10 comments on “This Weekend @ London MCM Expo (28-30 October 2011) – Ninja Gaiden 3 & Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends

  1. Ok….im in a rut here…I understand dw7 xl is not coming out for 360….but that doesn’t change the fact that all the dlc I already purchased on the 360ver. of 7 is worth more than the whole cost of the game put together. I want xl….but it souls be stupid to get it without mixjoy. I want to trade in my 360version for the PS3 version so xl is worth something….but I don’t want to have to buy all that dlc again.

    And for future reference…koei’s marketing manager is a clutz._when they release dw8 (if there is one) make it an exclusive….don’t just change ur mind when h release an expansion pack. :(

  2. Will there be Story mode and Conquest mode available in just DW7XL alone? Or will I need DW7 and then import data over to play those 2 modes?

    • The Story Mode and the Conquest Mode are for DW7, so if you want to play those 2 modes you need DW7 because it’s the DW7 content. The Legend Mode and the Challenge Mode are for DW7XL, so if you want to play these 2 new modes, you need DW7XL, they’re different but then you can import the character data for those you have already levelled up in DW7 to DW7XL with the REMIX feature.

  3. i know this is said alot but i just wished dw7 xl would come out on xbox 360 will it ever come out for 360 cause i dont want to sell my xbox to get a ps3 just to get dw7xl…..why did it not come out on xbox 360 anyway??

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