7 comments on “3 Producers, 3 Interviews, All Part 1.

  1. Happy to see you back insp.Chin. We know you have alot on your plate. Don’t overwork yourself. Thanks for the interviews. Can’t wait for the remaining 3 halves of the interviews. I hope the last interview for DW7XL will reveal if there will be more characters and announcement of DW7 Empires. Oh thank you for asking the producer about the weapons. Very grateful.God Bless you.

  2. Hi insp.Chin
    Just saw the final part of the DW7XL interview. Thanks for asking the question about the castles? I am grateful. I hope we get some info about DW7E and more new characters for each of the factions. Also do you know if there is any new character polls in Japan at the moment. take care.

  3. Sorry if this is off topic Chin… But, can you confirm if we’re getting another batch of DLC for DW7 EU & US?
    It seems the JP site has updated and another batch of BGM and Costumes are on the way.
    And add, are we also expecting DLC’s for DW7 XL EU & US?
    I really hope they consider bringing those AWESOME DLC’s in EU & US. :)

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