26 comments on “You Made It. I Made It. Producer Made It. Twin Canes Made It.

  1. This is totally awesome ! =)
    Now tell the producer about all the folowing things, and if everything comes, I’ll be so happy that I’d like to do dirty things with your dirty mouth etc. =p :
    – Zhu Rong Boomerang
    – Meng Huo Pillar
    – Cao Ren Buckler Blade
    – Cao Pi double bladed sword (from DW5)
    – Lu Xun DW6 sword
    – Gan Ning daggers
    – Guan Ping “machette” from DW5
    – Jiang Wei simple/double bladed trident
    – Ling Tong DW6 weapon

      • Thanks to us ?
        Everything is happening thanks to you guy !
        If you didn’t have the oportunity to speak with the producer, he’d never had listen to us !
        You are what make us feel important, but you are the real important man !

        This being said, I have to say I’m really happy as well. I’m really looking forward all the surprises awaiting us in 2012 !
        Do you know approximately how many weapons like these awesome canes are gonna be back ?

        • I would assume around 4 or 5 but I’m not exactly sure. But let’s all wait for more announcement from the official side. Well if I don’t have the trust and faith from you guys, this would never happen too. So thanks to both sides and vice versa.

  2. On FB you said “Looks like your message has passed over successfully. Twin Canes will be a DLC weapon, the team is on their way making it and the moves now.”.
    So you mean they didn’t develop it yet and they just decided they will make this weapon ?
    I thought DLC were planned ages before their announcement !
    It would be great if you could explain us all the development process of a video game. Maybe by showing us a “projet planning”. However I think it’s “confidential”.
    I’m really interested in all the process behind a game development.

  3. I never had the courage to write a comment but know I want to thank you so soooo much because you’re making the fans happy and listen to us if we have wishes to make DW (etc) better! :)
    I don’t know if it’s possible for other DW parts but I always wished that there would be more modes, e.g. like a little RP mode where you can choose a character and have to do little quests, going into other houses etc in one kingdom. E.g. if you’re playing Guo Huai, you’re in Jin, when playing Zhou yu in wu, Zhuge liang in shu etc etc.
    or a versus mode where you and your partner have a little army and fight at a stage you’ve chosen.

  4. I’ve decided to become a ‘crazy fan’ too from now on! Strongly wish there can be more materials added for female players. I want to see Cap Pi with new costumes, what a shame that only the new characters had them, or crown style accessories as he became an emperor in the end. The one in Xtreme is the same style apply to all characters, which is just sad. and you can’t even do your own combination as it only goes with 1p costume. I don’t mind spending my money on DLC really, I mean, give me more DLC!
    If there’s a chance, could you also ask KOEI for me, why does CaoPi has such a low voice this time, the previous ones and in musou orochi was much more suitable. I guess KOEI made the voice actor to do this on purpose, but I mean, it’s really a little old for his age and his look lol.

  5. Maybe you should tell them that Liu bei succeed Han dynasty instead of building Shu Kingdom. Shu is called by Wei, Jin, and the historians. The former attempted to claim their legitimacy(lie). The latter try to separate it from the former Han. This is all based on history, and Liu bei will be happy to hear people call them the third Han(季漢) instead of Shu Han. I think it is easy to let everybody know its true name by video games. It is pretty simple, right?

  6. Now I’m almost tempted to tentatively ask for the bladed bow back for Yue Ying, but she’s already got the dagger-axe. :S Oh well. /whine whine

    Oh, I’d like to echo Hanbei’s thoughts with more modes in DW. That would be a LOT of fun.

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Chin. C: Happy New Years! <3

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