46 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends “Remix” – How Does It Work?

  1. Is there new conversations if you play story as someone else? Or are you treated as a generic officer?
    EXAMPLE: If I am playing as Guan Yu during one of Zhao Yuns levels, will they talk to me as Guan Yu? Or ignore me?

    • Let’s say in the “cinematic” play you play as Guan Yu and story will based on Guan Yu, if you play as Guan Yu you have more story but if you pick another officer, Guan Yu will be controlled by the AI and you’ll be treated as one of the other warrior in the battlefield (I would say generic) but then you can still talk to Guan Yu / others.

  2. Thx man! So If im Liu Bei in that same level. WIll Guan Yu talk to me as Liu Bei his brother? Or just treat Liu Bei like a generic? Thx ahead

  3. Well looks like I’ll be playing DW7 XL next week hehe!! :)
    Anyway, Chin I know this is too early to ask… Do you know when we’ll get those awesome costume on EU\US? And are we getting a Day1 DLC?
    Have a nice day Chin and thanks for always bringing great news to DW fans!!!

  4. Do you know when this game is coming out in Australia? I’m not sure if you also cover us since we tend to get games at the same time/with same region lock as Europe. No online game store here seems to have a listing, except one which seems to think DW7:XL is a PC game from Activision.

  5. Hey Chin! So I got the game today. And I used the “remix” feature. But NONE of my DLC carried over into Xtreme legends. How do I fix this? I purchased ALL the DLC. And Im gonna be mad if it doesnt work with this

  6. Ya I reinstalled the DLC. And it worked after deleted my Xtreme legend save. But then I go to play today and the same thing happens. No option to remix, and no DLC again……..Do I have to reinstall DLC everytime?

  7. I am sorry to bother you, is the release date the same thing for canada (November 15th 2011) because i live in canada and i still didnt find the game yet.

  8. hey i was wondering when i go into remix mode and then swap disc back to DW7 and swap it back to Dw7eXm does sorry mode and conquest mode stay on everytime i play dw7exm again or do i always need to keep changing disc around?

  9. Hey, I have a question to ask. If I do remix and a game will get data including DLCs from the previous game, will any DLCs I will download after I remixed them install into both two games? since I heard that if I’m still not done with the conquest mode, I have to finish both games separately, I wonder I have to purchase same DLCs for two games.

  10. I tried putting in my dynasty warriors 7 when asked to transfer data but dosent works it says the wrong disc has been inserted
    I tried it many times but dosent works pls help

  11. ok i remixed and even transfered my dw7 saved game data onto there. i made sure to get everything done in dw7 before playing xL (weapons, skills, seals, etc.) now all my weapons, and seals were transfered but not all the skill points. i know i have to re-learn them but i dont have enough to complete at least 1 character’s skill tree. what’s going on? in dw7 all my trees are done

  12. Will the remix mode be permanent on the dw7xl or do we have to keep switching discs to play the modes from dw7 which are conquest and story mode?

  13. hey i was wondering if there is character creation or if there will be any other character creation like the other games? i always loved the DW games that had that. oh and could you get me a job a KOEI lol and i am currently playing Dynasty Warriors Online =)

  14. If somebody has only Xtreme Legends, is it possible for them to play online co-op with somebody who only has Dynasty Warriors 7?

  15. Hey,
    I have a question here: we can do all the good stuffs in Extreme Legends like character growth items and new weapons and we can play the story mode and conquest mode through remix option, it seems like import to me! My question is: can it be done the other way around? Like maxing out a character then play him/her in the original disc to earn trophies!

  16. If I don’t have Dynasty Warriors 7, which is recommended if only buying one of them. DW 7 or DW7 Extreme Legends

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