30 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends DLC + More Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC Too!?

  1. When you say “DW7 only”, are you speaking about DW7XL DLC stages which will be remade to fit DW7 conquest mode ? I think even those bill available with mixjoy right ? (useless to buy them twice but yeah…)

    • No when I say “DW7 only” I want you to forget everything about the existence about the DW7XL, that means the new costume and new weapons that would be for DW7 users. (So let’s say this pack has all the new costume for all DW7 characters.)

      But if you have DW7XL, then forget everything about the “DW7 only”, there’ll be new packs (same thing) for “DW7XL+DW7” which means the costumes for example that would be a whole pack for DW7XL (those 3 new characters) + DW7 characters.

      This is a bit confusing but when we start to build the website we have to clear all these out.

      • I think I understood !
        However, I’m curious about what you’re saying about weapons ;)
        On the weapons topic :
        Do you know if they plan on releasing Chaos/Ultimate weapons for the 5 already existing DLC weapons ?

  2. Just noticed something : “So, they’ll be 3 types of DLC coming in November.”

    I thought november was the japanese release dates for the DLC. It’s great if we have them approximately at the same time than the japanese =)

    And, will there be 6 batches of DLC there as well ?

    I think I ask too much question and you cannot answer them…but I cannot stop myself ;)

  3. I asked this earlier, but my comment seems to have vanished, so if you see me asking the same thing twice; sorry.

    I was wondering if we X360 warriors will be getting the DLC as well? Seeing as how some will be compatible with both XL and DW7.
    I’m hoping we don’t get shafted even further..

  4. That sad that new bgms are not available in XL. I hope on new dlc weapon classes that will declone some characters in future.

    • It’s with the all characters from DW7 + 3 new characters, with the Legend Mode each character will have their story part and also the Challenge Mode so it’s the new content if you compare to DW7 itself.

  5. Hi Chin.
    I already asked you ages ago, but since the game is about to be released you may now be able to answer.
    Is the DLC bow glitch fixed with XL ?

      • At least we will have Ultimate version of the bow..but there will still be 99% in the gallery :(
        And, you mean…their will be more DLC weapon ranks ?
        Will these be new skins or the same as previous skins/DLC skins with a better strength ?

  6. Even though I never bought Dynasty Warriors 7 but im planning to buy extreme legends version only will the dlc costumes from 7 (original) still work in my case?

  7. Do you think you can ask the producers to patch my glitch? Everytime I shut off my system the DLC vanishes from XL….SO I have to re download the DLC. Should I just delete all my save data from DW7 and DW7XL and start over? See if that works? Please help me Chin

  8. hey chin did tecmo-koei fix the problem with the bow dlc yet? i really want those bows and i want to achieve 100% i’m still stuck on 99% hope this problem gets fixed soon with a patch and thanks for listening to the fans.

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