12 comments on “Let’s Say It This Way: Dynasty Warriors Next Released Simultaneously With The PlayStation Vita

  1. Hey Chinny ~ <3

    Do you have any idea when the fantasy costume sets for both DW and DW:XL will be released, as well as the original costume set for DW:XL? Also, do you know if the additional wallpapers and PS3 themes are going to be released for EU/NA? ;w;

    Thankies for listening Chinny, you are the bestest in CM ever. <3

  2. Hi Chin
    Thanks for the wonderful info and i can’t wait to buy dw next. Please how much will dw next or ps vita games cost, will dw7 characters excluding dw7xl characters be gettx the fantasy costumes and how big will the dec overseas dlc be? I want to start saving up:) Thanks

  3. Hi Chin
    Dynasty Warriors NEXT is going to be awesome. Just curious, though, will all the character will have their own moveset or will there be some characters are clone?

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