32 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends – 1st DLC Schedule (November)

  1. Hey Chin 2 questions.
    So when in Legend mode I thought you character got new outfits with the titles. How do you use the outfits for titles?

    Also I found that the DLC goes missing in the game if another user logs in on the PS3. So you have to re download at least one DLC everytime we switch PSN users for Xtreme to see the DLC again. Can the producers maybe patch this?

  2. For the new outfits it only applies to those 16 (or 19) newly added characters to the series, you can change their costumes in the town option. As for the titles, I think it’s based on how you equip the seals to unlock but each character has their own.

    As for the DLC, are both of them in same region as well as the disc? I think you’re right in that point. I think that problem has gone major yet but I’ll raise this up. I don’t think the team would patch this though but I’ll try my best to let them know.

  3. Ahh thanks for telling me. I didnt know it was only the new people.

    On the DLC, yes its the same region. Its only when my roomate logs onto his PS3 profile and it signs me out. He goes and plays skyrim. But when I switch back over to my profile The DLC is missing again. Very annoying

  4. Hi Chin
    Can’t wait for the new DW7 &DW7XL Dlcs. Thanks for the info and Will there be a new site for DW7XL or will DW7XL share the same site as DW7? Hope you got my tweet.
    See ya.

  5. Hi Chin
    Please Could you help? This is an off-topic. Please could you ask Koei if they can DLC all the weapons and Titles costumes in Chaos and Nightmare modes or if they can provide a patch or seals which can help us e.g a seal that kills an enemy with 3 hits. At the moment I am taking a pounding on those two modes. I ain’t pro but I still say it’s the best DW game yet.
    Also please when it comes to costumes, animals,seals or allies and weapons could Koei just make them expensive in the market rather than unlocking them in difficult modes. DW7 methods was the best. Let the trophies be for the Pro.
    Please Is it possible? Thank you.

    • Please insp.Chin could Koei give us fans 2 opinions for the future DW Titles to unlock stuff? Like if you play easy-hard mode you get the weapon but not the trophy or play chaos-nightmare you get the weapon + the trophy. Please the patch I mentioned earlier is to reduce the current requirements in dw7xl for the weapons and titles.Thanks again. Have a great week.

  6. What? Man James No, no, no. If your getting owned on choas or nightmare go level your guy up more. I have a Guan Yu in the 800’s in stats and I can own on those modes.

    Dont suggest to change the unlocking procedure. That has ALWAYS been one of all the fan favorites. We WANT unlockables that require challenge! Its one of the things we complained about NOT having in 6 and 7.

    Like I said spend some time and level your guy up lol

    • Hi Malek
      I hear what you are saying but I got Pang De Maxed out in Health,Power,Speed and Attack and I still got owed. I enjoy the game don’t get me wrong but the game should not be ultra hard.
      If I may ask Please What weapon and seals(for all charaters) do you suggest I can use to own Chaos and Nightmare? I really need the help. Thank you

  7. Well you NEED the titles unlocked. Get the one that refills life for kills. Then for seals you NEED synergy and have the SAME element on both weapons.

    Also always have the officer seal as well that kills officers quicker. ALways have your second weapon with 5-6 slots. Try and have synergy and the officer one on both. And projectile and combat resistance are NEEDED as well.

    I always use attack and defense up but if your maxed u dont need it

  8. Indeed, acquiring an officer’s Titles is important. Most have titles about midway through that let them recover health while attacking with certain weapons. Most of these can be obtained while the difficulty is at beginner if you’re having too much trouble.

    For Weapons, your best choices for weapons are, in my opinion, Slash and Wind Element, Lightning and Wind for multi-hit weapons, and Ice and Slash. Double Element is probably the most effective for higher difficulty as enemies tend to block a lot.

    For Seals, after you max out your stats you don’t need the stat +++ skills anymore.I recommend Combat Resistance on 1, Officer Assassination on both weapons, Elemental Attack Up on both, Double Element on 1, Projectile Resistance on 1, Elemental Invulnerability on 1, and probably Musou + for characters with musou you use a lot.

  9. meh i dont really like recolor stuff for $

    i asked in another thread aswell but i noticed this one is the most recent and since its about dlc.

    could you please ask around @ hq to make kessen 2 costume pack, especially concerning zhang liao’s red deer armor.
    want it so bad i would pay 5 euros for it.

  10. hey Insp. Chin im pretty up set >:( why it been over a week and DW7XL not here from where i lived (Canada) im a little worry if it not coming here and thanks for the new DLC info. hope it come here soon

    • iknow i wrote that comment few days ago the reason why i was worried cause the 2 gamestop i usually go dont have them but now i went to a different one and surprisingly they have it and now i got it :)

  11. The first batch of costumes are really nice (nice legs Pang De, and Wang Yi’s just wow). Do you know when the next batch will be released? Do we have to wait a month?

      • Oh cool. Hopefully we get the Fantasy Costumes this time around. Just a question Chin, around how many new weapons are we going to get aside from the Twin Canes. I feel like they’re one of the best DLCs for the game (aside from the costumes, to each their own). Thanks again for the reply!

  12. It is good for players who don’t want to buy this game on the first time. Japanese will never get those clothes. They may get only one of them since they are separated for particular terms.

  13. Chin, do you know if they are some plan of chaning EX weapons with the DLC ones someday.
    Because we already know Pang De, Xu Huang, Yue Ying, Dong Zhuo weapons changed in Musou Orochi 2 and DWNext.
    This change should really be applied to DW7 as well…

  14. Chin, why Koei dind’t launched SW3 English for PS3 there’s any reason? Because damn, SW2 is one of the best games i ever played, i miss the Samurai storys.

    WO3 will be launched in American? *Hopes*

    Get DW7 100% now just waiting my DW7XL Copy ‘-‘ what a happy birthday.

  15. Hi Chin, I’ve been playing DW since 2 and I was wondering if Koei could look into improving the stage selection in conquest mode.
    Maybe by applying some filter for the different battleground/arena types .
    I think more people might be interested in this, and I love DW7XL so far koei did a good job on that one. :)

  16. Hey Chin do you think Koei will make more original outfit DLCs in the future? I’m pretty sure everyone would be willing to pay for those :D

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