25 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC (September) + Xtreme Legends Dim Sums

  1. o.O
    I thought we would get Jian Ye battle with the BGM.
    And now you show us this HUGE list of BGMs !
    I’m quite happy with this. =)
    Thanks !

  2. Thanks Chin! <3 You truly are a magical person, not just for this info you give us, but for your dedication and genuine love for what you do. You are one of the most enigmatic people I've ever met. You absolutely are an amazing man and I'm so glad to have known you! <3

  3. Hi Insp. Chin
    Thanks so much for giving us fans a medium to voice our questions to the ones that make the games and have fun in Tokyo.

    Please will we be get the new Jianye scenario(stage on Jp DLC 15/9/11) soon and will other original scenarios for Wu,Shu,Wei and others be coming soon?

    Also how many stages and weapon packs are left to come out as DLCs?

    Will the new DW7XL site have new updates?

    Thanks agains

    • Chin already said three things about upcoming DLC :
      1) EU/US DLC content is the same as JP (well, aside from the bow)
      2) There will be 6 DLC pack (the 5th will be released next week)
      3) The 6th batch will be out in October

      –> We will get Jianye in October.

      On another hand, I think Chin is not allowed to give information about upcoming stuff. :(

      And new XL information will come from Japan (either Famitsu or Tokyo Game Show next week)

  4. Oh well I definitely won’t be buying the next weapon pack. It’s a shame they couldn’t be bothered to fix it. It really makes me think less of the company. It’s not your fault of course I would never blame you. Just disappointed is all.

  5. Okay the 5th batch is coming and i’m happy to hear that the jin and other costumes and more stages are coming next week. Now may I ask why? Why the bow is not included in the weapon ranks category? Is it because they just don’t care about or the element damage is too overpowering that there is no challenge so they just remove it?

  6. In the new dlc for dynasty warriors 7 to do you get the great sword weapon I’ve done this mission for it 5 times and I seem to not find where to get it. I’ve may have it I don’t know the name of it if anybody can help me that would be great.

  7. Oh! BTW, if you look closely at the picture(weapon rank). At the bottom right it says 100%. WTF!? Is koei really fixed that damned glitched or they’re just screwing with us? Chin pls. look at the pictures. WHY IS IT 100% while me and rest of the fans got 99%? Oh you know what lets go back to the 4th batch(seeing ebony and ivory) why is it 100% there? Lets make it really clear why not make 100% to 99% instead so that WE ALL KNOW THAT THERE IS ONE WEAPON MISSING? UGH!!! THOSE KOEI JERKS!

  8. does south east asia provide dw7 downloadable contents ? i dont seem to be able to find any beside dw6 empires for psp …. oh lord pls !!! i want the dw6 outfits !

  9. So…Why has Koei decided to flip its X360 fans the finger? I payed 60 bucks for DW7 and problably more than the total worth of the game on DLC…and now…XL is PS3 Exclusive? That is bullshit. >_< Koei disappoints again!

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