25 comments on “Everything Warriors February – DLC Info

  1. Already said you on twitter, but, please make sure they add xtreme stage pack 2 in conquest mode as well for us european.

    Oh and…wait…still no twin canes ?? =(
    Yi ling were released last week in Japan, and we are getting it already.
    But Twin canes came in december, and we still do not have them :(

    • I’m not in charge in the metadata/codes submission but I’ve let the team know. Thanks. The schedule also isn’t planned by me, I’m just blogging for info. Please bear with them.

      • Ok ! Thanks a lot !
        I know it’s not your fault, but I find it a bit weird..
        But well, I won’t complain, as FFXIII-2 were released today, I’ll have enough to do =)

    • Its seems they’re planning something for the DLC weapons. Well I just have to wait and see then. Thanks 4 the update Chin!

      • No worries, I don’t have so much problem to understand english.
        Just that it’ll be tough for the people who can’t understand this language, especially for French people.
        But I’m happy that the game will be translated and be released soon.

  2. I’m happy that WO3 is coming, but still disappointed that the lack of English voice, I just hope Koei could do a English dub DLC.

  3. Chin, the “bad news” regarding Warriors Orochi 3 just made my freaking day! I’ve always tolerated the English dubs, but jumped for joy when there was the Japanese audio option. Not that it wasn’t a day one purchase for me before, but it’s a pre-order now.

    Thank you very much for keeping us all informed!

  4. Hi Chin
    Thanks for the info but sad no dlc weapons yet We were all hoping that will be the highlight of Feb Dlcs :( . Concerning WO3 That’s great news to me (not sad at all) at least the game is released oversea.Thanks Koei.

  5. Hey I was just reading up on the koei wiki that apparently there was a particular patch that fixed various freezing problems in WO3. I live in New Zealand so we don’t always get certain updates for some weird reason. So I was just wondering would these fixes already be on the disc when it is released in Europe ?

    Thanks in advance


  6. Hi Chin, I was wondering if you could ask the developers for a new set of DLC weapon/models like previous releases.
    But here’s the thing I was hoping for somewhat more serious models this time, I hope you can do something with this.
    Also I would love to see lu bu’s DW6 weapon as DLC, maybe together with the twin canes….
    Thanks in advance

  7. I like the English voiceovers fine and do prefer them, but if just doing subtitles gets the game to us and the added expense of English voiceovers would make it too expensive to release, I don’t mind at all. I’ve suggested such a tactic myself in the past for various games and I’d much prefer to be able to play the game at all rather than having it held up because of the expense of voice acting. Warriors Orochi 3 looks great and whether I’m listening to Japanese or English voices I’m sure it’s going to be a very fun game.

  8. I am very disappointed by the lack of English voice acting. I have always enjoyed the English voices over the Japanese. I’ve grown so used to the characters voices in English that having to play as them in japanese is so bizarre and weird, none of the characters speak or sound the way i’m used too.

    Diao Chan no longer sounds like a sweet yet strong woman, she sounds like shes constantly tipsy.

    Liu Shan had a soft yet strong voice in English, in Japanese he sounds mentally-‘slow’ due to how slow he talks and how long he holds out his words.

    Wang Yi, from DW7XL. I love her English voice acting, every time she says “You will pay for ruining my plans. and I Never forget a face!” when you defeat her in battle always sends chills down my spine. She always sounds so fierce and threatening.

    Yet in Japanese her defeated quote sounds like shes about to run off crying, her voice quivering and soft and fragile, I don’t like it at all.

    I know its not your fault Chin, so I’m sorry for Ranting, but in all honesty i fear that KOEI is going to lose A LOT of sales with this game due to the lack of English voice acting.

    And I don’t want what happened Samurai Warriors 3 to happen to the Warriors Orochi series

  9. Subtitles? I’m okay with that, but I’m hoping there’s an option to make the text larger. It’s hard to read the text in recent Dynasty Warriors games, and it’ll be vital if the characters don’t speak in English…

    Do you know if there is such an option planned?

  10. Anyone know when the NA version of Warriors Orochi 3 be up for pre-order. Since I heard the EU has already been up for pre-orders. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

  11. What happen to the DLC for PS3 version of DW7XL (US) ? It’s 17th February already and still no DLC. I heard that there is no problem with the 360 version, but why it’s nothing for PS3 ?

    • I have a feeling there is a slight delay of the PS3 DLC date. maybe next week at Feb 21 but I don’t know we’ll see.

  12. Hello, could you ask koei to make Sima Yi’s wire claws available as dlc?
    I know they are very popular and I think a lot of people would buy them.

  13. Hi Insp. Chin! I’m curious to know, will there be an English Sub version for JP Xbox360? I wanted to get the Japanese one to play but my wife would like to have it in English, so I had to wait for an English release, I’m actually Ok with the JP VA and Eng Dub, but…is that going to happen for NTSC-J?

      • Oh sorry Insp. Chin, I forgot to Mention it! Yes I’m talking about Warriors Orochi 3. But the Set I have is NTSC-J. I’ve been scouring for info, and it’s so far NA, EU getting the Jap Dub with Eng Sub, but will there be a Warriors Orochi 3 (Instead of MO2) for NTSC-J?

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