13 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends – 3rd DLC Schedule (January 2012)

  1. Great News. Welcome back Chin. Please I want to ask if the remake DW 3,4,5,6 stages are going to be random or will Koei do them one serie at a time like they did with DW 7 dlcs-DW2 remake stages? Thank you.

  2. Yay for those fantasy costumes!!! But why are we paying those new wallpapers? I mean In japan they are free of charge… ~_~
    Anyway, I’ll still get those weapons and stages ^_^
    Thanks Chin and Happy New Year!!!

  3. DW7 DLC were divided into 6 batches.
    What can you say us about the DLC post-XL release ? Will there be 6 batch as well ?
    Once a month up to april ?

  4. Hi dear inspector !

    Do you know how many DLC batches will be released in the next monthes ?
    Will the DLC have an end in the middle of the year ? Or will the end come with the “big announcement” that was annonced by the team on twitter ?

  5. Hey Chin. I just bought all DLC’s from 7 and XL except the wallpapers because they don’t appear at all in the US playstation store. Any problems with that or they just moved the release date to next week

  6. Wallpaper DLC’s are out! I must say, it is a refreshing change to what we’re used to see — especially since we will be playing DW7XL to achieve that dreaded Battle-hardened Veteran…

  7. Can I use the Legend Pack 2 from DW7XL in DW7 because i want the DW5 Battle of Yi Ling really bad and i don’t have DW7XL ?

  8. How can i obtain these weapons and outfits?Someone help me please!Where i pay?Heeeeeeelp please!!!!

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