’s hoping it comes to life from this!

  8. I will buy psvita if DW next is more interesting than other DW, To be Honest I really dissapointed with DW7 (PSP), I can’t feel the game is interesting….I can say it as interactive, but never make me satisfy…..well too much feature that make DW7 (PSP) look easier than another DW, too bad i can complete the story within 2 days ………

    I hope that DW next can give me an interesting feeling, like for the first time I addicted to DW4

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